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Chapter 4.

" Then dropping her voice she hissed "We'll be here sucking away this time tomorrow if he drinks!"

They both glanced at Jack who nodded his agreement with Leza, "Okay, I guess you're right." Bridgett said as Emily nodded in understanding.

The initial shooters were followed by a couple of more and things began to loosen up a bit. Soon the conversation had turned to a variety of ribald jokes and stories and then Jack said, "Okay, ladies. Ready to go?"

Leza shot a look at Bridgett and Emily, "Okay y'all. It's now or never."

Bridgett, glancing at Emily, took a deep breath and said, "Okay. Let's go."

Emily, feeling the effects of the shooters a little more than the rest, giggled and said, "Yep, let's go!"

Jack drove them to the motel and they walked into his room.

"Okay," he said as he took a deep breath, "What are the rules of this contest?"

The women were standing together looking at Jack...

"Well," Bridgett stated, "You have to undress...completely."

"Then we will blindfold you," said Leza.

"Blindfold?" Jack said quizzically, eyebrows raised.

"Yep, blindfold" Emily interjected, "Leza already has an advantage and we don't want anything but the sense of touch to come into play here."

Jack nodded his assent.

"Then you sit in that chair," said Emily, "And we tie your hands to the arms..."

"Now wait a minute!" Jack blurted, putting his hand up in protest, "This is getting a little strange."

"GETTING strange?" Leza burst out laughing, "Jack, you are about to participate in a blowjob contest. We're WAY beyond strange here. Look baby, we just don't want you to touch us and know who we are. We want to be in control, and as Emily said, all we want you to feel is the blowjob. I promise it will be okay."

"Okay," Jack said shaking his head as if in disbelief that he had agreed to become involved in this situation.

"We have already drawn straws to see who goes first," Bridgett explained, "Once you are nude, blindfolded and your arms are tied we will all get to run our hands over your body, to get you in the mood, but no touching your dick. Then "Contestant #1" have one minute to do her best, followed by #2 who gets one minute, the #3 who gets one minute."

"Each time one of us has had her minute, the next one will wash your dick with a warm cloth and dry it off," Leza explained, "That way each of us starts with a clean, dry dick."

"Okay," Jack said grinning and shaking his head in disbelief, "You really have planned this out. So... How does the contest end?"

"Well," Bridgett said, "We decided to do two rounds of one minute each. That's six minutes...Then you tell us who you want to finish you off, and she is the winner."

"Anything else?" Jack asked eyebrows raised as he looked at each woman.

"Nope...That's it ," Emily said then hesitating said, "Of course, we all will stay in the room and watch the whole deal."

"Of course!" Jack said laughing and rolling his eyes.

"O-okay Jack," Bridgett stammered "Get undressed."

Jack made short order of his clothing and was soon standing before them without a stitch on. Emily and Bridgett, having never seen him before paid particular attention to his penis, which stood at "half-mast" as he stripped off his shorts.

Leza took control at that point and pushed him into the chair, "Here Bridgett, you put the blindfold on him. Emily and I will tie his hands."

There was a brief flurry of activity as they tied him to the chair and then they stood back.

"You comfortable Jack?" Emily asked and at the same time Leza kicked off her shoes and quietly moved to his side.

"Move your butt forward baby and spread your legs" she whispered as her hand ran up his thigh.

"Ungh!" Jack gasped at the contact of her warm hand with the skin on his thigh.

"Okay Jack," Bridgett said as she watched his penis begin to lengthen and harden with Leza's continued stroking, "One last thing.

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