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Year of Turmoil - Laura's new job - Mrs. Patron and Dan.

Jon moved his hand back to my pussy and continued fingering me as he kissed me again, he put his thumb on my tender clit and rubbed it in a circular motion making my pussy pulsate as I cum once more. My screams of delight were muffled as his mouth was on mine.

Jon moved me onto his bed now and I laid back as he kneeled between my legs, he took hold of my right leg and started to kiss it at my ankle, he kissed his way up my calf licking and blowing on his saliva and I could feel it going cold, onward he went as I held my breath in anticipation, he kissed my inner thigh and licked my juices that had dripped onto it, then using just his tongue he licked all over the surrounding area of my pussy, teasing me as I wanted that tongue inside me, first he licked my swollen clit and then I felt his tongue part my lips and enter me, I held his head and slowly started to grind my pussy into his face. With his tongue inside me his nose was doing a great job on my clit as I held his head in place. I said "Jon I'm going to cum" he just grabbed me and pulled my cunt tighter to his face. I took this as confirmation that it was ok to cum and I absolutely exploded onto him. I thought I'd never have these emotions again so it was amazing to feel like a woman once again and be treated so nice.

As Jon sat up his face was soaking and shiny with my juices, without a word he picked up his heavy hard cock looked me in the eye and put his cock just inside the entrance to my pussy, once again I held my breath and then felt it push the walls of my vagina open and fill my pussy completely. I'd never felt a cock like it, he asked me if I'm ok, I said "oh my god yes". Slowly he pushed it in and out of me and I felt every thrust filling and emptying my soaking love hole.

He continued to fuck me and lifted each of my legs up and cradled them in the bent part of his arms, this allowed him to put even more cock inside me and now I had every inch in me, it was the most amazing sexual experience of my life. I hoped he could last and wow he could. He was a stayer, he fucked me for ages and the sweat was pouring from him making his chest glisten in the dim light. I could sense that I was going to cum and told him, he said in that case he'll cum too, he thrust harder and I knew this was our time, I yelled with pleasure as every pore in my body tingled with orgasm and Jon screamed too as his cock pulsated with every gush of cum deep inside my pussy.

I then remembered that apart from a few quick strokes From my hand Jon's cock had been neglected, that's what he meant by 'this is your day', he totally spoiled me and I now knew exactly what Anna meant when she said he was so unselfish and considerate in bed.

I was so envious yet so grateful to Anna for allowing this to happen. She had a wonderful man and an amazing lover that she was happy to share.

I decided right then that my marriage was over, I wouldn't let that idiot at home back into my life, I was happy with seeing Jon whenever I could so long as the arrangement was ok with Anna and Jon. They could use me as their sexual plaything if they wanted.

My sexual desire had just been reignited.

And it was only Monday.


When I arrived home on Monday evening I was in sexual heaven, nothing mattered to me except what an incredible day I'd just experienced and what the rest of the week would bring.

I realised how much I'd been missing a sex life and just what a selfish useless man I'd married.

I went upstairs to get changed and showered, whilst in the shower all I could think about was Jon, I was still horny and rubbed my already wet pussy until I cum as I fantasised about the rest of the week.

I woke early on Tuesday and couldn't wait to get out of the house, but there was still three hours until I was due to meet Jon again.

I shower

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