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A visitor from Durham tempts the Jacksons into incest.

She shuddered in appreciation and hissed out "yesssssssss, that's what I've wanted."

Jeff began to suck on her clit and moved his hands up to her breasts. He began to fondle and knead them as best he could, considering his position. They were both approaching sensory overload.

"Fuck me with your tongue, honey," she urged him on. "Make me cum with your tongue."

Jeff thrust his tongue deep inside her dripping pussy, extending it as deep as it would go. Rachel was writhing in ecstasy on the desk, knocking off files and photos, muttering an incomprehensible language of lust.

Rachel's back arched as she felt the orgasm begin to spread out from deep inside her. She began to growl almost, and clamped her thighs tighter around her lover's head. Her head was titled back and her long blonde hair was flailing about as waves of pleasure crashed through her body.

As her orgasm subsided, her eyes met his again. He looked at her adoringly and stood up to kiss her.

"God, I knew it would be good when we got together but I had no idea it would be like that," Rachel panted, trying to regain her breath. Jeff just smiled at her and kissed her again. He took her by the hands and said "let's go."

Ducking out of his office and into the hallway, the couple headed for the elevators. They were giggling and holding hands like a couple of lovestruck teen-agers. Jeff pushed the "down" button and they waited, kissing and caressing one another.

"Where are we going?" Rachel asked excitedly, her eyes dancing with passion.

"You'll see. But I've been there with you before. On the phone," he said. Rachel practically squealed with delight. They were headed to his secret spot in the convention center, where he had told her his fantasies about making love in a public place.

The elevator finally arrived and they went inside. Since it was Christmas week, it was empty. Jeff had never been so glad for an empty elevator in his life.

"I knew you were beautiful, but I had no idea you were this beautiful," he told Rachel, brushing a strand of her dark blonde hair from her face. "You are an absolute goddess. A truly fabulous babe."

She giggled at the "truly fabulous babe" reference. He started calling her that within a week of their meeting. It was one of his goofy qualities she loved so much about him.

Jeff stood back and took a long look at his vision. She was simply gorgeous. A curvy 6 feet tall with long dark blonde hair that hung halfway down her back and dark blueish-green almond-shaped eyes. Playful eyes with lots of mischief in them. Her firm, round breasts were amazing, rising and falling with each breath. She'd told him she was a C-cup, and he guessed about a 36. Her breasts stood high on firm on her chest with big hard nipples protruding through her sweater. And then were her legs. They seemed to go on forever. They were the kind of legs that would make a bishop kick out a stained glass window. She had said something once about not liking her thighs, but he saw nothing wrong with her at all. She was a vision. And she was here.

The "ding" of the elevator's arrival in the lobby brought him out of his trance. She was still holding his hand, an arms length away. The doors slid open and he led her through the lobby into the adjacent arena.

He found it amazing that in the wake of everything that had happened in the world in the past three or four months he'd be able to have full run of the arena. Security never even bothered to ask where he was headed. Usually, he had his wireless phone with him so he could go up to the mezzanine and call Rachel with some degree of privacy. He shared an office with someone, so he craved the privacy.

The mezzanine was accessible by both a staircase and an escalator. He always chose the stairs, because he liked to get his heart pumping running up them to talk to her. But after the first couple of conversations, he knew that was a waste of energy. His reaction to her voice was downright Pavlovian. She spoke, he got hard. It was that simple.

The walked across the slightly darkened floor of the arena

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