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Mary is convinced to play a game in a store.

She let out a soft sigh and then pulled it back out. One finger was wet.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine again. "I shouldn't have done that," she giggled. "But I can't help it sometimes. I love to touch myself. It is purely natural you know." I noticed her eyes were a little glassy and she was swaying a little bit. I put the wet fingertip in her mouth and sucked it clean. "You know, I really am awfully drunk, I think I better sit down." She flopped down on the couch next to me, her top finally falling down over her beautiful breasts, but her nipples were still aroused and easily visible through the thin material.

She lay there for a second, her eyes closed. "Do you ever masturbate?" She finally spoke and her speech was even more slurred.

I wasn't sure what to say. I just sat there for a minute. Finally Sheri opened her eyes a little and looked at me. "Well?"

I couldn't avoid it now. I decided to be honest even though I was really embarrassed, "Yes, sometimes."

"I do, but probably more than sometimes," Naomi laid her head back once more and closed her eyes. "I think I drank too much," she giggled. "I actually play with myself all the time. In fact, shhhh, don't tell Coach Lopez, but I played with myself in the Coach's Office even. I don't think Coach Lopez would appreciate it if she found out. But I just had to. When I get horny I just have to have cum. And I was just so horny. But she wasn't there, if fact it was just you and me."

While she was talking, almost as if she were scratching an itch it seemed, she had reached down and started to rub herself through her pj bottoms. Her speech was slurred and she seemed to be drifting off. I just sat there watching as she slowly rubbed herself, but within a minute or two she stopped and I could tell from her breathing that she had fallen asleep.

I didn't know what to do. I just sat there watching her sleep. She was so beautiful. But what was going to happen when she woke up and realized what she had done? Or, could it be that she wouldn't remember, I had heard that sometimes people didn't remember when they got drunk.

Finally I figured I had better leave. There was an afghan on the back of the one of the chairs. I took it and laid it gently over Naomi, who now seemed to be in a deep sleep. I got up and went over and turned off the TV. I reached down to pick up the tape. I don't know why, but I suddenly found myself curious about the tape she had taken out of the VCR. I opened the drawer she had put it in. Most of the tapes that were in the drawer were either popular movies or what looked like your standard personal tapes. But this one was on top and its box was right next to it. On the box were pictures of naked women and naked women with other women. I could guess what it was about. I had never seen a movie like this before. I picked it up and underneath it was a vibrator. I had never seen one of those before, but knew instantly what it was. It was silver and about 5" long. I picked both up and put the tape back in the VCR. Looking over my shoulder to make sure Naomi was still asleep I turned the TV back on and hit play.
First thing I learned is that these types of movies do not have closed captioning, but then I also figured out rather quickly you did not need to have sound, at least for this movie. When I turned it on there were two women leaving a locker room dressed in sexy outfits. This is where whoever had last been watching the tape had turned it off. Two women in a locker room? I started to rewind the tape, stopping to see where this scene started. Each time I stopped I saw these two women doing things. Finally I got to the start of the scene.

The scene started with the two women coming into the locker room together.

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