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He promised grandpa he'd take care of family women.

Nina eased Tracey's red thong firmly to one side and slipped her whole hand into Tracey's dripping pussy. She turned her hand so that her knuckle would be touching Tracey's g-spot and started fisting her, twisting her hand this way and that. Tracey was still sucking my cock but it was half hearted at best, she was close to cumming again. Nina's hand was moving faster and faster, grinding deeply into Tracey's cunt.

"I'm gonna cum. " Gasped Tracey, still sucking me.

Nina lowered her mouth to Tracey's clit and latched on to it with her lips and teeth, she nibbled, licked and sucked. Nina's own pussy was now running like a small river. Her left hand flew back and forth across her clit as her own orgasm started to build.

"Fuck me!!!!" Tracey howled. "Oh yeahhhhhhhh." Through a mouthful of cock.

Taking Tracey's head lightly in my hand I started fucking her mouth with long slow strokes. She just opened her mouth and let me fuck her throat. Suddenly she twisted and arched her back, still keeping my cock in her mouth, she was cumming and cumming very hard. Nina didn't let up and then she came herself, grunting and slapping herself on the clit. She started laughing as she came down from her high and slowly pulled her lubed hand out of Tracey. It came out with a sucking sound, almost as if the pussy had been giving Nina's hand a blow job.

Looking straight up at me Nina made it clear that she wanted some male attention. "Eat me."

She climbed up onto the couch and spread her legs. I just dove in. Her cunt was soaking with tangy love juices which I eagerly lapped and drank down. Pulling the outer lips apart I plunged my tongue straight into Nina. I have a pretty long tongue and I curled it up so it tickled her G spot. Using both of my index fingers, I massaged her lips and rubbed her clit with the tip of my nose.

"Oh yeah, fuck. More. More."

I heard a buzzing noise.

"Dan change position, man. Nina get on your knees for me babe."

Nina got onto her knees, her ass sticking out. Tracey moved in and tongued Nina's asshole, sliding a finger in and swirling it around. I felt the buzzing more than I heard it. Tracey was sliding a thick silver and black vibe into Nina's ass. Nina was going crazy now, moaning "Harder, deeper, oh yeah baby, faster, that's it, Oh My God". Tracey worked the vibe in and out, fucking Nina's tight ass.

"Dan. Fuck Nina doggy for me." John chirped, his camera moving around like a sentinel.

I quickly tore off the last of clothes I had on, and completely naked I stepped up behind Nina Hartley. Tracey had been keeping Nina on the boil by fingering her boiling snatch and simultaneously ass fucking her with the buzzing vibe.

'Fuck me, fuck me Now! John, tell him to fuck me now! Tell him!!'

Buttman gave me the nod and I positioned my cock at the gateway to Nina's cunt. I pressed in, the head pushing the lips in as I pushed myself in, inch by inch. Finally when I was about halfway in I hammered home the last five inches or so. Nina groaned and instantly started to grind her hips and her cunt muscles gripped me hard she was fucking me back. I had no choice but to match her stroke for stroke. My cock would come almost right out and then I would slide back in up to my balls. As we fucked I felt Tracey getting underneath us, as I fucked in and out of Nina Tracey tongued Nina and licked me. She was constantly squeezing my balls. I could feel the cum boiling away there.

After watching Kirsten and Rocco screw I was ready to blow a huge load but now I was even more fully primed. I am able to cum heavily. No director will ever worry about the guy cumming enough for a decent money shot if I'm around. One or both of these women would be coming face to face with a huge wad of cum very soon but I knew I had a lot more fucking to do first.

Nina had her face pressed into the couch but she was grunting "Yeah" or "Harder" with each cervix deep thrust of my meat.

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