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Three owners of low hangers sound off.

I had a bit of typing to do, but did not what to miss the show. Would she even realize that she was tied down for too long or not? As I was typing away I glanced up to the videos playing on her laptop every now and then and realized that bondage was not her only turn-on. Many of the videos also included topics such as embarrassed naked females, public masturbation and orgasm denial.

After a while I had finished with my masterpiece: a contract for basically making Charlotte do anything I would want her to. The principal was simple: whenever I say the sentence "I order you to..." she was to perform the command given to her, or suffer whatever consequence I felt necessary. She was to dress however I wanted her to if I told her to, strip on command, anywhere, any time, submit to being tied how, when and in whatever position or condition I chose and various other fun little conditions.

The trick would be getting her to sign it, but she had placed herself in a position where she was at my full mercy. I went back to my room and printed out the contract before returning to her room. It was time that Charlotte knew she had been caught.

The first thing I did was to pause the porn playing on her laptop. The change in her demeanour was instant and a serious turn-on. One moment she was still happily humping away at the vibrator and then she was lying dead still, clearly worried and seeming to listen extremely intently. I walked over to her and pinched one of her already erect nipples. The shock of the occurrence quickly turned her worry into full blown terror. She was straining at her bonds to reach up, in the futile hope to get hold of the missing key. While she was panicking I decided to make absolutely sure she could not escape by removing the remaining key from her bedside cabinet.

Under normal circumstances I am what many would define as a nice guy and there have been many parents that have told me that they wished their daughters would fall for me, but I also have a sadistic side. This is why, when I saw the bag of clothespins in Charlotte's closet, I just couldn't resist. I quickly grabbed two and headed back to her. By now she had realized that her efforts were in vein and was again trying to determine where exactly and probably who exactly I was.

I again pinched one of her nipples, this time the other one, but unlike before I did not let this one go quickly. She tried very hard to get her nipple out of my grasp, but due to her bonds she could not move far enough to do so. Noticing this I put the clothespins down on her bed and grabbed the other nipple. She had already been whimpering in pain as a result of the first nipple, but now a highly muffled scream was emanating from her gagged mouth. I released her nipples and the look of defeat in her bound body was clearly evident. She was not fighting anymore, she was not even trying to identify my position, she was helpless and she knew it. The best part for me though, was the sight of the rapidly increasing amount of wetness on an around her pussy as the vibrator continued its teasing.

I returned my attention to her breasts. They may not have been very large, but they were nice and round and firm. I focussed most of my attention on her nipples. Repeatedly pinching, rolling, flicking, licking and sucking them. My goal was to get them as sensitive as possible. When I felt they were ready I quickly placed the two clothespins onto her nipples. Her body instantly contracted in pain and another muffled scream escaped her lips.

Now I was ready for her to know who was tormenting her and why. I removed the blindfold and, after blinking a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light, her eyes widened at the shock of seeing me. I removed her headphones from her ears as she tried to speak through the gag, though not a single word could be heard.

I leaned in close to her ear and then whispered "Your keys are gone.

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