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She is reaquainted with an old more.

You know it's not really appropriate to make three women come on a family beach. Andromeda and Samantha can be really loud."

Jessica was now even more curious. "What about Donna? She seemed to enjoy it very much. It looked like she is also one of your lovers."

Todd answered with a disarming smile. He had to protect his mature lover and said with forceful sincerity, "No, this was as far as it would go. After Andromeda introduced her to me we became very good friends. Look, Jessica I could do that to you, too, and Kyle would have no reason to be jealous. It's harmless like an everyday massage you can book." Now, that was a challenge for the young couple. You should have seen the look Jessica gave her boyfriend, begging for approval. Kyle knew Todd as a friend very well and trusted him. He thought about what Jessica said earlier about their relationship and agreed. He just couldn't deny her that pleasure.

Of course, his three lovers heard everything and smiled inwardly. Jessica didn't know what was coming up to her. Todd smiled encouragingly at Jessica and ordered her to lie on her stomach. "Honey, make yourself comfortable. Please relax your body for a good massage." Todd untied her top without hesitation and started the massage. The sun lotion was not the same as his scented massage balm but it would do well.

The next half an hour Jessica experienced a treatment she had never expected. It was not only the massage. It seemed his hands send thrills of excitement throughout her body despite Todd was careful not to touch vital parts of her body. Her pussy got wet and she had trouble not to irritate Kyle with loud moans. She had learned something about erotic massages through the media but now she was the elated receiver of such an awesome treatment.

Todd was almost finished with her as other former schoolmates arrived. It was Celia and Roger leading the way for two other couples. Todd didn't see them. He concentrated on Jessica for the final touches on her legs. He announced the end of the message with a playful slap on her firm thighs. Of course, the arrivals witnessed what he was doing and when they saw Jessica was in a daze they thought their part. Todd whispered to her, to make her aware about her surrounding, "Honey, I enjoyed it very much, but there are new guests arriving. Kyle is greeting them." She had to get that languorous expression out of her face.

Jessica carefully stood up with Todd and both were surprised to recognize the two other couples beside Celia and Roger. Amanda Barnes and Ryan Williams, the senior prom queen and the senior prom king themselves together with their friends Jacqueline Donner and Chester Grimes came near them. Ryan was the starting quarterback and Chester the starting running back of the high school football team. They were very good at it and Todd knew scouts had convinced them to join Stanford University. He looked behind him and smiled that his women made no effort to stand up. That could be fun.

Todd bore them some grudge despite basically they were OK. However that they thought about other people outside their circle as not valuable made him angry. Ok, it was no crime but it wasn't nice either. Nonetheless, trying to forget the past, he stretched his posture and smiled charmingly as the greetings took place. He was well aware how the girls looked at him. None of them had ever seen his perfect body uncovered that way. They couldn't avoid the thoughts they had been in school with a supermodel for all of the time and never noticed it. For some reason his confident presence and his disarming smile seemed they were running out of words. Todd quickly helped them along and said, "Hey guys, I'm happy you are here. Some time has elapsed since graduation. Drop your gear, we have enough space around."

Chester, who was not the brightest jock under the sun found his voice first.

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