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"Warming Up" Efrain and Cory's first time.

She reached the edge of the water, took a deep breath and dived downwards, disappearing from site. Without wasting a moment he strode towards the water, pulling off his shirt and shorts, leaving only his tight pair of boxers. The sudden chill of the water made him pause slightly, but then he quickly followed her to the waterfall, and under in the wash of bubbles, and then bursting upwards into a sort of cavern, bounded on one side by the cascade of water, the others by smoothed rock. And there she was.

She regarded him coolly as he entered, hiding her excitement at his sleek form, strong arms and torso. As he walked closer she kept her composure, keeping control, just as she liked it. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her so that they were face to face, almost touching. He moved as if to kiss her, but she pulled back, revelling in the tension of what was about to happen. With the tip of her tongue she slowly, seductively licked his lips, then along his jawline and around the curves of his ear. At the same time she brought her hand up, brushing lightly across his chest and downwards, over the hard bulge of his boxers. All he wanted was for her to touch him there, for her to take his cock in her hand, then mouth.

Suddenly he couldn't take it anymore, she had pushed him too far this time. She looked up at his sharp movement and saw the change in his face. No longer content to simply follow her orders and be at her mercy, he grabbed her, pushed her back against the rock and up onto a ledge. He kissed her, passionate and hard against her reluctant mouth. He want to take her fast, then and there, but then he remembered all the games she played with him and slowed. He wanted her to enjoy his power.

He began to kiss down her long slender neck, along the arch of her collar bone and to her breasts, which he squeezed together with his hands, fingers digging into the soft flesh. His swirled tongue around her erect nipple and felt the rough texture contrast to the smooth skin around. Letting his teeth lightly graze the tips he elicited a slight shiver from her and squeezed harder.

With his hand still caressing her breasts he kneeled down and began to kiss around the top of her legs as he had imagined. She had a soft dusting of hair there which shrouded the warmth underneath. He let his tongue run slowly through and down, playing over her outer lips, the skin covering her clit and then lower, to her opening. She began to squirm above him, willing him to go further, but he kept his slow pace. He pushed his tongue inside her and then ran it up to her clitoris, swirling round and round, eliciting small whimpers of pleasure. The taste was light, yet musky and filled his nose.

He decided to let her have what she wanted and pushed two fingers deep inside her, keeping his tongue on her clit. He curled his fingers upwards, massaging her passage and felt her hum with pressure. Pushing his fingers deeper, she contracted around him, and she dug her nails tight into his ass, making him wince both from pain and anticipation. He could tell she loved having his fingers inside him, but her forcefulness told him she wanted more, and he wanted with ever more urgency to be completely inside of her.

He stood quickly, ready to enter her, but she slipped quickly onto the mossy floor. She looked up at his confused face with a sly smile,

"I've got to taste you first"

She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock then lowered her head down and took him deep into her warm mouth.

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