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Horny hypnotist underestimates petite Alice.

She reached out and put her hand on the woman's arm, sliding it down gently and non-threateningly until she reached her hand. She took it, noting the little ring, with its D ring, turned palm inwards and then placed her other hand around the woman's. She smiled and leaned a little closer "Your safe here honey, you can be anyone you want to be" she smiled again, making eye contact "I just need to know what name the booking is in?"

Kat, felt like she hadn't breathed for minutes, her eyes darted to the door, but Carla's hands, felt so sure and safe, she felt herself slowly relax. She finally nodded, "ehm, thank you, It's in the name of Kat Stevens". Carla nodded, and turned, releasing one hand, to lean over the counter and turn a page around so she could read it. She kept her other hand, in Kat's reassuringly squeezing it gently.

Whilst Carla, was looking, Kat had the chance to view her outfit, she looked stunning, wearing a black tailed coat, just like a pianist would wear, a black dickie bow tie a white shirt with a collar, under the dickie bow, but obviously it was more corset than shirt and left a lot of her chest exposed, the corset/shirt disappearing into tight black shorts, which seemed almost sprayed on and outlined every curve. Black fishnet stockings and black knee length boots, made up her outfit.

Carla, glanced back over her shoulder, and turned her bottom a little for Kats benefit. Before saying "ahh, here it is, a booking for one, Platinum" she turned back, and smiled, "Well, I am guessing you have never been here before?" Kat shook her head, her mouth quite dry as Carla, fixed her gaze on her. Carla smiled, and said "There is nothing to be afraid of, you will be safe here". She winked "You have my word on it" Kat felt relief flooding through her, just looking into Carla's eyes made her believe she was safe. Carla smiled again and pulled a file towards her, "Well as a Platinum guest, you can choose a personal hostess if you like?"

Kat, paused, she had booked a platinum experience, the most costly, which did include a hostess. She had thought long and hard about it, and to be honest, she had worried, that her evening would be ruined, if no one found her attractive. From the explanation on the web site, it appeared a hostess, would be willing to accommodate her desires. Carla, opened the folder and turned a few pages, "Well, tonight, we have Marcy, available" Kat could see there were several photos and some blurb. Carla looked up, "Don't be afraid, honey, come closer" she reached her arm out and carefully, pulled Kat towards her. Kat didn't resist and allowed herself to be pulled close to Carla and so her hips touched the counter. Carla smiled behind her, quietly smelling Kat's hair and perfume. She moved herself closer, her body pressing gently against Kat's bottom. Kat felt the subtle pressure and the warmth from Carla, and for a moment, felt like wriggling just a little. She managed to stop herself. Carla, reached around Kat, pushing herself a little closer "Where were we, oh Marcy, brunette, 36-24-34, lovely figure" she ran her finger, down the typewritten notes, "hmm, shaved" she paused, "Do you prefer shaved, trimmed or maybe natural?"

Kat was thankful, Carla, couldn't see the blush that flooded her face but Carla, could see the deep red blush, tracing Kats neck and throat. Kat stammered "Ehm, I guess, shaved, or trimmed" she paused "Is that ok?"

Carla smiled "Yes, honey, its fine." She continued reading down, "Marcy is very enthusiastic, is that what you would like?" Kat froze, her carefully thought out plan, evaporating, is that what she wanted, she wondered!

Carla, turned the page and then again "Ahh, Sonya, lovely girl, brunette, little smaller than Marcy, a 34b, but she is pierced?" Kat shivered at the mention of piercings, and Carla, felt it through her body.

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