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Exploring his new abilities turns out quite dreamily.

I can't believe my eyes. I can see it clearly stuffed down the side of his right pant leg. It must be enormous. Suddenly the train seems even more warm and airless and I can feel the sweat starting to breakout on my chest and arms. More worryingly I can feel my own cock starting to wake up. Just that slight feeling as it presses against my jeans.

"That's better". He says as he finally sits down. I smile back, hoping he hasn't noticed my obvious staring.

"I thought I was going to miss this train and it's the last one."

"You only just made it."

"Yeah I'm really glad I did."

What the hell did he mean by that. Perhaps it was nothing. Just an expression, but it made me look up and I could see he was smiling. Smiling at me. I smiled back, but I was so confused and bothered I couldn't think of anything to say. Well nothing that wouldn't sound really dumb.

With that I decided I would try and relax. Try not to think about the hottest man I had ever seen. Sitting no more that two foot away. That was really gonna happen. I stretched out as much as I could in the cramped confines of the carriage and decided to close my eyes. Mistake. As soon as they were closed I started to imagine what I would like him to do to me. To imagine his cock and ass. To imagine sucking on his huge solid cock. Licking all its engorged hard length.

Well that did it. My own cock was now really getting hard in my jeans, really starting to strain at the material. Even a quick glance would have shown I was thinking about something horny. I shifted position, hoping that I could hide what I knew was my obvious and growing bulge. As I did so my legs brushed against his. I opened my eyes and found myself staring straight at his face. He was still smiling at me.

"Getting more comfortable?" He asked. "Yeah. It's a bit cramped and hot in here".

"I can see that" Again the smile, what the fuck was going on. Our legs were still pressed against each other and he was making no attempt to move away. I decided the best approach was just to try and close my eyes again, which I did. By now the warmth in the carriage and the touch of his leg against mine was beginning to have its effect. My cock was hard and pressing against my jeans. It was really hard, the pressure becoming uncomfortable. Almost as it was becoming unbearable, I heard him move in his seat and suddenly he had moved over and was sitting next to me.

I opened my eyes again.

"That's better". He said. "I always feel better sitting this way around". This really too much. I could feel the heat from his hot body, his arms touching mine lightly in the confines of the seats. I could smell the hot manly smell of his warm body. God I wanted him. Needed him.

"Do you want a beer, I've got some in my bag"

"Thanks" I said. Again he had to stand up and reach high into his bag, and again I got a real good look at what he was packing. This time I had a real shock. His cock was clearly a good deal longer and fatter than it had been. Damn he must have been as turned on as I was. He sure was taking his time looking for those beers in his bag, and all the time waving that hot package in my face. This was too much. With both hands I just reached out and took hold of his tight thighs. As I touched him he just gave a slight moan "mmm" and stayed where he was.

Leaving one hand on his left thigh, I trailed my other down the front of his jeans. Tracing the line of his enormous cock. Letting my hand feel its size and length through his jeans. As I did so he moved his hips slightly forward to meet my searching hands.

"Oh yeah, stroke my cock.

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