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Lady Jaye is captured & Baroness interrogates her...nicely.

Suddenly she pulled her leg back and slid back on the desk away from my hand.

"Too fast," she said coyly. "Time for more chocolate. What else can your good girl do?"

Time to go for it, I thought to myself. "Take off your sweater. I want to see how much my little girl has grown up." I offered. I held out another piece of chocolate.

"I want the chocolate, but I want something else too," she answered. "You take off your pants."

Hesitating for only a second, I stood up and unfastened my pants while stepping out of my shoes. While I was doing that Diane took the bottom of her sweater out of her skirt and then sat waiting for me to continue. "Let's do it together," I suggested and began lowering my trousers. Diane pulled her sweater up at the same time. As it went over her head I had my first view of her bra-covered breasts, pulled high by her arms extending over her head. I laid my pants over the credenza behind my desk and stood there admiring her spectacular breasts as they pushed out from the top of her lacy black bra. The protrusions made by her nipples were very obvious now. I reached toward her breasts with one hand but she stopped me before I got to her.

"Sit back down," she ordered. "I still want more chocolate."

I sat down and reached into the drawer for another piece. As I stretched to do that her foot returned to my crotch, now only covered by my boxer shorts. My erection was creating a tent in the cloth, which her foot found easily. She moved her sole up and down the length, and then insinuated her toes into the slit in the front of my shorts. The rough contact of her nylon-covered foot on my cock was electrifying. I reached out with the chocolate and she again bent over to take it into her mouth. As I pulled my hand down I moved to her left shoulder and moved the bra strap off the shoulder down onto her arm. More of her left breast became visible as the material moved down her chest.

Diane moved her other foot into my crotch, cradling my erection between both her feet. I offered up another piece of chocolate, this time with my other hand, and repeated the move toward her shoulder after she took the candy. The strap fell away, leaving only the bra cups to support those magnificent breasts. They were barely managing to do that. Her breasts swelled against the too-small bra, overflowing it at the top. It was easy to see why her breasts had been straining against the sweater earlier.

Diane was enjoying her chocolate, still playing with my erection. She had very talented feet; she managed to free my cock from the boxers by maneuvering it through the slit in the front. Now my erect cock was standing in front of me, her feet stroking it on either side. "Mmmm, lovely," she purred. "But don't the nylons bother you? It seems like they would be very rough."

"They are, a little." I replied. "But that seems a small price to pay for the pleasure. But why don't we take them off?" I reached out to help her pull the pantyhose down her legs, but she made no move to cooperate.

"I'm very comfortable right here," she teased. "You'll have to do that yourself."

Thinking quickly, I pulled out my center desk drawer and found the scissors I kept in there. Looking up at her I pulled some of the nylon material away from her leg and brought the scissors up to cut it. Diane's eyes widened a little but she didn't protest. I slowly cut into the material and slid the scissors up her leg, being sure not to cut her. I repeated the cuts on the other side, and then tore the nylons off her feet so they were bare.

"There," I said with satisfaction. "No more rough nylons." Her now-bare feet went back to my erection. The feel of smooth flesh was even nicer, and added to my growing arousal. I suddenly felt very silly sitting like this in a tie, so I reached up and loosened it, pulling it over my head. Then I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt so I could breathe better. It was getting hard to breathe!

"May I have another chocolate, please?" she asked in that little voice.

"This one will require a special treat.

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