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He gets a glimpse through the window.

"Sorry, Master. It just happened. I didn't mean to do it... it just happened," Jen mumbled, a bit unlike her usual confident self.

"Hey, now, don't let it get you down. It was easily fixed and that sheet was a little ripe, anyway. I just needed a swift kick in the ass to motivate me to wash it. You gave me that. It's cool, we're cool, okay?" I kissed Jen on the lips very gently this time.

"Thank you, Master. Garth used to get so angry whenever I would do that, but my bladder gets full at times and harder to control with this pregnancy, you know. I tried to explain it to him, but it was another reason we broke up. He was disgusted with me, with that, with the belly, the late night cravings, the incredible horniness, and the morning sickness, which tends to actually hit me in the afternoon instead of mornings," Jen explained.

"Yeah, I've noticed," I winked at her, "hey now, this is normal. You're a pregnant woman, getting farther along then you were when we first met. You have different needs from other women. My sister was like this with her pregancy. It's okay. Not that I fucked her, though once when she was really desperate, she tried to fuck me. I didn't do it, because she was married and just out of her mind with desire. She would have regretted it, or so I told myself."

"So, her being your sister wasn't the issue, just her being married, huh?" Jen teased me, recovering quickly.

"Yes, and by the way, you don't have to call me 'Master' all the time. You really don't, though I admit that it turns me on. You can use my name, you know. Anyway, yes, that was the issue. Incest doesn't really bother me. Sorry to shock you, but it doesn't. I think that it's hot, actually. I don't believe in monogamy, either. However, once a person has agreed to practice it, they should keep their word or have the honesty to admit to their partner that it isn't going to work anymore, so that their partner can decide whether to stay with them on the basis of a new understanding. I didn't feel right, since her husband was faithful to her, helping her step out on him. I wonder if other guys got the same offer, though, and took it eagerly," I explained.

"Well, you're an honorable man, Master. I know that I don't have to call you that, but I want to do so. Please don't forbid me to call you that. You're my Master, as far as I am concerned. Garth didn't get it. He thought that it was only a game and he would get embarrassed when I called him Master in front of others. I guess that he didn't want others to know about the kink that he was fine with enjoying in private. He must not have wanted it public, but I wanted it public and I still do. I want to openly belong to a man, be his private property, for whatever he wants to do with me. Anyway, since it turns you on, why not let me use it on you?" Jen encouraged me.

"Oh, I don't mind. I just didn't want you to feel required to call me Master. I'd rather it was by choice, not from a sense of obligation, if you get my meaning. If you want to call me Master, go right ahead, slave," I teased her a little more, prompting a very wet kiss on the lips from my new, now rather willing plaything.

"Honey, the moment that you told me to kiss your ass, I haven't had a damn choice about anything anymore, so please don't worry about that. I don't mind. It's been liberating for me in a strange way. I have a theory as to why your ability works on so many people. It's simple... you speak to the subconscious, submissive part of their psyche and you have a sudden power to command that in them, to bring it to the surface. Of course, if that's true, then there are a lot more kinky people than care to admit to it, Master," Jen declared.

"Who knows, maybe you're right. You're one smart gal, that's for sure," I smiled as I kissed her ardently, prompted by my growing fondness for this saucy Goth partner of mine.

"Hey, I'm submissive, not stupid, Master. I'm a gamer geek, remember?" Jen replied as she wrapped her body around me for a more intense make-out session.

"So I can see, sweet cheeks," I answered,

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