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Hot Southern day leads to passion.

Carl Jr. was out getting a few friend to bring back to the house so he could share his mother with them. Well he will be surprised to find his mother and brother gone. Maybe he will get the idea that there is a line between love and tangled mean lust. I rolled over to rest my head and told Roy to head North on the interstate. I fell asleep and did not wake till I felt the car slowing down. Roy was pulling into a Flying J truck stop.

He said, we needed gas and he also had to fine a restroom. He parked and we went in. These truck stops today are clean, and the restaurant was nearly full which told me the food must be excellent. We ate, I hit the ATM for five hundred dollars and we filled the tank. I drove out and again headed north on the interstate. The sun was not completely down but enough so that I turned on the head lights. Roy was changing the stations on the radio. It felt good to be getting away. I think this was just what I needed. Roy reached and ran his hand up under my skirt resting his palm on my thigh. I said, Roy that is not a good idea while I an driving. Roy laughed and told me now that he was not driving he was getting horny. Then he ask how long before we were going to stop for the night.

I had not thought about it but it had been a long and tiresome day. All along the highway there were billboards telling us what motels were at the next exit. So we picked out a nice one and pulled off. It was dark now and I was tired even though I had slept in the car earlier. Roy carried our bags to the ground floor room. When I checked in I noticed there was a bar off the lobby. So after we washed our hands we went up for a drink before sleep. Much to my surprise out here in the middle of no where they had a piano player for live entertainment. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. Right away Roy stopped calling me Mom or mother he started calling me Ellen.

I thought it was cute he was acting like we were girlfriend boy friend. I noticed a couple of local guys watching us. I have taken care of my self and I do go to the gym twice a week but it is still obvious that I am a few years older than my twenty year old son or in this case boyfriend. A few more couple drop in and before long the place is doing a great business. There is a postage size dance floor and Roy ask me to dance. We dance a slow one and Roy manages to let me know he has a hard on by poking my legs with it several times. He also drops his hand down letting it rest on my ass. I see the two guys watching us. One is a tall well dressed man. He gives me a wide smile. I smile back so the next dance he comes around and ask me to dance.

Roy is not sure what to do, but I accept and this guy sweeps me on to the dance floor and we seem to glide around and around. He is very good and I am starting to feel my drinks. He is talking but my mind is on last night and how I had made love to both my sons. How I had let one son fuck me and how I had sucked the other off while each had watched what the other was doing. Tonight I would go back to the room and I know Roy is going to want to have sex, of some kind. But it will not be like last night, there will not be anyone to watch. I had not thought about how erotica it was to know I was being watched as I was having sex with another. Even this morning Carl Jr. had watched as Roy screwed his loving mother. I looked up to see a handsome man smiling at me.

The dance had come to an end and he had, like Roy brushed my leg with his cock to let me know he was hot and horny. I was getting to be such a sex symbol. Me the old mother from Wicker Street. The mother that was always there when anyone needed anything. But here I was now in just twenty four hours a sexy middle aged lady wanting to show just what she had to offer. The tall stranger ask if he could join us. I said, yes before Roy could object.

The next dance Roy ask me what I was doing so I told him I was feeling pretty good and I thought maybe we should invite this guy to our room for a drink and hell yes sex as well.

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