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She couldn't focus...THAT got resolved. Mostly.

"And just how long is this spanking supposed to go for?" the coach asked.

Helen was looking at the little stack of cosmetics. She quickly flicked through them.

"There are twenty things she took, so twenty seems to be a good idea."

Coach Jackson yielded. If this was what they wanted, this was what they'd get.

He sat down on the bench and indicated Erica approach. He then sat watching as she strutted towards him. She knew what she had and she was enjoying showing it off.

Erica lithely bent forward, positioning herself over his knee. He could see her lovely breasts dangling below her and his fingers itched. Erica seemed to find the whole situation superbly entertaining.

Placing one hand on the small of Erica's back to stop her changing her mind, Coach Jackson raised his other hand and brought the palm down hard and fast upon Erica's buttock cheek, leaving a red hand print.

The immediate reaction to this was gasps from the team who had gathered around to watch and a surprised scream from Erica, who had apparently assumed a softer type of spanking.

"You had better start counting, Erica," the coach advised her. "You wouldn't want me to lose count, now would you?"

His hand came down again, on her other cheek, leaving another red handprint and getting another scream.

A few more solid spanks and Erica had changed her mind about the fun part. She was wailing now, calling on him to stop, while she tried to rise off his knee.

Coach Jackson continued the spanking, hitting hard and turning both cheeks a rosy red. He noted with interest that Erica's thighs had moved apart, as she instinctively tried to distract him.

After eighteen spanks, he paused.

"What's the count, Erica?" he asked. "I appear to have lost it."

"Twenty," she shrieked, "that's twenty. Let me up."

"No, it's not," snapped one of the team. "It's only eighteen. Two more."

"That's right," said Helen. "Only eighteen."

"Dear me, Erica, you fibbed to me. Do you think if we start again, you can keep a better count?"

"No. Please. It was supposed to be only twenty," wailed Erica.

"True," came the reply, along with the last two spanks. "But I'll give you one extra for telling me a little fib." The coach's hand came down with a final spank, this one missing her bottom but laying a stinging smack the length of her pussy.

Releasing Erica, the coach turned and looked at the rest of the team.

"Are there any more punishments that I should be made aware of?" he asked politely. "Or do you think that you might like to review your scale of punishments before I discover some other little surprise?"

Helen glanced with satisfaction at where Erica was standing, rubbing her bottom and with tears in her eyes.

"Um, we'll have a team meeting and discuss them," she offered.

"And you will let me have the list of agreed upon punishments as soon as you've done that?"

Helen nodded, enthusiastically, although he noticed that the rest of the team were looking approvingly at Erica's red bottom. Maybe Erica would learn something from that little episode. The coach sighed. She'd probably learn not to get caught.

Quitting the room, Coach Jackson headed back to his office. He'd barely entered the room when there was a knock, and at his invitation one of the team stuck her head around the door.

"Sorry, Coach," she said, with a giggle in her voice, "but we need you in the locker room again."

Coach Jackson gave her a look, which she calmly ignored, waiting for him. He signed and retraced his steps to the locker room. Entering he was relieved to see that Erica was now dressed, covering up that lovely figure. Counteracting that relief was the fact that Helen and Erica were squaring up to each other, Helen red faced and Erica with a smirk.

Obviously the spanking hadn't registered for too long, the coach observed, seeing that smirk.

"Does anyone care to tell me why my presence is required?"

"I will," said Mary, the young woman who had fetched him.

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