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Rob plays with Denise and Julie at the same time.

"If you want not that hard, maybe you should have thought of that before peeping. Did you?" She just shook her head, wordlessly. "Now, miss, I think it might be time for your... atonement for some of your peeps. Do you have an idea what would be an appropriate... punishment?" She nodded, after all - what else could she do.

"I am going to let go your hands now. And woe and betide if I have to grab them again," I added and released her wrists, "you better hold onto the desk." I slapped her bum as hard as I could. The slap echoed in the office, together with her whimper - "Please! Please! Stop!"

I stepped back, for a moment, looking down at her, bent over the desk, her flowery knickers around her legs and sliding slowly down, her red, very red, bum presented in all its redness. Her lips were wet and glistening, just slightly parted. Inviting. Too inviting. I leaned forward, grinding the front of my trousers against her bum and her lips, feeling the heat through the material.

"You better not get any of your wetness on my pants," I said. "Or you might need to be punished again and more." My hands slid under her blouse, to her small breasts and prominent nipples, cupping and pinching, twisting them between thumbs and finger. Grinding harder against her bum. She stood motionless for just a moment then, slowly, swayed her hips. "Ah, miss," I whispered, "you cannot keep still, can you? But you do capitulate so tastily..."

"Peep," she said. Did that peep have a capitulating twang to it, almost sad. My victory over her was complete and I ground against her slowly undulating bum, feeling her rhythm excite me. My cock, already hard, pushed against her pussy lips through my trousers - it felt as if it were getting even harder. I grabbed her bum with one hand and pushed her roughly against the desk, loudly unzipping my trousers with the other.

At the sound of the zipper, she tried to twist her head and look back at me, but I immediately slapped her bum, hard. "Stay still," I hissed. She whimpered almost silently at the spank and stayed still as I dropped my trousers and stepped from them. Her bum, still stuck out at a very convenient angle, was so inviting - I leaned back close to her and ground my cock and hips against her bum, spreading her wetness on my belly and pubic hair. My dark pubic hair looked quite dark in contrast with her very pale skin, palm marks burning red.

I again ground my cock against her pussy lips, spreading her wetness over it, over me. She was slick and I let the head of my cock to briefly part her lips, only to slide it out and over them again. She gasped and pushed back against me, trying to slide me into her again. Oh, it just gave me more scope to play with her - I allowed my cock to shallowly slide between her lips one more time. Her pussy was hot and wet. Too hot and wet. I grabbed her bum-cheeks and slowly pushed into her pussy, watching as my cock entered her. Her breath caught and, at first, she froze. My cock was enveloped by her pussy, hot and hugging, and I leaned into her, pushing deeper, pressing her against the desk.

Slowly, I pulled back and started pumping in and out, holding onto her bum, thrusting and leaning forward as I withdrew. Supporting myself on her bum and enjoying its feel on my stomach. The smell of her pussy rose to bait, to tickle - salty, sweaty, pungent. Her pussy was making small slurping noises as I slid in and out of her.

Her hips started to grind against my thrusts. I, too, tried to vary my rhythm, twisting my hips left or right, driving into her. What would she... I wonder if... Too many, too quick... Control, damn it, control... Trying to maintain self-control, I accentuated each thrust into her with a small spank on her bum. She gasped in surprise, at the first one. Then, as I thrust as deeply into her as I could, she suddenly clenched her muscles - squeezing my cock inside her, surprising me so much I forgot to slap her bum.

Every time I thrust into her, she repeated her squeeze, enveloping my cock in a hot and wet vice.

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