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Angel is looking for a job.

Disoriented, she lumbered to her feet, walked over to the desk, and snatched up the receiver.

"Hello!" she barked in an irritated tone.

"Honey? It's me Paul - is everything all right?

Bev fought to clear her head, get herself under control.

"Hi Sweetheart, I'm fine. I was...napping. I wasn't totally awake when I picked up the phone."

They talked for another 10 minutes before Paul rang off. He liked to check in every morning - Bev suspected he found motivation just in talking to her, a reminder of why he was pushing himself so hard. She almost felt guilty about what she'd been thinking about.

Still standing at the desk in front of the computer, she shrugged off her robe and sat down. She searched for someone to play with but couldn't find anyone that she was really interested in.

Pulling open one of the desk drawers, she rooted around until she found a box of sanitary napkins, opened it, and extracted the vibrator she kept hidden there. It was shaped like a cock, flesh colored and 6" long. It was almost as thick as a tube of toothpaste, and very much resembled her husband's cock. She knew Paul would never find it hidden there; he wouldn't even walk down the feminine products aisle in the grocery store.

She went back over to the bed and got up on her hands and knees, summoning thoughts of the three painters again. In her fantasy Chris' cock was nice and hard and ready to enter her. She switched on the vibrator and placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy. She eased it in, groaning at how good it felt. As she rode Chris in her fantasy she pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy, taking long slow strokes.

She imagined Chris holding her close as Ryan appeared in back of her, sliding the tip of his cock along her asshole. She tensed, afraid of the invasion, even as he slowly pressed it in.

Her fantasies had never taken her here before. She and Paul had never tried anal. Neither of them had ever expressed an interest in it, yet here she was with her middle finger pushing against her asshole imagining that she's part of some hot threesome. She felt her finger slide in, sat still for a moment, blinking rapidly as she adjusted to this new sensation. Slowly she moved it in and out, gripping it tightly with her ass.

In her mind, the two men fucked her rhythmically, one pulling out of one hole as the other pushed in another. As she did the same with her finger and the vibrator she felt an orgasm start to build in the pit of her groin that promised to be memorable.

She picked up her pace, fingering her ass and pumping the vibrator so hard the bed shook. She was ramming the vibrator in as deep as it would go, threatening on several occasions to lose her grip on it. Her orgasm came hard and fast, her finger in up to the knuckle, vibrator out but preparing to thrust inward. Her body went rigid, the force and the intensity of the feelings pushing her down into the bed. She opened her mouth to moan but no sound came out, and it felt like her whole body was trapped in electrified Jell-O.

Then, as if someone flicked a switch, her hips started bucking violently, knocking the vibrator from her hand. She fucked the bed like it was a man, humping and pounding, urging an unseen lover deeper. The bed crashed violently against the wall and the covers all came untucked. By the time she settled down it felt like she'd been gang banged by a football team.

Under her the bed was so wet it squished when she shifted. Had she peed herself? That couldn't be cum - she'd never been that messy before! Gingerly she dabbed at it and brought her hand to her nose. Holy shit, it was cum! Oh man!

Bev tried to be good the rest of the day, avoiding the computer, and her toy, and even refrained from touching herself.

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