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Can he help her free a bound heart?

It wasn't very interesting...just a simple little story about a brother and sister hanging out while their family was away. She scrolled to the bottom of the 1st page and started to lose interest. Right as she decided to close the document, she came across a passage from the story that made her heart jump:

"James couldn't get the image of his sexy sister out of his mind. He didn't mean to sneak up on her while she was alone in her room, but as soon as he saw her rubbing her wet pussy and squeezing those gorgeous tits of hers, he knew that he was in trouble. Never again would she appear as the sweet, innocent little sister he had known all these years. She was sexy as hell and the sight of her naked body made his cock throb and swell."

Cindy gasped and placed her hand over her mouth.

"What now? Haven't you found the song you want yet?" Lee said. He sat up on his bed and looked over to the computer to see what the fuss was all about. As soon as he saw the story on the screen, his jaw dropped and his heart started racing.

"Lee, what the hell is this?" Cindy asked, looking directly into the eyes. He could see the confusion in her eyes and didn't know what to say or where to begin.

"Oh c'mon. Don't freak out on me already. It's just a sex story. I thought you were more open-minded than that." Lee said.

"You KNOW I'm open-minded, b-b-but...this is story about a brother and his sister!" Cindy exclaimed.

"Here, just sit on the bed next to me and calm down. I'll explain everything, okay? Relax." Lee said.

Cindy walked over to his bed to lie down next to him. He couldn't read her mind like he normally could. He sensed that she was confused, but she was feeling something else too. He couldn't quite put his finger on it though.

"Look, I met a friend online a few months ago. She's a really cool girl who writes erotic fiction and so she showed me this one website with all her stories. She's also into brother-sister role-play, and sent me a copy of some of her stories. That's why they're on my computer, okay? Don't be such a butt!" Lee said, and gently pinched his sister on the shoulder.

Cindy closed her eyes and remained quiet for a moment. She was so confused and scared and excited all at once. Who would have known that a single story, a single revelation, would unleash such dormant and forbidden desires? Wait a minute, what was she thinking? She didn't have feelings for her brother...ewww. But when she opened her eyes, she realized that she was peering into the most gorgeous set of deep brown eyes ever. Gosh, her brother looked so sexy with his wet hair hanging down from his face and those sexy eyes fixated on her.

"Cindy, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Lee asked. God, if only she knew how sexy she was to him right now. Her pouty lips were just begging to be kissed and her little nipples poked through her pink tank top. He had always been crazy about her gorgeous tits and would jack off at night with images of him squirting his cum all over them and rubbing it in with his fingers. Lee suddenly realized that he had been staring intently at her, causing her to blush and turn away. Her face was so close to his, and their bodies were slightly touching now. He could feel the soft warmth of her body teasing him...drawing him closer. He moved his face closer to hers and...

"Lee! What are you---" kissed her deeply, and softly, and passionately. He let his nose rub against hers and bit down gently on her lower lip, sucking it into his mouth. He felt her body melt against his as she responded with urgent, hungry kisses and entwined her fingers in his hair, drawing him closer. For a moment, Lee was in complete and utter bliss. He had almost completely forgotten that he was kissing his own little sister, until he heard her giggle and smile beneath him. It was always a silly habit of hers whenever she was nervous.

Slowly, he withdrew his lips and peered down at her.

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