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Husband's first thoughts of sharing his wife.

I see a smug sexy smile on her lips as she looks deep into my eyes and gently flexes her sexy hips pressing the opening to her womb against the sensitive tip on my excited cock making it jerk hard deep inside her tight pussy as she slowly moves her lips to my neck and does that sexy wet neck suck and kiss thing that she knows turns me on so much when she does it that it makes my cock so hard it throbs. It feels like the opening to her cervix is trying to suck in the tip of my cock as Mary pauses the teasing neck kisses to slowly whisper in the sexiest voice against my ear.

"Michael ...tell..me...where...you're...big...hard...cock...is...right...now?"

I feel her pussy squeeze my shaft tighter as I answer. "Sweetheart every inch of my hard cock is as deep inside your tight little wet fertile pussy as deep I can get right where it belongs."

I feel Mary tighten her muscles again and rotate her hips rubbing the slippery opening to her cervix around the tip of my cock making us both moan out loud as she whispers in my ear.

"Is this as exciting as you're fantasy? Does it turn you on knowing you're deep in my tight young fertile pussy just hours away from ovulation with the tip pushed into the opening of my cervix drooling fresh potent sperm inside my womb? Is this risky enough Honey or would it turn you on even more if I told you I didn't get on birth control like we talked about because I started to get excited by the stories you were telling me about risking pregnancy by having you cum deep inside me close to my most fertile time of the month?"

All her squeezing grinding sexy roleplaying whispering in my ears and kissing my neck has got me so close to losing control I have to give her several deep hard thrusts to change the stimulation to keep from cumming before I'm ready but as soon as I get it under control she starts rolling her hips and kissing my neck one moment before she switches to whispering naughty things in my ears teasing me and roleplaying. I switch to long deep strokes pressing in hard at the end of each to quickly bring her to another orgasm as Mary moans and whispers against my ear.

"I can feel your cock getting thicker and harder Michael, I know you're getting close and we both know it's going to be a huge load. Baby, are you really going to pull out before you cum? This is your fantasy. I picked you up from the airport with the silky sun dress you love so much with no bra and no panties so I could tease you and you could play with my wet little pussy on the way home. You shaved my pussy smooth and bare so it feels great on your tongue and it will look so sexy with your sperm dripping off of it or even better leaking out from between my puffy pink lips after you cum deep inside me and the video camera is recording so we can watch it again later."

"I have only let my ex-husband cum inside me unprotected and bare two times and both times I got pregnant from just one shot and you cum quite a bit deeper and so much more than he did. I can't stop thinking about how amazing it would be to feel you explode deep inside me especially knowing how much you ejaculate when you are excited and I know you are beyond excited thinking about how risky this is with your big hard cock so deep inside my young tight little fertile pussy pressed against my open cervix leaking potent sperm and just moments away from draining a two weeks supply of very motivated swimmers straight into the opening to my womb."

I realized how much we have in common when she started experimenting with roleplaying to turn me on and then we both learned that it turned her on just as much when we discovered how quickly she gets wet when she talks about making me cum deep inside her tight fertile pussy.

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