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A story of cuckolding.

"You'd better follow through if you're going down that road," she said ominously, "only a fool would dare to leave me unsatisfied."

She slammed me back down again, squeezing my erection with her tail as she encouraged my ardent licking. I pressed my lips around her swollen clitoris, giving it a tentative flick with my tongue, feeling a tremor pass through her body. She growled, a low rumbling sound that set my teeth on edge, and I hesitated for a moment as a stab of fear made my heart skip a beat.

"Don't stop now, sugar pie," she whispered in her mocking tone. "Or I'll really give you something to be frightened about."

I resumed my work, sucking the engorged nub of flesh into my mouth and circling it with my tongue. I drew shapes on it, teasing her with slow glances, pinching it gently between my lips as she writhed atop me. My red cheeks were coated in a sheen of her slimy juices, her oil-black flesh grinding against me, Exampla showing not one iota concern for my comfort as she fucked my face. She smelled like petrol, who knew what the chemical composition of this clear goo was, and I tried not to swallow any of it as it seeped into my mouth.

"Maybe we should do this more often, darling" she crooned. "You seem to have a hidden talent. If you keep this up I might have to just knock you down and sit on your face whenever the mood takes me, would you like that? I bet you'd enjoy it, wouldn't you?" She said it with a spike of disdain in her voice, as if I should be ashamed of it, even as my lurid attentions made her arch her spine and twist her hips like a belly dancer.

I could feel her getting closer, her thrusting become less measured and more erratic, and I struggled to breathe as she buried me in a prison of black velvet. She drew back for a moment, her chest heaving as she gave me a few moments to catch my breath, staring down at me with malice in her eyes as she watched a thick strand of her syrupy emissions break and fall to my cheek.

"This is what you deserve," she sneered, pulling my hair painfully. "This is where you belong, and there's no God that can save you if you're foolish enough to forget it again. Now say thank you."

"W-What?" I sputtered.

"Say, 'thank you Exampla,' or things are going to get a whole lot worse for you." She removed her cigar from her black lips and blew a plume of smoke down between her legs, leaving me coughing and blinking as it stung my eyes.

"T-Thank you Exampla," I muttered.

"That's more like it," she said with a sardonic smile, replacing the cigar and taking a long draw from it. "Now finish me off, you little tease."

She lowered herself back down, sealing her thighs around my face, and I found her tender loins with my lips once again. I licked and sucked, planting kisses and doing my best to keep pace with her mechanical thrusting, then I winced as she pulled my hair again.

"No, my clit, moron. If you want me to get off you, then you'd better get me off, capiche?"

I did as she asked, feeling her shiver and hearing that low, reverberating growl again. I sealed her engorged protrusion between my lips, sucking it out from beneath its protective hood of black skin, doting on it. It didn't take long to finish her off, she really seemed to be reveling in her cruel treatment of me, and I felt her lurch as a climax tore through her. Those blue, steely thighs gripped my head, the muscles bulging from beneath the soft layer of flesh. I feared for a moment that she might crush me, but she seemed able to restrain herself. She doubled over and growled, her eyes closed and her lips pulled back to bare her sharp teeth, her abdominal muscles tensing as the waves of pleasure rocked her one after the other.

Her twitching tunnel expelled a flood of sticky fluid with the consistency of honey, splashing against my face, making her dark flesh even more slippery as she ground her hips against me. I endured it, that gasoline scent stinging my nose, until she finally slowed and her tense body started to relax.

Exampla pulled back, he

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