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Slow seduction.

She was confused at my sudden change of mood and asked me whether I felt hungry. Yes, I was, but not that hunger in my stomach, but six inches below it. And, I stuttered something to say that I was feeling tired... and something just to hide my arousal, which she clearly understood. She stood before me for a while, in just her panties and bra, taking a few cautious steps like a Russian ballerina, showing off her assets to me, for my viewing pleasure and asked me whether I was sure that she should put on her nightgown. I firmly replied in the affirmative and proceeded to the fridge to bring out the now chilled beers out of the freezer. I was in a dilemma - whether to just drop the evil thoughts of proceeding further and getting closer with this girl and cross the horizon, or otherwise - and I could not just decide. Because my body was really on the fire of lust!

When I returned to the table to keep the beer, I noticed Madhu dressed in that nightgown! But, it aggravated my problem, because it was very flimsy and made of such a transparent silk, and it accentuated her every curve and sharp feature. I could not divert my attention from my sensational body. She was really a wicked and evil girl, who had planned to seduce me the moment she signed me at the Registration Counter at the Seminar, I thought, and I almost hated her to have landed myself in this situation. Had I not met her and had I not shared the accommodation, the turn of events would not have taken place at all. But, I did welcome this, and the objections raised by my inner conscience were set aside, and my physical lust overpowered it! With a trembling voice, I called out, "Madhu, it's time that we started our party!" and I had the hidden meaning that I was all available for the pleasure ride. Madhu did not disappoint me, because she was the mastermind who had planned this event and she coolly came forward and took the seat opposite mine on the table.

I switched off the TV and inserted an audiocassette into the system and the soft, enticing instrumental music of a renowned Composer (I do not remember now who it was) filled the room. We sat staring at each other for a while which seemed to be an eternity. At last, Madhu broke the ice and let out a shrill of laughter. She said to me, "Sumi, I've been watching you since I came out of the bath. You do not seem to be the same Sumi whom I met this morning. Something has changed, and I know, I have been instrumental in making the change... Am I right?" and with soft, sensuous smile on her lips, placed her hands on mine and held them for a while.

I lowered down my face to avoid her stare and slowly started to relax and smiled at her. She read my thoughts and came near me and sat next to me. Only inches apart, I felt the heat radiating from her body, and it was really infectious. Madhu got hold of the chilled beer and opened it, filled up two mugs. The foaming beer, the enticing music, and having Madhu by my side, did have an effect on me. We clinked the beer mugs, toasted each other, and raised the mugs to our lips and had our first sip. It was really refreshing, and heavenly. When I was just sipping slowly from the mug, Madhu placed her empty mug on the table, and smacked her lips, and winked at me...

"Sumi, are you always slow in all...?" and giggled and patted on my thighs... and started running her hands slowly up and down my thighs over my nightsuit.

Already I was an aroused state, and with some expectation, and when Madhu made an advancement, that was the last straw and I gave in... I gulped the beer and emptied it immediately; placed it on the table, and turned to Madhu and replied in a grin, "May be, slow and steady wins the race, don't you know?"

Madhu gasped at my comment, and asked me whether I was ready to run the race to which I said, "I'm already warming up for the occasion!"

Madhu refilled our mugs, got up, and I raised my arms up which

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