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How It’s Gonna Be.

Claire didn't say anything, she only unfastened her seat belt, gathered her legs and crawled over to him.

When her hand rested between his legs, she looked up at him with a naughty look that made her look so slutty.

When he grinned back at her beautiful face, she began unbuckling his belt and lowering his trousers until his ten inches sprang out from the confinements.

Claire gasped when the cock head slapped her cheeks and as if the head of the cock had a mind of its own, it slid down her bronze cheeks until it found her sultry full lips.

Vito instantly reached behind her and spanked her huge booty hard and his hand stayed there to grope, fondle, squeeze and here and there he would slide a finger up her asshole.

"You wanted this for so long haven't you..." Claire said naughtily and alluringly before she lowered her lips down his shaft.

Vito continued to play with her ass as he reclined back in the seat, placed a hand on her golden head and closed his eyes to enjoy the best moment of his life.

Claire's head bobbed up and down on his shaft. The lips gripped and massaged his pulsing cock in ways that no woman had ever done.

Claire was an expert at this and it was the one reason she had kept her virginity for so long, because by the time she was finished sucking a man's cock, he was finished, drained and so emotionally drained in pleasure that he always allowed her to leave, but Vito wouldn't leave.

Claire was dependent upon him to keep her secret, to get her home and to allow her back into her home. Such amount of power over her and it turned her on to such an extent that the only thing she wanted was to make love to his huge cock with her sweet lips.

"Oh my God babe! Fuck you're good!" Vito told her while she kissed, smooched and sucked his cock all the way down to its base. The gagging sounds where there, but she just kept on going, bobbing up and down while he spanked the best booty he knew.

It felt like the gates of heaven opened up for him and later today he would enter it and take his babe like he had dreamed of for so many years.

"I have another condition!!" Vito exclaimed in pleasure and she just smiled as a response, but she never once got up from his shaft.

"I want you to go out on dates with me!!" Vito continued to exclaim in his pleasure and Claire raised her thumb in an adorable fashion whilst her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

"And I have another!" Vito was lost to his fantasies at this point and it was like becoming King for a day and slowly but surely realizing your power.

Claire only giggled on his cock and she was now playing with his balls with her pretty little fingers.

"I want to pick you up once from the hooker corner and fuck the shit out of you after!" Vito blabbered and Claire just continued to religiously service his cock with her cocksucking lips of perfection, all the while raising her thumb up in agreement.

"Fuck!! You're such a slutty bitch!!! I want you to sleepover in the future, too!! I don't care what Victor has to say about it! Your sexy ass will be in my bed and I'll fuck it raw and hard while filming it all!!! And you'll do every man in this town a service and be a stripper at the club for one night!!! You'll give them private dances if they want to and let them be handsy!! You agree to that babe?!? You agree to be my slut from now on?!?" Vito roared as his climax was nearing and the veins of his cock stood out as it pulsed.

When Vito came, gallons of cum filled Claire's mouth and he was shooting such an amount of cum into her mouth that she felt it go up into her nose.

Vito held her head down and thus he forced her lips to stay locked at the base of his shaft and when he felt that he was finished, he removed his hand and let her go with one final spank of her magical ass.

Claire shot up and cum was running down from her nose and some even dropped from her chin and down on her massive tits.

Claire looked at him with fire in her eyes.

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