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It doesn't always have to be long.

Frank walked away, and Jen rose enough to kiss Gary, tasting Franks cum in his mouth, both slightly embarrassed, but the flushed faces giving them away.

What they did not notice was Frank, he came back and this time he had a gun.

He pointed it at them and told Jen to untie Gary. She did nervously as she was told.

Frank said that the game was about to get more interesting. He told Jen to bend over the table. And for Gary to fuck her from behind, and to make it good, otherwise he might have to force the issue.

Gary went up behind her and gently stated to enter her from behind. Frank yelled at him, to ram it in, she likes it rough, didn't I tell you that, don't you ever fucking listen?

With that Gary just pushed it in, not that it mattered as her cunt was so moist, and it just slid in. He started to fuck her, when Franks said to slap her skinny ass, and so Gary did, lightly, and when Jen moaned, he began to slap her harder, leaving hand prints on her buttocks. She must like it Gary thought, because she started to squirm under him. Frank went around the front, and pulled her arms stretching her so that he could get at her mouth. She started to suck on his thick soft cock, and it slowly started to swell with her lips around it. Frank reached under and began mauling her little tits, squeezing them roughly, pulling on her nubs. She made a gurgling sound; that Gary was sure was unmistakable pleasure. He was learning more about her as this went on.

Gary looked down at his cock going in and out of her wet cunt, it was covered in white foam, soaking wet. Liquid running down her thighs, and with that mage he slapped her ass again, making her lunge forward, taking more of the cock in her mouth.

Frank grabbed her head and one hand in her back, told Gary to take it out and fuck her ass. Jen tried to get up, but Frank held her firmly. By now Gary was enjoying the power, and he wanted to do this so bad. He pulled out with a plopping sound, opened up her shinny cheeks and placed the head at her brown wrinkled anus.

He pushed in; ignoring the fact she was trying to clench to keep him out. Frank smiling now, released her head, and told her he was enjoying this. She groaned.

Gary kept pushing, as if something had over taken him. A man possessed. He steadily pushed it in, until he was all the way. He stayed still letting her adjust to it, and when he felt her push back, he began to fuck her ass slowly. Grabbing her hips, he began to rally ram her, wanting her to feel him. What Gary didn't see was Frank leaving Jen, and when he did it was too late, Frank pressed him forward and with the gun at his temple, felt Frank begin to penetrate his ass. The searing pain that was going through him was unbearable, and frank did not care, he just shoved it in, pushing it deeper.

Do you like fucking my wife? Well now I am fucking you, isn't this great, just the three of us.

Jen was shocked and fucking hot, here she was in a daisy chain, forced or not, she was loving it. She could feel Franks fucking Gary's ass, the vibrations running through them all. She wished she could step outside herself and watch it. So surreal she thought.

From her sounds, Gary knew she was getting off on it, and as the pain subsided he too found himself starting to react differently than he ever imagined. His ass began to clamp down on the cock that was in it. Rank noticing the difference began to fuck him in earnest.

Gary's cock got harder, all three fucking the other, and the sounds were one big sexy rumble.

Frank was the first to cum, and Gary feeling the spunk filling his ass, caused him to lose it spilling his seed into Jen. Jen started to cum and all three let out a collective groan, each one announcing that they were cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!!

Frank pulled out of Gary's ass, letting the juice run on to the floor, Gary collapsed on Jen, his seeping out around his softening cock.

Frank, got up to go to the bathroom, and when he returned, it was lights out.

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