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Her Marine comes home to surprise her.

I would have given anything at that moment to have had the opportunity to eat the cum out of her box, something she seldom allowed.

We had barely gotten back in bed, curled tightly in each other's arms, before the phone rang. I answered sleepily and was surprised to hear Laura's voice on the phone.

"Tim wants Linda, and I want to come over there. What do you think?" she asked to my surprise. "I don't know," I replied honestly. "Would you like to talk to Linda?" When she answered that she would, I handed the phone to my wife who asked in surprise, "Who is it?" She took it from my hand as I answered, "Laura."

The conversation was short. Much shorter than I had expected. But Linda' nods and agreement was all that I needed to hear. It was about to happen again.

"Laura is coming over, and I'm supposed to go over there," she said, pulling on a peignoir and then covering it with a gown. She reached for a coat to put on over the otherwise very obvious lack of clothing and wordlessly went through the door, into the living room with me following close behind. She was nervous, I could tell, and I kissed her as her hand reached for the doorknob to the apartment door.

"Have a good time," I whispered to her after she nodded and slid almost silently out the door. I watched her going down the walk to the apartment building we had been in only an hour or so before. She met Laura, who was dressed almost in the same manner, in the darkness between the two buildings. The glow of a streetlight provided the only low level of illumination. They stopped and exchanged a few words before continuing on their way to each other's husband.

I opened the door hastily when I heard Laura's steps just outside and pulled her quickly into the apartment. Her arms came up over my shoulders as she stepped inside and she pressed her body against mine. "I want you," she whispered.

Wordlessly, I led her to our bedroom. She was already undressing before I got out of my robe and beat me to the bed.

Laura was a good looking woman; sandy blonde hair, a lithe body with small, but adequate breasts and long legs that joined at the thin pelt of pubic hair over her pussy. We both knew what we wanted as soon as we were together and I joined her, hovering over her body, feeling her small hands guiding my engorged cock to the entrance of her tunnel of love. I didn't force it. A gentle downward press of my hips had me barely inside her, with only the thin ring of muscle preventing me from sliding all the way home.

She was wet with our excitement. I could feel the warmth of her vagina surrounding my cockhead as I pushed past that last barrier and then the clamping of her cunt around my erect cock. Easing it back and forth a few times, I was soon deep inside her, between those lovely, widely spread legs, luxuriating in the feeling of her vaginal walls constricting my dick. Her sigh showed she was enjoying it as much as I. Her legs raised and I felt them close behind my own thighs as she accepted my offering. I lowered myself to my elbows, with both hands capturing her breasts as I kissed her for the second time.

"Do you like it?" she murmured as she felt me come to the end of her juicy box and press tightly to her body.

"It's wonderful," I managed to say. It was hard to say anything, feeling as I was that lovely pussy wrapped so tightly around my cock. My thumbs stroked her nipples, bringing them to the same high stature they had been in her house only a few hours before. They felt good. Not big, thick and meaty like Linda's, just hard little nubbins of excitement that generated as much enjoyment as I hoped Tim was feeling right now.

"I was really surprised when you called," I whispered as I slowly fucked her. "I have been dreaming of this, but I didn't know if Tim would go for it or not."

"Tim was all in favor of it from the first time he saw Linda," she chuckled, pulling me closer to her with her arms and shifting her legs higher until they clamped around my waist.

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