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The Malay aunty pleases her niece.

I went home and called the hotel to reserve a king-size suite since Ed has told me that his wife had gone to the States with her girlfriends to shop at the Outlet Malls in North Dakota and would be gone for a week. We wanted the large room since we wanted to stay over for the night.

The next day I checked us in and called Ed from my cell phone to let him know the room number which was 444. Since 4 is my lucky number (I am not really a believer but it has been lucky at times), I was hoping for the best.

At 3:30 there was a light knock on the door and I opened it to let Ed in. As soon as he was inside the door and I turned to lock it behind him, Ed turned me around and, pressing me against the door, kissed me lightly on the lips. I was caught by surprise since we had both admitted that this was our first time that we lived out our fantasies. However, it only took me an instance to reach behind him with my arms and to pull him tightly against me to return his kiss. I parted my lips and, when I pressed my tongue against Ed's lips, they opened to let our tongues press against one another. It had to be one of the most erotic connections I had ever made and I was so very turned on. It was obvious that the feeling was mutual because I felt Ed's throbbing cock press into mine as we both reached behind and pulled our groins together.

We parted from the kiss and walked together into the living room of the suite. I had turned on the electric fireplace before Ed arrived and the bottle of champagne I had brought with me was chilled in the ice bucket the hotel had provided. I gestured to the thick carpet on the floor in front of the fireplace and told Ed to sit down. We kicked of our shoes. Pouring two flutes of champagne, I passed one to Ed and sat down close beside him. We started to talk almost in whispers as if we wanted this moment to last forever. I think we both felt that this occasion was a critical one since it was new to both of us. I know I did not want to rush to the point of having sweaty sex and then find out we were disappointed in the whole exercise.

As we sipped our wine, the heat from the fireplace lulled us into a fugue state where it felt that time stood still for us. We both simultaneously reached out to set our wine flutes on the coffee table behind us and reached out for one another. Our lips met once more I could taste the wine on his lips as they brushed together so lightly. I reached for his shirt and started to unbutton it. When I reached his belt, I slowly unfastened it and started to pull the zipper down. Ed pushed my hands aside and he reached for the bottom of my turtle neck sweater and lifted it up over my head. By this time we were on our knees facing each other and, placing my hands on either side of his face, pulled him in for a lingering lover's kiss that was returned in kind. Once more, our tongues slid together and it seemed like the kiss would last forever. Why is it that I feel so ready to surrender myself to this man? I love my wife but this is different; for some unknown reason, it feels like I am not cheating on her with another woman. The last thing I want is to hurt her but our marriage has been so strained for the past two years that we have both talked of a separation.

All these thoughts disappear from my mind as I feel Ed's lips against mine.

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