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He'll be landing soon.

My hands went to his chest as my hair fell over him. His arms pull me down onto him as his mouth crushes mine. His arms wrap around me holding me against him. I felt sweat slip down my nose and drip onto him as he kissed and playing with my tongue with his.

Our movements slowed down through the night. His murmurs caused my flesh to tremble with each touch. Soft gasps came from my throat as his teeth pulled and perked out my inverted nipples as my head lifts. His body sat up against mine as I was straddled in his lap. My arms slipped around his wide shoulders as my fingers slid into his hair. My fingers pulled gently as his head lifted and his mouth crushed mine. His fingers slid up and down my back as his arm shifted my hips to press against him. His loin was still erect in my womb and buried so deep. I could feel our juices drip from my slit around his loin towards the sleeping bag. His breath huffed against me as his tongue played with mine. His left hand slid up into my hair and pulled gently as a soft purr came from my throat. I felt his chest grow tight. He broke the kiss as my eyes opened and looked into his eyes.

"I like that sound." He breathed as my cheeks burned with blush. I purred to him once more before his mouth crushed mine and he rolled onto my flesh. His hips thrust deep into my flesh as my legs slid up higher as he buried himself. He groaned hard as his loin pulsed and I purred to him. I moaned out softly as his mouth went down swallowing my sore breasts whole. My womb was sore but I didn't care. I think I needed his touch. It was gentle and tender to me. I felt a tear slip down my cheek as my head lifted and a moan came from my throat. In the morning hours we slid to sleep in a tangle of the sleeping bag. His body laid on mine holding my flesh and I dreamed of something other than nightmares.

When the heat in the tent was making me uncomfortable my eyes opened to find that I was alone in the sleeping bag and tent. I sat up and held the sleeping bag to my chest. I reached out and opened the flap of the tent to see him cooking some food by the fire. My nose inhaled and the hunger for food came to my stomach as it growled loudly. I closed the flap and began to get dressed. I slipped out of the tent brushing my hair as his head turned and a smile came to his lips. I felt the blush burn my cheeks as I passed by him.

"I will be back. I'm going to wash up." I said as he nodded. I took my bag with me and walked into the woods. I found a river and slipped the clothes from my flesh. I stepped down into the water and began to wash up. A soft gasp came from my throat as his arm slipped around my waist. I turned to find that he was nude and in the water with me. His arms drew me close as his mouth crushed mine. His large left hand slid down my hips and drew my leg up to his thigh as his hard loin slid up my inner thighs and through my slit into my womb. I moaned in his lips as his muscles flexed with each thrust on my body. The water made waves around our flesh as he thrust on my body standing up like this. His arm slipped under my other leg and lifted me up as my arms wrapped around his body as he moved us to the sandy shore bank. He laid me back as I gasped softly as he thrust harder on my body. His mouth went down and swallowed my breasts whole as the water pushed at our flesh. My head lifted as my red locks became wet. His hands held firm to my legs as I felt his loin slam up and into the tighter space as a soft yelp came from my throat. My breasts bounced and rolled against him.

"So beautiful.

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