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Neglected wives comfort each other.

He ended the email by promising a very filling lunch. I could feel the wet spot at the front of my underpants growing as I remembered the day's events and what Friday promised. I resolved not to masturbate between now and then, to build up the erotic tension and to ensure maximum horniness.

It was a slow Friday at work. I was sitting through yet another boring meeting, trying to focus while anticipating my upcoming meeting with my Dom. Finally, the meeting was over and I walked to the far end of the parking lot, where my car sat alone, feeling the cool breeze and shivering in anticipation of the pleasure ahead. Getting in the car, I opened the bag containing the baggy, nylon shorts he had given me to wear the last time we met. Following his orders, I had bought a woman's pink v-neck tee. Looking around to make sure no one was nearby, I kicked off my shoes and, wriggling my ass, slid off my pants and underpants, then slipped on the shorts. I replaced my shirt with the v-neck and pulled out of the parking lot, heading for the ABS. As I drove, I turned the radio on to a classical station and focused on the road, trying not to look at the cars on either side. I wondered if they were looking at my obviously feminine tee-shirt and snickering. How would the people at the ABS respond when they saw me? I was thankful that, this time, I wouldn't have to get change from the attendant.

I arrived and pulled into the Pegasus parking lot. A few minutes later, my Dom pulled up beside me. He walked over to my window and handed me a pair of slip on sandals. I took off my shoes and socks and slipped them on. They were a size too small, but the constriction was the perfect reminder of my submission and almost a form of bondage. I caught myself wishing they were women's sandals; where had that come from? I stepped out of the car and into the chill December noontime. I looked down at my Dom. Though he was 3" shorter and several years older than me, he exuded an air of confidence and pride of possession that had me looking forward to what was to come. He was wearing sweats and sneakers and looked very warm and comfortable. He turned and walked to the entrance. I followed behind, my eyes focused on him and getting used to walking in the tight sandals. The wind blew gently under my baggy shorts and over my crotch. The tee shirt provided some warmth, but the softness of the material rubbed over my nipples in a way that made them stand out with excitement. I struggled to keep my cock limp, knowing that, without underpants, an erection would tent my shorts in public.

Somehow, I made it up the metal stairs to the entrance without embarrassment. I was acutely aware of the cold of the rail on my hand and the cold slowly numbing my bare toes. I walked into the store, trying to avoid eye contact with the clerk. He glanced up at us; was that a smirk on his face? I hurriedly fed my money into the turnstile and walked into the arcade area. There were several men standing in the hall. None of them was wearing shorts or sandals, and certainly none of them had a woman's v-neck on. I wanted to hurry into the theater room, but had to wait for my vision to adjust to the darkness. Though I had been there many times in the past, I had to reach my hands out to find the wall and the entrance to the theater room.

Once inside, I took a quick look at the porn playing on the TV, saw that it was the usual bad straight porn and turned my attention back to my Dom. Once again, he rubbed my cock through my shorts and I quickly followed suit, facing him and feeling his thick cock starting to grow even thicker. I was slipping into subspace. He took off his shoes and socks and sat on the sofa. I took off my glasses and put them in my pocket. All was blurry now, and I could only clearly see what was directly in front of me.

Unbuckling his belt, he directed me, "Take my pants off.

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