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An old boyfriend drops by.

k a naked man in socks looks foolish, don't you?"

She stayed on her knees in front of me. Then she slowly pulled down my briefs. Priapus emerged and she grinned as he bobbed free, mere inches from her nose.

"Hi fellah." she said in a mock Texan drawl. She seemed to be considering her options, as I stood there blushing. Then she gave the tip a peck before rising to her feet.

"Later fellah." She drawled. Then looking me in the eye, she said sweetly, "I'll have that champagne now, if you please."

I stepped out of my underpants and kicked them, and the socks, aside.

"Men!" she muttered maliciously. "Always leaving their unmentionables lying about; even in polite company."

I handed her a glass and we clinked a toast and then we both stood there, primly proper but stark naked except for her panties and choker.

"Now who's overdressed?"

"Don't be too forward. A girl deserves a few moments of modesty. Patience."

She dipped a finger into her glass, and then touched it first to my lips then each of my nipples. I watched in the mirror as my free hand reached across the space that separated us and touched her left breast. She smiled and her eyes narrowed. I took the nipple and gently rolled it between my thumb and index finger. She closed her eyes and then sipped her drink. For the longest time we simply stood there, silently, she with her eyes closed, as I gently toyed with first one nipple then the other. From time to time we would each sip a bit of bubbly but otherwise we were motionless.

Eventually her glass was empty and, as if a spell had broken, she opened her eyes and said,

"The fire is burning low."

She handed me her glass and crouched in front of the small fire. Without the dress she squatted more naturally. Her hips spread and she took on a more primitive quality as she first poked at the fire and then added several more small logs.

The fire sprang up the fresh wood. Suddenly the tiny room was afire as the mirrored walls reflected the light that danced across the contours of her skin, bright yellow and orange. A thousand crouching savages shimmered distorted in the ancient glass. I saw myself standing in her shadow in a thousand rooms.

I crouched down behind her, reached around and cupped a breast in each hand. She placed her hands on mine and in the mirror to her left, her reflection seemed to have four arms, like Siva crouching, about to leap, to dance in the celestial flame.

The fire was intense and beads of sweat erupted, first across her forehead then all over her body. She squatted; eyes clamped shut and dripped fluid from every pore. I kneaded her breasts and she groaned. Not a polite English groan, but a noise, primeval and unbidden, that rose from the pit of her gut.

Her thighs spread and I ran my hands up the insides, slick with her sweat. Another groan. She spread wider as if to embrace the fire. I cupped her mound through the panties, now soaked with sweat and the moisture draining from her sex. She spread wider still and then lost her balance. We fell backwards and floated with the dragons on the sea of blue.

She rolled over in the sweat that had formed between us and grabbed my face between her hands and began kissing me almost frantically. She was grinding my penis beneath her pelvic bone. I grabbed her rear and began roughly massaging a buttock in each hand. She began tearing at her panties trying to get them down but her legs were splayed around my thighs and the panties were staying put.

She moved up my chest and, reaching behind her, grabbed my rod and tried to impale herself but the crotch of the panties stood resolute guard. Wincing, I pulled the fabric aside just in time for her second attempt. She missed, and my meat slid along her crack.

"Jesus," she groaned and tried a third time. Suddenly I was inside and up to my balls in her warmth. She grunted and madly ground her pelvis against mine. Then she froze.

"Don't move. I want to savour this a moment."

I lay quietly and watched the light dance on the tracery that covered the ceiling.

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