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Belcarms' frustrations teach him an important lesson.

Looking at the clock it had been a good forty five minutes since she had went to bed. So, grabbing my mask and the handcuffs I had picked up several days earlier I entered my home. Once inside I slid the mask over my face and pulled my shoes and socks off. I could hear her heavy breathing as I stepped toward the bedroom where she had left the door open.

I walk up to the side of the bed looking at her long brunette hair flowing around her face, framing her pouting lips. She started moving slightly readjusting her arms in legs.

"Honey," she mumbled in a quiet voice.

Taking my opportunity I placed my hand over her mouth and sternly said, "Be quiet, or I'll make this hurt!"

Her eyes flew open and she started squirming to get away when she saw the masked man standing over her bed holding her mouth closed. Jerking the blanket off of her I grabbed one hand and snapped the handcuff around it. Still covering her mouth I leaned over her staring into her eyes.

In a menacing voice I demanded, "Stop struggling! I swear if you don't be quiet and quit fighting it's going to get worse!"

She stopped moving and I released her mouth as I snapped the other handcuff on. To my surprise she didn't say anything she just layed there with a terrified look in her big brown eyes. Looking her over she was just as sexy to me as the first day we met. Lying in just her panties, her large breast sticking up in the air as her nipples began to harden from the cool breeze of jerking the blanket off just begging to be sucked. Holding on to the short chain between the cuffs in one hand to keep her from trying to run or fight me. I didn't want to cuff her to anything this time so I could move her around as I wished.

"Don't try to run or I'll cuff you to the bed! Do you understand?"

She slowly nodded her head either still trying to grasp what was going on or trying to figure out if the familiar voice was really mine. Pulling her arms over her head with one hand I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh to the crotch of her panties. She was wearing one of my favorite pairs; white, bikini cut, lacy see through. Rubbing the soft fabric I leaned down and started sucking a nipple. It instantly responded to my teasing. I nibbled and lightly bit it as it hardened in my mouth. She loved her nipples sucked and I felt the crotch of her panties becoming damp as I sucked them. Pulling my mouth off of her tit I released my hold on her wrist to see how she would react. Bring her arms down to her chest to either cover her breast or plea.

She quietly whispered, "Please stop. I won't call the police I promise."

Grabbing the top of her panties I jerked them down and pulled them off. Her pussy was already glistening wet her mind may not want this but her body definitely did.

In a gruff voice I told her, "Shut up slut, and spread your legs."

Of course she continued to lay there with her knees smashed together. Taking a hold of her knees I gently pulled her legs apart licking and suck down the inside of her legs making my way to her freshly shaved pussy. Sliding my tongue up and down her lips I spread them apart and pushed my tongue into her tasting her juices. I then went up to her clit and began sucking and licking it. As I slid my fingers into her pussy I noticed her hips gently rocking back and forth towards me. Glancing up a noticed her hands were no longer attempting to cover her breast, but were rubbing her nipples.

I continued to suck her clit with more passion knowing I could not wait much longer to bury my cock in her. Getting up I pulled my pants and underwear off allowing my dick to spring out as I quickly crawled back onto the bed.

Rubbing the tip of my dick on her clit she moaned, "Please don't. I'm married."

Looking down at her beautiful body I replied, "Why not? You know you want it."

A simple moan was her only reply as she pushed against my cock. Sliding into her as deep as I could go she let out a load moan.

With an evil grin I asked, "Doesn't that feel better?"

I began pumping in and out

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