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My girlfriend has a date, I get to serve them.

Rob looked at me as if to say please let me help her. Again I nodded yes continuing to find better Vibrators, dongs and another pair of duo-balls that were larger, each holding two steel balls instead on one.

Rob was in it in flash helping to pull the thong up as Veronica spread her legs and lifted her dress higher, Rob was presented with a clean shaven pussy and those pouting pussy lips. Veronica was still unsure as to where the front three strings went asking Rob to show her, he leaped at the chance, as he pulled them up into position he deftly moved one elastic string to the left side of her flange the second string slipped into her mound disappearing and the third string went on the right hand side of Veronica's flange. Veronica turned showing me this amazing sight of two swollen lips. Nice bit of gear there mate, I said to Rob. As he stood there with a bloody big grin.

Veronica whipped of her dress and started to walk around this inner shop, her nipples standing proud. Others in the shop looked on admiringly, lustfully. Veronica's looked sensational with her CFM shoes, her pert tits and thonged stretched pussy, those pussy lips seemed to grow larger or maybe it was just that the middle string had completely disappeared into her now proud mound. Poor young Rob was all eyes as she asked if he had a mirror, Rob took her to a corner of the shop where the dressing rooms were located, and opened a door, Veronica stood outside the door looking at her self in the mirror, sideways, front and back and was very happy with what she was wearing. Veronica strode back to me to get the final approval; then decided to walk around the shop one more time just to watch everyone's reaction to her.

She walked back to Rob and grabbed him by the shoulders, came in close to his face asking if she could borrow the reclining dummy, Rob nodded, not knowing what she wanted with the dummy, but soon realised as she walked over and stood astride the reclining dummy as she started to lower herself onto the massive erection, she called Rob over, placing her duo-balls into his hand. I noticed Rob glance around the store and take a quick lick of one of the ball, and then he did the same with the other ball, this time savouring the taste of pure sex.

Veronica had lowered herself onto the huge store dummies erection, slowly moving up down up down as she became used to it's inflexibility, she lets out a moan sliding onto the full length pressing her hands onto this dummies chest for leverage.

Rob had lost all thought of me by now and his bulging pants had taken over his brain, he walked over to Veronica listening to her soft moans and unzipped himself and pulled out one of the biggest cocks I have seen, Veronica's eyes lit up like a Lighthouse beacon, immediately grabbing his massive cock wrenching it towards her mouth. This I had to see so I moved in closer only to find 4 other men had taken positions closer to watch the action, their wife's-girlfriends-lovers shocked by the sight but somehow overtaken by the lust in themselves. As I neared Veronica, I could hear lust in the others voice as they spoke softly to each other, all complete strangers who had been thrust into instant friendship while watching Veronica ride the dummies erection. As I look back up to Veronica there she was with Robs huge cock half way down her throat, giving Rob what looked like the best head job he had ever received.

One of the other men broke free from his wife, walked straight over and lifted her off the store dummy, Veronica bent to take Robs cock fully into her mouth while the married man instantly expertly inserted his penis into her wet Cunt, there was no going slow for this man, he pushed with all his might entering her from behind in one forceful thrust, Veronica let out such a moan of delight it could have been heard out side this inner sanctum, all around this visual explosion of lust could see Robs cock was starting to explode into Veronica hungry mouth, Rob pulled out and just started to spurt hot cum into Veronicas mouth

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