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The evening gets better and better.

"Oh, God. Oh, God," he panted.

When George finished coming, I got off him and lay next to him. I took his hand and put it over my pussy. "Fair is fair," I said with a smile

"With pleasure!" he said.

I got on my back this time. George resumed playing with my vulva. My lips were so inflamed that I started panting right away. I grabbed his wrist and started forcing it in and out as if it were a sex toy. "Faster!" I grunted. I let my tongue hang out and said, "Give it to me!"

"Not till I've made you come," he said. He added another finger, then pistoned in and out of me even faster.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" I moaned even louder when he reached a spot on my vaginal wall that no one else had touched in a couple years. I could feel my orgasm building. The presence of his finger gave me a measure of how hard my walls were contracting. "I want you inside me, damn it!" I blurted.

"Not till we share this," George replied. He pulled his fingers out of me and put them in front of my lips.

I licked each one in turn, but I stopped when I saw his ring finger. I bent the other fingers back and pointed to the spot that got my attention. "Why is there a tan line here?"

"Crap, you're talking like an ordinary person now." George got off me. "Yes, I have a wife, but you're so sweet and special, I was hoping to make love to you once before my vacation was over. You're such a sharing person, I thought you'd be okay with it."

I started looking for my bra or panties, anything to cover myself up. "You bastard! You made all this up just so you could fuck me?" I rarely use crude language for something I enjoy so much, but he'd really made me angry.

"I didn't make anything up. I meant everything I said. You really are special." He sounded oddly sincere, even if he wasn't very convincing.

"What would your wife say? And don't tell me you're separated, or that she just doesn't understand you."

I heard a voice behind us say, "You can ask her yourself." George smiled and moved aside. I turned around to see Leslie, my supervisor. She was already down to her bra and panties, and she was in the process of removing her bra. "It was my idea."

I stopped looking for clothing and stood up. "That explains it."

"Explains what?" George asked.

"I told you I was sending a picture to my boss. I called her Les. You shouldn't have known that I was talking about a woman. But why the secrecy?"

Leslie removed her underwear while she explained. "We've talked about having a threesome for a while. From the conversations you and I have had, I thought you'd go for it, but I wanted you to think of it as an invitation from a friend, and not your department head making you think something depended on it."

"Speaking of heads, remember what we talked about?" George asked her.

"Yes," she said. She opened a bag and put on her Ranger's cap.

"For what it's worth, I wouldn't have said no," I told her. "At least not automatically. I might not have said yes, but I would've been open to it."

"I showed George your picture. When he got here, I showed him the schedule so he'd know which presentations to go to," Leslie said. "The way it was supposed to work, I'd come out here early, go past the clearing and be ready with my clothes off. Then I could show up when you two started taking yours off. Problem is, someone's dog got caught in a bear trap, and I couldn't leave until they retrieved him."

"And I already told you this, but I meant everything I said," George added. "You make all your topics interesting, not just the creation myths. And you're every bit as ... What was that word you used, Leslie? I want to say 'innocent,' but she's not, and that's not what you said."

Leslie said, "Guileless.

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