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A cheating wife, enraptured cousin and more.

"You have a beautiful cock," you whisper. "But even beautiful cocks aren't allowed to cum in my mouth," you tell me. At this point, I can only mutter my agreement to your terms.

Slowly - VERY slowly - you engulf my manhood with your mouth. As your slow, sensual, wet, sloppy blowjob takes place, I am in absolute heaven.

As you begin worship my cock, you take the opportunity to remove your bra. Your beautiful breasts on full display, in all their glory.

Soon you feel me tensing up, thinking that maybe I'm about to cum. However, you remind yourself that I promised not to do so while in your mouth. Surely he can hold out longer than this, you think. But suddenly, and without warning, I do begin to cum. The first blast or two catches you by surprise, right in your mouth. You quickly redirect the rest to your breasts, all the while stroking my cock with your hand for more. At the same time, my cum runs out of your mouth, down your chin, and onto your chest. I finally sit on the bed, my sexual tension relieved.

I as begin to realize exactly just what happened, I expect you to be very upset, but, in a very non-threatening manner, you tell me, "I think you might just regret that. But first, let's make sure there's no more in there." You put your lips back on my cock and swirl your tongue, making sure it's clean.

With a sly smile, you get up and tell me, "Why don't you lay back on the bed while I get cleaned up."

While rubbing my cum on your breasts, you head for the restroom to clean yourself off, and when you return, still topless but apparently cleaned up, to my surprise that hungry look is still in your eyes, Before I have much of a chance to react, you crawl on top of me, straddling me in a girl-on-top position.

"Now it's my turn," you tell me, as you dive in for another makeout session.

A few minutes later, you scoot yourself up my torso and smother my face in your bare breasts. "Time for you to worship these breasts," you tell me. Giving specific directions, you move me from side to side to neck to nipple and all over. Suddenly, you press down, my face caught between your breasts. As I struggle for breath, you keep remind me that I agreed to not to come in your mouth.

"Do those tits taste good?" you ask. "A little salty maybe? That isn't sweat, just so you know."

At this point, I realize you didn't clean your chest; you simply spread the cum until it dried.

"Now let's see how much you can really take," you say as you move your body further up my torso.

Panties still on, I can smell, even see, your wetness. After a few seconds of hovering your panty-covered pussy above my face, you begin smothering my face with your crotch. "Lick my panties," you order; I comply. "Kiss my thighs, run your tongue everywhere you can reach."

Looking up, I can see you've watching me over the past several minutes. "Good boy. Think you can handle more?" you ask with yet another sly smile. "Don't move."

You spin around to a 69 position. "Oh, I see you're excited for more! Good!"

Suddenly your crotch is buried in my face again. You soon begin alternating between rubbing your pussy and ass all over my face. You order me to kiss your ass - literally kiss, your ass.

You keep sitting on my face, smothering me - sometimes I can't breathe for 5, 10, even 15 seconds. After all, how dare I come in your mouth like that earlier. The wetness from your pussy permeates your panties. I can smell it, I can taste it. It's all over my face.

Finally, you stand up over me. "Take off my panties," you order. I reach up and slowly pull them down. As soon as they're gone, I find myself nose deep in your pussy. "Keep those panties in your hand, you're gonna need them later. But for now, get that tongue busy!"

You order me to service you right, and I voraciously worship your pussy.

"That's a good boy," you praise me between moans as I service you.

You want to make sure I learned my lesson, though, so after a while you tell me to stop. "Still got those panties in your hand?"

"Yes ma'am," I affirm.


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