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It afforded him the little illusion that he still controlled something, even though the force at the end of the leash was entirely uncontrollable in her own right.

It amazed him how Ceria could cow succubi like this without even trying.

They continued to walk and idly look at the multitude of venues set up in large clusters hugging the sides of the each pathway. Around them were games like you'd find at any carnival, tossing rings, a game like horseshoes, dunk tanks, guessing games, everything. If it weren't for the frail slaves and servants that hurried about the place or the occasional demon or succubus in full form, then he would have scarcely been able to tell he was in Hell.

Somewhere along the way, Adze got sidetracked and wound up encouraging Tom to wait while she played a game. Begrudgingly, he followed her over to a venue with a little fence around it and an armed guard at the entrance. Beneath the tent of the venue there was a table with a handgun resting on it.

Tom's brow furrowed immediately.

"You guys have guns down here?" he questioned.

Adze turned her head and grinned. "We've had much better in the past." She turned back to the game and spoke with the demon directing it. "How do you play?"

The demon took the gun off the table and held it out toward the three rows of wires that hung across the room's width. "You use this to shoot the targets that come across the wires. Shoot five, you get a prize, shoot ten, you get two, shoot twenty and the special target on your first try, you get a regular prize and the daily prize." He held the gun out to Adze and arched a brow. "Got all that?"

"Yeah. What's this other prize?" Adze took the gun and held it with both hands. Tom grinned and just leaned against the table to watch the succubus do her best. The demon running the game took a few steps away from the heavy drapes that hung behind the wires, out of the way of Adze's potential target range.

He placed one foot on something that looked like a raised pedal and started to push it with his foot. Almost immediately, eerily slow carnival music started to play and the wires pulled taut across their lengths. Adze's body tightened and she stepped back to broaden her view of the game.

"Good luck and fire away!" the demon said. Almost as soon as the words left his lips, he sped up the pace of his foot and three targets came out from behind the drapes and hurried across the bottom wire.

Adze pulled the trigger and three sharp pops saw two of them go down. She fired twice more and nailed the third one. Almost as quickly, four more came out from the same side as the first three, and Adze swung her gun toward them. She unloaded six rounds into them and they all rang out as hit.

The next time, two targets came out from either side and it took Adze a moment to decide which ones to shoot first. Four rounds later, three of them went down and her trigger pulls let out a quiet click click click. She fumbled around for the other magazine on the table and unloaded the empty one.

By the time she'd gotten three more rounds off, all the noise stopped and there were no more targets left in sight. Adze let out a long breath she'd been holding for the duration of the game and set the gun down.

Tom had to tell himself to remain cool-headed despite the fact that she'd just been able to shoot targets without her eyes. He swallowed nervously and ran a hand over his face to clear his thinking. Keep your cool, dumbass, he growled mentally to his nervousness.

"Well, twelve isn't bad, but it's not enough to get the daily prize. It does earn you two prizes of your choosing. The demon disappeared behind the drapery for a moment and then brought back two boxes and set the down on the table. Opening them, he revealed their contents.

Rings of every shape and size and color were piled in both boxes, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, opals, topazes, everything imaginable.

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