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Tonya and Keisha arrive.

He continued the massage as his tongue worked its way around the edges and strap of the bra before frustration got the better of him and with a skilful single movement, the catch was released.

She leant forward, allowing him to free her upper body from both gingham and lace, and her to reach between his arms and undo the buttons on his shirt, tugging it from inside his jeans. The silk slid down his arms and they embraced once more as several small pairs of eyes stared intently from the undergrowth.

Second Movement - Moderato

The kissing resumed but with much more urgency than before. Quick kisses intermingling with tongue planted at random points across face, neck, ears, shoulders and breast. He was lying on top of her now, her hands massaging his scalp and teasing the skin on his back, returning his kisses to his forehead where possible, pulling him tightly towards her when his lips connected with a hot spot, shallow, infrequent breaths sealing her approval. She could feel him through his jeans as he rubbed against her, his hands busy with her sizeable assets, her dress now pushed up to the top of her thighs. She reached over his back and applied soft pressure to his ass forcing him into her, and spreading her legs. He didn't need any further prompting. He raised himself to his knees and began to loosen his belt. She reached out and grabbing the front of his jeans, hauled herself forwards until she too was kneeling. Her hands brushed his aside and took over the unwrapping ceremony. When the zip could go no lower, her hand slipped inside.

He took a sharp intake of breath as her fingers began working him through the material of his underwear, before flipping the elastic waistband outwards and down, exposing him to the open air. She ran a moistened finger continually round the tip, watching intently as the nerve endings sent it into a spasmodic dance routine. She smiled and pushed him back to the floor. Amongst the bluebells now lay another specimen, its stem thick, its flower purple and angry yet waiting patiently for the bee to gather its pollen. He rested an arm behind his head and relaxed as he watched her toy with him, running him round her red lips, gripping the shaft through her hair whilst stroking and squeezing his balls. Tossing her hair back to give him an uninterrupted view, she slowly sank down on him. Now it was his turn to moan and he uttered a string of obscenities as her tempo increased.

She knew she was pleasing him yet couldn't resist making eye contact and instinctively knew what he had in mind. She released him and reaching under her dress, quickly removed the second of her black lace garments. She stood up, turned away from him and hoisted her skirt over her bum, wiggling from side to side, giving him a perfect worm's eye view of the treat in store, before lowering herself back down and straddling his grinning face. He felt himself consumed in warmth again, but was more intent with his end of the action. Whilst she had teased, he had no self composure and his tongue darted straight into the moistness above it. He felt her jerk and for a millisecond, feared for the safety of his pride, but she relaxed and soon her mouth and hand were working in unison once more. His tongue flicked and encircled her clit, his mouth gorged on her sweetness, pausing occasionally to take an entire lip between his and squeezing as if to release more flavor, or giving a quick nip with his teeth.

It was her who gave in first, sitting upright and lifting herself off him and freeing herself from the confines of her dress, she looked skywards. The sun had long since disappeared behind ever blackening clouds and it was beginning to rain. She smiled again and lay down in her original spot, the grass now damp on her naked back. She spread her legs slightly and with outstretched arms, welcomed her lover to take her.

Third movement - Allegro

He rid himself of his remaining garments and knelt between her legs, running his hands up the inside of thighs towards her reddened, swollen lips.

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