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No where to stick in? Try going for a coffee.

Day dreams that of a bi-sexual nature. Could it be that she really meant it? Was something inside asking for something more? Was it, in fact Em? She shivered slightly at the thought. The first time she had ever had the fantasy connected with a specific person.

She shook it out of her mind. They were off to the beautiful shops, sprinkling them with their laughter and their personal jokes. They seemed to be having so much more fun than the other shoppers were!

In fact, she forgot it completely for about an hour. Forgot it, in fact until they entered Victoria's Secret, their arms already loaded with packages from Nieman Marcus, Marshall Field's, Bonwit Teller, and other lesser boutiques.

"Me need panties, me need panties, me the panty monster!" muttered Emma, and led the way down the aisle.

"Shut up, you nut" they'll think I'm as crazy as you are! Have a heart for your poor modest friend." Francesca didn't mind really, but they were in some jeopardy of becoming a spectacle.

"But first, look at that cute blouse! I have to have it. It'll drive Charlie mad. I'll be lucky if he doesn't tear it off on the first outing. No pun intended!"

Emma was off to a changing room and Francesca followed along, window-shopping the lacy wares along the way. She was holding up a very pretty teddy, wondering if she really needed it, when she heard Emma's voice.

"Frannie, could you be a dear and bring me one of those Wonder-bras. 34B should be OK, see if they have one in fuchsia."

Francesca found the rack and brought two colors since the closest to fuchsia wasn't really very pretty. She brought along the teddy and another bra she had been looking at.

She knocked and Emma opened the door wide. She was standing in her pantyhose and heels. Her nipples attracted Francesca's eyes. They were a rich dark brown against her suntanned skin, and stood out proud and erect. Perky would have been most descriptive. Her nipples were rigid and mounted on the dark brown circles of her aureoles in a strikingly attractive and sensual way. Something about them was peculiarly attractive, perhaps that they looked perfect and rich looking - Francesca was reminded of the way the leather seats of a Mercedes always look so completely perfect and totally inviting. It was that sort of feeling that came over her, staring at her friends pretty breasts.

Francesca heard her own voice deep inside saying, "What are you doing admiring another woman, for god's sake! That's not like you." She couldn't recall ever being so affected by the sight of another woman. It was a bit strange. She noticed how lovely the rest of Em's body was too. She was just beautiful. The pantyhose pressed her hip hugger style panties flat against her tummy, clung to the pronounced curve of her mound. They were lacy and nearly see through, emphasizing the sweet triangle of curls at the apex of her body. The center seam of the dark nutty brown pantyhose pressed precisely into the crease at the center of her body.

Emma didn't say anything, just stood letting Francesca look at her. She enjoyed being admired by this dear friend. She wondered why it felt so good to be so naked here with Francesca. It just did, she admitted, she felt warm and secure and loved.

"Oh, here you are, Em, these are the closest colors, not very bright, though."

She watched as Emma fastened the bra around her waist, and then pulled it up into place. Her nipples were slowly swallowed up by the delicate bra, which then pushed Emma's nice sized breasts - not big, but very nice and wonderfully shapely - pushed them up into a cleavage that Sophia Loren would have been proud of in her youth.

"Wow, look at you! Charlie is going to love it!" Francesca smiled her approval. "Em, you really have beautiful breasts! Where did you get those out of the ittie-bitties you used to have?" she laughed.

She slipped the see-through blouse over the voluptuous looking bra. "What do you think, Frannie, does he deserve this?"

"Hmmm, maybe the other color would be even better?" Francesca was sure that she wa

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