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"But I can explain...."

"Quiet, please, Marge, you yourself told me the kinds of poses you were now letting Vince take of you. I wouldn't let Danny take them... that kind anyway, of me. But I have let him video me... doing the nasty among other things."

"I didn't know you'd let him video you doing..."

Tessa over rode Margie, saying, "So I went to the computer, Danny's computer and searched for a while and found...."

Instead of continuing, Tessa pulled Margie by the hand until they'd reached Danny's office and his PC.

"This..." Tessa said and opened the file containing the pictures that their husband's had been funneling back and forth.

"My God..." Margie gasped, "That's me!"

"I'm in there too, Margie, scroll down a few. And she was... in all her glory.

"Ready for more, Marge?"

"Holy shit! He... he...."

"Oh yeah, he did and more."

"More?" her stunned friend said, unbelievingly.

"Videos. Videos of each of us."

"Vince... wouldn't, couldn't do that," she protested, but it was obvious she didn't believe a word she was saying.

"The very night we went to the movies they sat in your house and traded videos of us. You can figure out which one he may have used. I made several, but Danny swears he only brought one of me masturbating for him and his fucking camera. I think Vince had one of you handcuffed to the bed. Of course I haven't seen it...."

"That's the only one. He had me stand against the window, and then put me down on the bed."

"Stop, I don't want to hear or see the video, Margie. The question is what do we do about it?"

Margie started to shake, and instinctively, Tessa put her arm around her shoulder and drew her close. A minute passed. They found themselves looking into each other's eyes. Suddenly the air was thick with anticipation, Tessa leaned toward Margie, but instead of kissing her lips, kissed her ear lobe and then her neck and felt Margie melt into her.

As Margie began to cry, groaning that she still loved the bastard; that she didn't want to divorce him, Tessa nuzzled her neck, feeling a release from the pressures that had been mounting since discovering the photos and the subsequent confrontation with Danny.

Margie was like smoke in her arms, like a dream only Tessa knew this was real. She heard Margie moan softly, accepting her as Tessa slid her hand down between her legs.

Margie pressed into Tessa as she massaged her moist outer lips. Margie's moans were like soft mewing, a beseeching sound begging Tessa to take her, but to take her gently.

"I don't know if we should," Margie protested.

Tessa knew instinctively that her friend needed, even wanted what would follow, covered her neck with kisses, blowing softly across her ear, and stroking her gently between her legs. Still, Tessa waited before going further until she was sure Margie wanted it; until she wanted it so badly that her body was begging.

It didn't take long.

"Do you want me inside you?" Tessa whispered. Margie's head was tipped back, her breaths long and steady.

"Yes!" she moaned back. "Yes."

Tessa pushed two fingers up past Margie's external folds then slid into the velvety flesh while Margie quietly sobbed.

"There, there," Tessa cooed soothingly, as she wormed two fingers in and out of Margie's sticky entrance.

As Margie's breathing quickened so did Tessa's thrusts. Margie moaned her pleasure as if in a dream, saying Tessa's name and calling yes, yes, and please.

Is this how Vince got her to use Danny's name as he fucked her? Tessa wondered.

Shoving the thought away, Tessa brought Margie up, all the way up, so that she was so close that her moans deepened and her cries edged toward screams.

Tessa's fingers flew in and out of her, bringing her close to the edge, but then backing off. Tessa could tell Margie was wondering why she had not let her come, but what she was now doing felt so good that Margie quickly forgot to complain.

With one arm wrapped around her back, Tessa leaned Margie back and slipped out from underneath her.

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