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Maddy has sweet memories of Grandpa.

What made this all the more dangerous for her was the fact that she had a rare blood type? The blood type combined with the condition meant that practically impossible to find a donor host organ to save and prolong her life. The only hope would be an identical twin. Without the transplant she would never lead a full life.

This began my journey into biochemistry majoring in cloning. I knew that if I could learn fast enough I could possible find a cure or produce an identical clone of her to harvest the organ needed. With my determination to save the one I loved but could never have, I squeezed 12 years of education into a compacted three years of study. I gave up everything to fully dedicate myself to curing this beauty of her illness.

I began by taking out student loans and commuting from three different colleges and universities to each other a day, taking courses in micro-biology, micro-surgery, genetic engineering. The whole gambit of the physical sciences and surgical sciences and studies. Every book, theorem and hypothesis was my guide. Studying at three colleges and universities simultaneously. The schedule was tough, sleeping maybe 3 hours a day the rest of my time spent in travelling and studying. The whole time the love I had for Melanie kept me going on, despite the burdensome load of study I maintained.

Three years after I began, I made a break through into the cloning technology it was time to tell her. Going to her house, I presented to her my objectives to make her a clone without the genetic defects she now suffered to harvest the needed organ. She was in awe of what I proposed. I told her all I needed was a sample of her blood and I would begin the process of creating her a clone organ farm.

Stunned Melanie asked, "Why are you doing this for me Todd?"

I replied, hanging my head slightly, "I have been in love with you from the first time I laid eyes on you. Soon after that, I realized that you loved another and I accepted that, but I still love you and want nothing to happen to you." Hanging my head lower, "I was going to ask this after I had you cured, but . . . " my voice droned out in shame.

"But what Todd?" she asked again only in a clinical tone.

Shamefully I replied, "I was going to ask you, if I could make a secret clone of you and secret her away and marry her for myself, because I love you so much." I hang my head in utter shame unable to even look at her in the eye for fear of reprisal.

She surprised me by cupping my chin in her hand and lifting my face to look her in the eye. "Todd that is the most caring thing I have ever heard that you love and care for me so much that you would do this and still let me marry someone else. That is so selfless of you. Why haven't you said anything about your feelings before?"

"I just couldn't, you have it so well, and a good family, money to do what you want, and I have nothing to offer you that would be of any value. I want, and have always wanted what is best for you, which is why I have done this study. This education. All for you, it's the only thing I can offer a cure for you to live a better life. I know its odd to ask for your permission to make a clone of you for myself, but that's how much I love you."

To my surprise she pulled me tight in an embrace and hugged me in a more than normal way. To say it shocked me would be an understatement. I could hear her sobbing on my shoulder. She spoke in a tearful voice, "If I had only known you cared so deeply Todd. You should have said something. Yes you can have my blood for DNA to make a donor clone for me and another clone, but not for you but for the guy I am supposed to marry, your selfless love has shown me that I should be with you."

Taken a back, "Do you really mean that, that you would leave your family to live secretly with me? I will never make the kind of money that you're used to living with. All I can offer you is love and I."

"Your Love is all that I need Todd.

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