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A video of Bri's performace and further instructions arrive.

He lets me know that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time and will savor it. Nick tells me he loves to watch me and Eric, as well as participate.

Eric is done and is drying off as Nick steps in the bathroom and gets ready for his shower and tells Eric that he and Tracy are free to start if they want while he showers and judging by the hardness of Eric's dick he's ready!

Eric wastes no time as he approaches me, gets on his knees and starts to finger my pussy lightly while taking a nipple into his mouth. This feels good, so good, I want it as I beg him to take me. He pauses in his assault on my breast to look at me but before he could speak I pull his lips to mine and kiss him. As we release from our embrace he kisses his way down my neck while feeling my thighs and pussy. Oh God I love this and I too will savor this for a lifetime. I'm going to make this a great day for all of us. His kisses start to turn to a sucking when he reaches the base of my neck and shoulders; he's giving me a hickey! It feels good but will Nick mind? I think he won't but I'm not sure, I'm not going to stop Eric though, it feels great!

With a hickey on my neck, Eric is making tracks to my belly and my pussy which is eagerly awaiting to be abused today. His tongue is fucking my belly button; it feels good and strange at the same time. His fingers have been working my hot, wet and willing pussy all this time and is ready for anything these two men want to do to it. Eric's tongue is there, he's teasing me with his tongue, eat me, please eat me I think to myself, I want you, your tongue, your dick I think to myself again as he finally starts his oral attack on my pussy. Oh yes this feels good, so good.

I look to the bathroom door and there stands Nick drying off watching with desire, I know this because his dick is hard as a rock too and standing ready for action. He is watching Eric eat me and appears to be loving all of it. I motion to him to come to me and he does as I take his hard dick into my mouth. This is good, no this is great, I have two wonderful men attending to my wants and desires and I'm going to make sure I attend to theirs. I suck Nick as he lets out a loud moan and tells me how hot and sexy it looks, me sucking him and Eric eating my pussy. He says he wishes it wouldn't end. Nick is already giving me precum, he is excited. I stop and look at Nick then Eric and tell them I want to suck them both.

Eric moves his dick to the other side of me and I take him into my mouth, his dick coated heavily in precum I take it all while stroking Nick. I'm so damn horny right now I want to swallow their loads but they're not ready to give it to me it seems. I'm thirsty for their cum, their kisses, their everything. I turn my attention to Nick again, his full of precum again and feel myself ready to loose control, I want them, both of them and the problem is I want them in my, on me, all over me all day! I'm beginning to wonder if I will be able to get enough of them today, but I'm damn sure going to try. I start to suck Eric again as Nick moves to my neck with his lips and starts to kiss it. He moves to the base of my neck and starts to give me a hickey opposite of the one Eric gave me. What a Christmas gift this is. Eric's dick is swelling, is he ready? If he is I'm going to swallow every drop of his seed, I want it. Eric is starting to pump my mouth, I think he is ready. Then I hear Nick whisper in my ear, "take it, swallow him if you want, I want it too".

Nick starts to nibble on my shoulders while I suck Eric with everything I have.

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