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"Can I help you, Sir Knight?"

She smiled at him and he saw her look him up and down. He had seen that look from women many times in the past. His magic cock seemed to throb at the glint in her eyes, and he knew he would get no respite until he appeased it now.

"I would like a room please, madam," he said, ignoring for now the horniness that crept through him. "Your best, please."

"Of course, Sir Knight. One gold coin please."

He offered her the coin and she took it eagerly, her hand seeming to linger on his longer than necessary. Then she stepped away and smiled up at him once more. "I look forward to serving you tonight, Sir Knight."

With that she wandered away. He stood there a moment, enjoying the implications of what she had said, before returning to the common room.

His ale was waiting for him and he drank it eagerly. Slowly the night crept in and the more he thought about Melinda the hornier he got. He had to do something about his horniness, so he paid his tab and retired to his room. He did not want to sit in the common room thinking about Melinda any longer - if it came down to it he would get himself off on his own.

As he relaxed in his room, there was a knock on his door. He stood, ignoring the throbbing of his cock, which demanded that it was emptied. Opening the door, he grinned.

Melinda stood there with a jug of water and a glint in her green eyes.

"I thought Sir Knight might like something to drink," she said with a naughty smile. "May I come in?"

"Of course," Jeffrey responded, stepping back to let her enter. She walked past him and put the jug on the counter.

"I hope you find my inn amenable, Sir Knight," she said.

"Please, call me Jeffrey. And, yes, I do. It is lovely. Have you owned it long?"

"I have not, Jeffrey," she smiled. "I inherited it from an uncle last summer. I have been enjoying running it since, though. What brings you out here?"

"I am on a quest to find the Axe of the Mists. Discovering it will make me a full Knight."

"Excellent," she smiled. "You will surely succeed. I can see the conviction in your eyes."

A moment of silence passed between them.

"Do you get many customers?" he said, trying to make conversation. He wanted to keep this woman here to see where things would lead.

"Not in these months, no," she said sadly. "I make most of my gold in the summer and spring. Which can be a pain, when you rely on your customers for... other things."

"Other things?" Jeffrey asked, hopeful.

Melinda smiled at him. "How about you shut the door and I show you what I mean?"

He closed the door in a flash, quickly turning the lock shut with the key, and then spun back round. Melinda had thrown off her apron so that she stood only in a tight cloth top and skirt, and he stepped towards her. She kissed him deeply, and he did the same, wrapping his arms around the blonde. He could feel her huge tits pressed against his chest.

Suddenly, she stepped back. She looked at Jeffrey with hunger in her eyes and reclined on the bed, hitching up her skirt until her pussy was revealed.

"I thought you might like something to eat, Sir Knight."

He dropped to his knees immediately, burying his head between her legs. Her cunt tasted wonderful against his tongue and he smeared his face into her lips, kissing and licking with delight. She moaned loudly and pressed herself against his face.

He looked up at her and grinned into her pussy. She was rubbing herself against him and he could tell she was going to come and he wanted to taste her as she did. He did not have to wait long.

"I'm coming Jeffrey!" she shouted, her eyes going blank. She pushed herself against his tongue and her juices seeped into his mouth. He could feel her cunt twitching against his tongue.

Afterwards, he stood up, quickly taking off his shirt and then his pants. Soon he stood naked in front of Melinda and she groaned as she stared at him hungrily. She quickly took off her skirt and then Sir Jeffrey's breath caught as she reached for her shirt.

"You want to see my

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