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We met online. After a few lunches, you invite me over . . .

Dave wanted this woman badly, but he knew she was married to an abusive husband and it must have been difficult for Del. He didn't want to spoil the evening, so he decided to be patient.

Del, now beginning to get turned on by this man, had different thoughts. She hadn't made love for almost a year. Yes, her husband had raped her almost every night, but she longed for the feel of a loving man inside her. Her love was bubbling over and she had to let it out and let it out soon.

They came across the bandstand and sat on the bench. The sodium lamp was out, so the area was in shade. From their seat, they could see most of the empty park. Dave sat, looking across to the town hall, when he felt Del's hand gently touch his thigh.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening," Del whispered and kissed his cheek.

Dave looked into her eyes and saw the deep emotion behind her hazel gaze. He kissed her again. Del wrapped her arms around his neck, his around her torso and they kissed passionately. Dave felt his cock stirring and adjusted his seating position slightly to make himself more comfortable. Del too, felt a stirring inside. She pushed her tongue deep into Dave's mouth. He responded by dropping his left hand onto Del's lower back and stroking her, slowly making his way down to her ass. Del didn't resist. She wanted him to make love to her and she would do it right now if he wanted.

Del fell back onto the bench, Dave on top. Still kissing, Del let her hand drop onto Dave's ass. She gently pinched his firm butt and felt his cock twitch against her thigh. Her pussy dampened and she began to lift Dave's shirt out of his trousers, her hand slipping under the material to feel the soft skin of his back.

Dave responded by gently rubbing Del's right nipple through her dress. It stood hard and erect from the cold and the arousal Del was feeling. After several minutes of this, his let his hand slip down Del's side to find the hem of her dress just above the knee. He felt the softness of her thigh as his had slid under her dress and stroked her right thigh. Del moaned gently as she felt his touch. Dave's hand explored her softness. Rising up, his fingers touched her cotton panties. He rubbed her pussy with the palm of his hand through the material, feeling her dampness. Again, Del moaned with pleasure. His fingers pulled the panty to one side and he felt her pubic hair, neatly trimmed. Soon, his fingers were exploring the crease that lead to the source of her hot wetness.

Del felt his finger press against her clitoris. She began to moan louder now as the sensation took over her body. Dave's fingers traced the folds of her labia, wet with anticipation. One, then two fingers slipped into her vagina. She knew that this was to be the best night she'd had in a long, long time.

Del struggled to unbuckle Dave's belt, but eventually, she succeeded. She undid his trousers and buried her hand into his underwear. His hardness was reassuring. The tip of his cock was damp with pre-cum. Del used this to lubricate the head with her thumb. She pushed back Dave's foreskin, then slid her hand further into his trousers to feel his large balls. She used to love the feel of a man's balls in her hand; how they used to move as their owners got more excited and aroused. It was then she noticed the thickness of Dave's cock. Her fingers and thumb couldn't meet as she encircled his shaft.

Dave knelt and removed Del's panties. Del dropped Dave's trousers and shorts. Then slowly, he rested his weight on top of her, his hard cock pressed against her pubis. She reached down and guided his cock into her wet pussy. She felt him penetrate slowly, but firmly, deeper into her hotness.

Dave began his slow, even strokes that made Del arch her back to meet his penetration. His cock, firmly grasped by her pussy, now glistened with juices that began to migrate onto his balls.

Del, arching her back with every stroke, wanted to get more of this man inside her.

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