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Ben and Jen, friends for life.

Thick wads of sperm splashed into my open mouth and coated my chin. And he just kept cumming, his face growing redder as he kept crying out, "Praise God!"

Mother Maggie scooted around to kneel beside me, reaching out and catching the last few spurts of the priest's jism before turning her attentions to me. Her lips were against mine and I shared the taste of Father Thomas's cock with her before she proceeded to lick my face clean of his semen, pausing now and again to share his creamy goodness with me. I knelt, exhausted and shaking, marveling over the lewdness of the moment, occasionally glancing up at my half naked priest, still wearing his shirt and collar, never letting me forget I was committing sexual sins with a man of God.

As I recovered, I put more passion into my kisses with Mother Maggie, neither of us closing our eyes as we kissed, tongues writhing and sharing the priest's seed. Her blue eyes burned with desire and I could feel the sudden hunger within me to please her. The older woman groaned as I trailed kisses down her neck and over her massive tits, my lips finally finding her stupendous nipples -- the hugest I'd ever seen on a woman. "Yessss, that's a good little slut," the nun sighed as I nibbled and sucked on her rubbery nipples, making her groan as I not so gently bit down on them.

As I sucked Mother Maggie's big tits, my hands fluttered between her thighs, my fingers parting them and discovering her large, wet and so slick hairless mound. Her pussy was like a furnace, her juices almost scalding hot on my shaking fingers. I twisted and turned my fingers inside her cunt, making her quiver with need. She cried out in pleasure as she fell backwards, her rubbery nipple stretching out from being clamped between my teeth before I let it slip free.

She reached out and grabbed my hair and roughly pulled me down between her widespread legs. "Pleasure me, you little whore!" she moaned, thrusting her crotch upwards, letting me see her long and thick labia, slick and gleaming with her juices. Her clitoris had revealed itself, a long, thick nib almost as big as her nipples. "Lick me, slut!" Mother Maggie cried out as she forced my face against her mound.

I obeyed eagerly. I had only now licked four women -- two from the first day of my new line of work and then on two separate occasions since then. I was still new to licking pussy, but I was already developing a hunger for it and I mashed my face into her sodden flesh, her strong scent filling my nostrils while I feverishly began to lick her.

Like semen, every woman's juices were unique and to my taste buds, exquisite! The nun's pussy had a very different flavor than any other woman's pussy I had tasted and then as I was driving my tongue deep inside her, it hit me -- I could taste semen. Mother Maggie had been fucked not long before! I felt a big tremor of orgasmic energy ripple through me. I had not licked a man's cum out of a woman before. I felt my cunt quiver with renewed lust, despite the pounding the woman had given me just minutes before.

I glanced up from her wet, pink mound to see Father Thomas kissing Mother Superior, tongues working furiously. He broke the kiss and turned to see me staring and smiled knowingly. "Yes -- Maggie is a slut for cock too! I believe you're tasting one of her student's cum." He chuckled for a moment and added, "Late at the clinic indeed!"

He watched my eyebrows shoot up in surprise and shook his head. "Oh no, nothing of the sort, my dear -- our tastes run to decadence, not to minors. We like our partners to be at least eighteen years old." He eased himself down next to me, his lips nuzzling my ear as he whispered, "When we see a likely participant, we happily welcome them into our sinful circle as soon as they reach adulthood."

Father Thomas leaned over and licked Mother Maggie's thigh, drenched with her juices.

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