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He could feel a warm trickle of pre-cum drip from Adam's cock tip.

Gemma demanded Ben feel Adam as he sucked his cock. Ben ran his hands up and down Adam's legs before moving them upward to feel his chest. Ben still had his eyes firmly closed as his hands flapped around Adam's body. Adam looked across at the women who just smiled. Adam turned his head away. Adam started writhing as Ben continued sucking him. Adam was moaning as he felt sensations in his groin but also felt repulsed.

"Oh no, please stop I'm cumming," gasped Adam.

Ben stopped sucking Adam.

"We expect to see everything," demanded Sian.

Gemma took a wine glass from next to the sofa. She leant across and demanded Ben take the glass, which he did.

"Make him cum into that," ordered Gemma.

Ben and Adam were already too embarrassed and ashamed to try to argue again. Ben who was still kneeling took hold of Adam's cock and started to masturbate him. As he pulled back Adam's foreskin his intial spurt shot into the wine glass as Ben held it. Ben continued to wank Adam straightening the glass as his remaining cum dribbled into it. Ben gave Adam's cock one last squeeze, as per Sian's instructions, to milk out every last drop.

"Drink it all up Ben," ordered Sian.

"Oh no please don't make me, please I beg you," pleaded Ben.

"Do it now. Remember what you've done!" Sian said sternly.

Ben looked down at the Adam's spunk in the glass. He decided to get it over as soon as possible and quickly raised the glass and poured the contents into his mouth, swallowing it down. Ben felt sick and lurched forward.

"Sit up Ben!" ordered Gemma.

Ben had not been sick but ran his forearm across his mouth as he sat up. Ben could still taste some of the hot cum in his mouth. Gemma made him lick the glass clean. Ben licked around the inside of the glass and swallowed the last droplets of Adam's spunk.

Ben was made to put the glass down and stand up. Adam's cock had lost most of its stiffness and a final drop of cum hung from his penis tip. Adam was made to kneel in front of Ben. Ben's cock was semi-erect as Adam was ordered to suck him. Adam took Ben's cock into his mouth and as he sucked him Ben's cock became fully erect again. Ben moaned and sighed in frustration at how his cock could become stiff by something that appalled him.

Sian and Gemma teased the guys that they must be enjoying themselves and asking what their girlfriends would say if only they knew.

Adam sucked on Ben's cock feeling how hot it was in his mouth. Adam tasted Ben's salty pre-cum as it ran across his tongue. Ben was also trying to fight against the cum stirring in his loins but couldn't help himself.

"No, stop, please, please stop," Ben cried.

His pleads didn't cut any ice with Sian or Gemma. Sian calmly told Adam to pick up the wine glass and wank Ben's cum into it. Adam stopped sucking Ben and took hold of his cock. Within seconds as Adam masturbated Ben his thick cum spurted into the glass. Ben's cum shot out so fast that although most spurted into the glass some of the spunk splashed across Adam's fingers.

Gemma ordered Adam to lick Ben's cum from his fingers. Adam's face grimaced, as he tasted Ben's cum. Ben had spunked a huge cum load that everybody couldn't help but notice.

"Drink all that Adam!" demanded Gemma.

Adam just held his breath and poured the thick load straight down his throat gulping it down. Again Adam's face contorted in disgust as he felt the hot cum run down his throat. Sian also forced Adam to lick up the remnants of Ben's cum from the glass. Adam did that and then put the glass down.

Sian told Ben to kneel down. Gemma took some ties and tied Ben's hands behind his back. Adam who was already kneeling also had his hands tied.

Adam and Ben's naked bodies were totally on show and Sian brought out a camera from a cupboard and took the opportunity to take some snaps of the teenagers, saying that she may need it for evidence.

Then to the guys surprise Sian and Gemma stood in front of them.

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