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A one night stand.

It looked very uncomfortable in it, and he groaned when she placed herself behind him and wrapped him in her soft mohair coat, rubbing her soft sweater against his back.

She caressed him gently and surrounded his naked body with soft, furry wool. She covered his face with her fuzzy sleeves and let her wool-clad arms slide down his front. Gingerly she scratched him down his chest, tickled him and let her hands roam all over his body. It was obvious that he loved the soft sensation, but also that his swelling dick inside its small cage caused him considerable pain. I squirmed myself in dark hiding place, for I wanted sorely to be caressed like that by her - without the dick-cage, of course.

He begged her to release him from the dick-cage; to be let free of his restraints. He said the sharp points inside it hurt him cruelly, especially when he became aroused, as he was now. He confessed that his wife had wanted to have sex with him and found him restricted and restrained in this torture device. She had then learned all about his affair with his mature mistress, his shame and humiliation. He blurted out that his wife threatened him with divorce, and that their affair had to come to an end.

My mistress reacted instantly and whipped him with the riding crop telling him to be quiet - she was about to be rather tired of his pleading and whining. The dick-cage was good for him, she told him, teaching him the special pleasures to be got from abstinence and self-restraint. His cum-sack must be pretty well filled by now, and it was time for his milking session, wasn't it?

With an air of submission, but also of anticipation, he lay meekly down on his back on her bed. I heard rather than saw that she climbed into bed with him and placed herself on his face. I could see her hands moving down over his midriff, her fingernails digging into his skin, moving slowly towards his crotch. At the same time I heard slurping noises from his tongue lapping up cunt juices flowing freely from her greedy pussy. I knew myself how wet and slippery she could get. Now she was riding his face, adding both to his pleasure and to his humiliation. He was putty in her hands.

Using a small key she carefully unlocked the dick-cage and released his cock. In almost no time it sprang to life and jutted proudly upwards. Using an oily cream she began to massage him in long, strong strokes. He began to move his hips, thrusting up and meeting her movement in similar rhythm, trying to gain the longed-for satisfaction, but she restrained him with her sharp nails. She urged him to let her set the pace.

He must have been locked up for days, because he was so excited and so eager, but she prolonged the procedure deliberately, controlling his erection with a combination of soft, gentle strokes and painful scratches. She obviously liked him to twist and squirm under her, absolutely in her power. She asked him if he wanted her to follow the usual procedure, and when she briefly lifted her crotch off his face, he almost shouted his approval.

Slowly she got out of bed and rummaged in a drawer. I saw her put on a harness around her waist and attaching a long, black dildo to it - a mean and savage looking strap-on. Grabbing his legs by the ankles, she placed the tip of the big plastic dong in the crack between his ass cheeks and plunged the black fake dick deep inside him. He shouted out, twisted and squirmed, but judging by his stiff dick it was obvious that he was used to it, welcomed it and fully enjoyed it.

In my secluded spot I was shocked, disgusted with my stepfather, but also very aroused.

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