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Katrina helps April with her bridal lingerie.


"Don't remember how it felt going," I admitted.

"That doesn't matter," Tameka answered before Bao could. "Today's not for the company. Today's for us."

And it was.


The square dildo came out, and we had pizza delivered for lunch, and then I watched them play strip n' stuff poker. Whenever one of them folded, they lost an article of clothing, and then the other got to choose which of the toys from Bao's suitcase would go on me, and where. They played until Bao won, and I was seated on a sybian, a hitachi grinding against my clit as my ass vibrated with anal beads. There were two dildos- one neon pink but otherwise realistic looking, the other looking more like a tentacle than anything else- fitting snuggling inside my cunt. My arms were tied behind my back, wrists to elbows, and my hair was fastened to my ankles. My mouth was held open with a large spider gag, my nipple piercings had a chain pulled taught between them, and weights dangling from it.

He celebrated that win by fucking Tameka's ass from behind, each thrust of his driving her clit into my mouth. Bliss.

I woke up, tucked in to bed, completely denuded of sex toys and feeling freshly showered. The Trungs had gone to pick up dinner, and when they returned we ate on the balcony, enjoying the view of the Space Needle, everyone back in their clothing as the sky darkened and the temperature began to plummet.

I shivered.

"We have plans for you, dearheart," Bao said mournfully "Otherwise we'd warm you up right here and now."

"Can we get to those plans?" I asked eagerly.

We moved indoors, to my bedroom, where Tameka took the lead and guided my shirt and skirt off. Bao got her own halter top off, as she squeeze my breasts, one in each hand.

"I'll be right back," he whispered, kissing Tameka on the lips. He disappeared, and she pushed me back onto the bed.

"Spread your legs," she told me, and she undid her skirt. "Hold them open for me and Bao."

She hardly even needed to say anything. I'm not their prostitute- I'm their slut.

I held my legs open and up as the skirt fell away, followed shortly by her panties. One hand immediately began to pump her clit, and the other to trace lightly over my body. I closed my eyes.

I did not open them when I heard Bao return, or the wet sounds of them kissing. I didn't open them when Bao began to play with my breasts, or even when I felt Tameka's fingers penetrate my ass.

I opened them when Bao said "Look at me." And when he told me to straddle him it did that too. His hands were at my waist, holding me up, as he shifted on the bed, the head of his cock teasing between my legs. Then, with a sharp, suddenly movement, he jerked me down so the head of his dick had penetrated my ass.

I let out a shout and swore. Tameka's hands joined her husband's on my hips, and they cooed reassurances until I was okay to continue. Slowly, steadily, I sank further and further down, until he was completely inside me. He nodded, and Tameka's hands wandered to my breasts, alternately squeezing and pulling until I had begun to ride him in earnest. Then she withdrew.

I didn't know what she was doing, until Bao tightened his grip on my waist, forcing me to stop. She pushed me forwards- I braced myself on the headboard to keep from falling over completely, and then felt the cool slickness of more lube, and the heat of her clit as she joined her husband.

I moaned and whimpered, and then they began to thrust, him moving upwards and she moved forwards, and it was all I could do not to fall.

It was over in a few moments, and in a few moments more, Bao collected himself enough to get a warm, wet washcloth, and his bag, so he could ensure that as little damage had been done as I felt.

Then he lay back down in bed, and he and Tameka began to fondle their way across my body, with those large, wide hands of theirs, each large enough to crush one of my breasts- and my breasts, while not as large as Tameka's are not small.

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