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An evening with friends.

Kelly moaned as she felt his hot hand touch her buttocks. He gently kneaded her bare cheeks and she looked up into his eyes. His lips came down to meet hers and they locked into a passionate kiss. Their tongues explored each other's mouths and Kelly could feel Cobra's cock grow and press against her belly. She could feel her own juices start to run down her inner thighs as she imagined his cock pressing against her pussy instead. The song ended and they walked slowly back to their seats arm-in-arm.

As they got closer to the table Kelly saw two men sitting at their table. Her Master introduced each of the men to her as they sat down. Both men were in their late thirties, trim and as tall or taller than her Master Jack. Her Master introduced her to the one guy sitting across the table from you, a rugged looking guy, as his brother Mark and the other one as his half-brother Hal. Both worked in the forest as woodcutters. What surprised Kelly was Hal was a black man.

After another round of drinks Kelly was beginning to feel her libido relax and her inhibitions her body and mind. Kelly could feel herself becoming more and more aroused... her nipples were in a constant state of erection and her pussy was awash with her juices... her nipples and cunt ached with a throbbing need. Kelly look at these men and thought how much she wanted to take care of Jack's body... for that matter take care of all three.

Your chair was moved back away from the table slightly, facing the connor and Mark and Hal. Your Master's chair was close to your left and Hal's chair was to your right. Jack's hand was on your thigh and moving higher going under your skirt. Your skirt was high enough now that Mark or Hal could probably see your shaved lips. You glanced over your shoulder and noticed everyone was occupied with their own business and you didn't protest when you felt your skirt pushed even higher.

"Place your knees over the arms of your chair!"

You heard the command, it was so embarrassing yet so exhilarating. You lifted your right leg and hooked your leg over the padded arm of your chair and then did the same with your left leg. Your pussy was now completely exposed to the warm air in the dinning room. You were so hot right now that you were sure that you were raising the temperature of the room a few degrees all by yourself.

You subtly pulled your skirt from your ass to keep your pussy juice from staining it. You were amazed that no one had noticed your state of exposure, but was happy that you had the freedom to do as you pleased. You shivered with carnal delight, your eyes watching your Masters eyes and Mark's and Hal's as they devoured your tits and drooling pussy.

Suddenly you felt another hand come to rest on your right upper thigh and looked down to find that Hal had decided to join the party. You were in no position to protest even if you had wanted to. Right now you couldn't even imagine trying to stop the action. You could believe the position you were in. This was your first time out without your husband... dinning with three mature and virile gentlemen. Sitting here, exposed and waiting for your next command. You knew you had no choice; you had been forced in the beginning yet at this moment you were willing to do whatever they wanted. Here you were your knees over the arms of your chair exposing your pussy and getting felt up! In public no less! You had to shake your head in disbelief. What had your husband turned you into? Not that it bothered you too much at this point in time.

Jack's hand was caressing your inner thigh just above the knee holding it against the arm of your chair keeping your thighs spread open.

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