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Elizabeth was grinning from ear to ear as she waved toward the crowd. Lining up, the principal of Manchester High presented them with flowers for their participation on the team. Each of the girls was allowed a couple minutes to speak. When it came to be Elizabeth's turn, she accepted the gifts graciously, her only comment a simple thank you. The principal took the microphone back and presented a plaque to Elizabeth, a gift to her to commemorate the occasion of being the first athlete from Manchester High School to receive a full athletic scholarship to the state university. Again, Elizabeth was humble, giving her thanks to everyone for supporting her.

During the ceremony, Amanda had been mentally kicking herself for not having arrived earlier. This rivalry game always drew the biggest crowds in town, and the stands were nearly full when she got there. Unfortunately she was unable to take any pictures of the game or ceremony, the glimpses between the people in front so infrequent that she did not see much over the 90 minutes of play time. Still, she was joy-struck for Elizabeth, and absolutely beamed when the game was over.

After the ceremony, the crowds began to slowly file out of the stands. Amanda waited for the crowd to thin out. She was always afraid of being trampled by crowds. When she was satisfied she could make it out of the stands without any problems, nearly half an hour had passed. Hope and Sam remained with her while the rest of the band saw to the loading of equipment into the pair of vans. She guessed Elizabeth was probably waiting for her outside of the gate, and asked Hope to follow her. She walked slowly towards the opening in the chain link fence that served as the gate and began to look for Elizabeth with no success. Assuming she was still taking a shower after the game, Amanda sought a place from which she could wait.

Amanda spied a bench nearby that was miraculously unoccupied, Sam and Hope following closely behind in a strange silence. Amanda lost herself in her thoughts, she was both happy that her friend had just had the game of her life, but also dismayed by the announcement of the scholarship. Amanda was not a selfish girl, nonetheless she had formed a unique bond with Elizabeth over the years. Elizabeth's decision to take the scholarship had left Amanda with a hollow pit in her stomach whenever she thought about it.

At fifteen years of age, Amanda was still three grades away from being able to rejoin Elizabeth in college. For her, this was difficult. Amanda had always maintained a na__ve assumption that no matter what either of them did, they would do it together. This was the nature of their friendship, a close bond that nobody could steer them away from. Then college came along, threatening to tear their friendship apart. Amanda sighed, her chest heaving with the emotional insecurity she felt knowing her best friend would be leaving her behind soon.

She started when she felt a hand take hers. Realizing she must have been crying out loud, she used her other hand to wipe away the tears she felt beginning to run down her face. She looked up from the ground, following a soft arm up to a pretty face, soft concern in Hope's blue eyes, an understanding beginning to form between the two. She was grateful that she didn't have to be alone at that moment. Amanda knew her emotions could get the better of her.

Elizabeth exited the locker room, inhaling the fresh spring air on what was, a rare calm spring day in Manchester.

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