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I get into trouble with my best buddy's hot little wife.


He hadn't kissed me yet. I grabbed his face and kissed him. At first he tugged away then his muscles eased and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. I reached down and slipped my hands down his pants.

Outside, the glittering white beach beckoned. "Yeah, we'll fuck outside later - you'd like that, wouldn't you? You sports girls like that...doing it outside, I bet."

"And you rock 'n 'roll boys, where do you like to do it?"

"Everywhere - in the john, in the tour bus, in the back of a limo, anywhere." I felt his cock getting hard in my hand and giggled.

"You ever seen one close-up before?"

Yeah, a coupla times." He undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants down. I set upon him quickly only taking a quick glimpse of him before putting it in my mouth and licking it gently, like an ice cream cone, like Sissy Barnett, the team slut, had told me.

"Oh, yeah you've sucked dick before."

I hadn't, but I didn't want him to think she was a total nerd. I kept at it gently sucking it, turned on the more by his groans.

There was a knock on the door. It was his partner, George, again. I caught snippets of the conversation.

"I'm trying to fuck this sweet thing all hard and nasty, like she wants...wanna do it right for her...

"Yeah, yeah. I know." George said. "Well, she's waited this long for you. She can wait another hour. There are some hotshot producers in the lobby Manny wants you to met."

"Tell em I'll be down in about an hour. Entertain 'em - I'm busy here." Brent slammed the door closed and returned to me.

"Yeah, you're much more important. You got a great little body," His erection jutted out, at its fullest and liveliest. I could barely control myself.

"I want that inside me..."

"Sssh, not just yet. I need to tease you"

"You ever had your pussy eaten?"

I shook my head.

"Like this."

He spread my legs and knelt down, getting closer to my pussy than any gynecologist ever had. Even when I put a tampon in she didn't look at it as closely as he did.

Then he licked me. Amazed, I watched his tongue slip into my pussy and squirmed - I'd heard of cunnilingus, but had no idea how intense it felt. The sounds that came out of me were astonishing. Moans and little yelps that I thought were positively incapable of coming out of a human or even an animal.

His head bobbed between my legs as his mouth made me shudder to my core.

When he came up for air, his chin was wet with pussy juice, his cock bigger and harder.

"You're ready now."

"Look what you do to this thing." Brent brushed his cock against my pussy. My clit had been coaxed into the shape of an eager rose by his tongue. "You're like the perfect woman. You look like vanilla ice cream but you're really a jalepeno pepper."

Brent towered above me, taking charge so gently. I lost all desire to instruct him on what I wanted or to even speak at all. So much for all my dominant fantasies.


Reality was much better.

Brent straddled me. His body emitted carnal power and overwhelmed my senses. Every tiny move he made was totally uninhibited and joyous. The quick, perfunctory encounters I'd had with some of my college classmates and guys on the track team were amateur groping. This was sex.

With all the ease of an accomplished but thoughtful man-slut, he slid his cock into me. My slick pussy swallowed him whole. "Feel that, Ashley. Doesn't it make you feel good."

"Yes." I could barely let a syllable out; the sensation was so consuming. A dewy, musty veneer of sweat coated Brent's body as he fucked me. I explored his chest with my hands and then finally caressed the ass that looked so good in tight red pants, but ever better uncovered. Instead of the dirty talk I'd dreamed about, I got the wordless, snaky writhing of lust personified. Yet Brent's body did not reveal the extent of his pleasure. The otherworldly delight that registered on his face confused me. Was I hurting him somehow?

"Brent, are you all right?" I cupped my hands on his face, feeling the muscles there softly pulsing with delight.

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