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Tennis and more.

They all walked out to the platform, and Jamie told them to all wait there and he would get the car and pick them up, which he did, pulling up about 6 or 7 minutes later. They placed the luggage into the trunk, Damion and Brandon took the back seat, DJ and Jamie took the front, and Jamie drove them out of the airport, heading home.

"Jamie," Damion asked, "the food they served us on the plane wasn't very filling, would it be too much to ask you to stop somewhere so we could grab something to munch on?"

"Nope!" Jamie exclaimed, grinning, "Mom is fixing dinner for all of us, and we'll be eating as soon as we get home."

"How long before we get home?" Brandon asked.

"About an hour," Jamie replied.

"Shit!" Brandon exclaimed, "I gotta pee pretty bad, I don't think I can hold it for an hour."

"There's a rest area about 5 minutes ahead," Jamie said, "we can make a pit stop there."

Jamie pulled into the rest area, and Brandon literally ran to the rest room, DJ and Damion took advantage of the stop and relieved themselves as well.

About 5:45 Jamie pulled into the drive at the Seldon home, and parked. DJ grabbed the large suitcase and the cousins each took a smaller bag, and they headed to the back (kitchen) door, Jamie held the door while the others walked in. Karen was stirring pork gravy on the stove, and placed the spoon on the spoon rest. The aroma was tantalizing.

"Mom," Jamie announced, "These are DJ's cousins, Damion and Brandon Whitlock, Guys, this is my Mom, the greatest mother in the world, Karen Seldon."

Karen, blushing a little, "I'm not too sure about being the greatest mom in the world," and then giving both cousins a warm, welcoming hug, "I do try to give ALL of our boys the love and respect they deserve, and that includes you two. I want you two boys to feel welcome and wanted here, please make yourselves at home!"

"Mom," DJ remarked, "Jamie's right, you are the greatest, and the only person I really think of as my Mom."

"Well," Karen said, "if you and Jamie continue to love each other the way you do now, I expect that some day I will at least be your mother-in-law. Jamie, would you please mash the potatoes?" Karen asked, "and DJ, why don't you show the boys to their bedroom. Dinner will be ready shortly."

DJ, explaining the bedrooms, and pointing to each, "This is Mom and Dads room, and here is the bathroom, this room is Jamie's and mine, and that one is Bryan and Phil's, and this one at the end will be yours, for a few days, anyway. If you want, you can go ahead and bring your luggage in here. You might want to hang your dress clothes up."

"Only one bathroom for eight people?" Brandon questioned.

"Actually six," DJ answered, smiling, "Mom and Dad have their own bath in their bedroom. It's not too bad, Jamie and I always shower together, and Bryan and Phil do, most of the time, and I don't know about you two."

"Brandon and I haven't showered together since we were about 5 or 6 years old, and I don't think we'd want to do it now," Damion stated, "That's even more gay than sleeping together!" DJ grinned.

"I probably ought to give you a heads-up as to how mornings typically are here. Mom gets up and starts coffee, and we guys usually put on just our underwear, sit at the table and have coffee, then breakfast, and then get dressed for school, or work, or whatever. Even Dad sits at the table in his briefs, Mom usually wears a housecoat, and she's very much accustomed to seeing all of us guys in our underwear."

"Why don't you guys just leave your pajamas on when you go to the kitchen in the morning?" Brandon inquired.

"Pajamas!" DJ exclaimed, "I don't think any of us even own a pair, that's why we pull on our underwear."

"You mean," Brandon said, "you guys sleep raw?"

"Brandon," DJ explained, "when you're sleeping with the person you love, cuddling with them, with your naked bodies touching, allows you to feel even closer to each other."

"DJ's right," Damion admitted, "when Silvia stays over with me, we sleep together naked.

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