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A second man in the same park.


"You haven't"

"No. The guys...I was teasing them when I caught them looking at a website of amateur bondage and I tried to make fun of all of that. Anyway to make a longer story short I agreed to let them tie me up but with very strict rules. No touching my breasts or between my legs and no undressing me."

"I wondered why they didn't finish taking your top off."

"That's why. I started out smiling and being fearful that I'd laugh at their attempts but it didn't take them a minute to wipe the smile from my face. For two guys, the other one is Dale a very good friend, that have never done anything like that before they managed to push just about every one of my buttons."

"I still can't get over how excited I got. Amanda what was it like for you? You said it was your first time, weren't you a little afraid or something?"

"A little bit. I knew that Ken wouldn't hurt me and I was pretty sure they would abide by the rules. Poor Dale is about half bashful and so cute but he really surprised me by how well he did. He was very sexy in fact."

"Didn't it feel kind of strange letting him kiss you and touch you?"

"It did at first but I think that kind of added to the excitement too. When he kissed me on my inner thigh or between my breasts I wanted him to do even more and break the rules but I stopped myself. Ken broke one rule but I didn't care and with Dale right there that too added to the excitement. I was pretty much a basket case when they finally stopped."

"Did the ropes hurt?"

"No, they didn't tie them tight or stretch me too far but I was truly immobilized and at their mercy."

"Even that must have made your heart race."

"It did once I realized I really was helpless. Like I said, it started out as a joke but they saw to it that I didn't feel like laughing." Rachel had a far away look in her eyes and Amanda asked her, "Would you like to see what it feels like?"

She turned her head toward Amanda quickly and said, "What?"

"I mean just you and me. I could tie you up and you could see what it feels like."

"You scared me, I thought you meant with Ken and...Dale."

"If you have some rope it would only take a few minutes to experiment."

She hesitated and licked her lips as she stared blankly across the room. Then in a soft and tentative voice she said, "Yes if you wouldn't mind, I'd like that. I'd like to see what it was you were feeling." She retrieved a hank of rope from her garage and felt the need to explain why she even had it. "This was hanging on Aaron's peg board. I haven't touched his tools or anything since he died."

They went outside and searched for two places to tie the rope to but once that was done they could only find one place to tie her left ankle so that would have to do. "Rachel I promise I will not hurt you."

"I trust you." The branches that they used weren't very sturdy but they would do for their experiment and Rachel was soon restrained and helpless.

"You okay Rach?"

"Yes I'm fine."

"Can you get free?"

She tried and said, "No I'm totally helpless it seems."

"How does it feel?"

"Not quite as I had expected."

"That's because it's just you and me and nothing is happening. For example what if I were to do this," and she lifted Rachel's long skirt well above her knees.

"But one of your rules was no undressing."

"That's true but I was in a halter and shorts and Dale was right there.

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