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I'm still next to you though."

"Yeah, I always just want to take a nap, I actually did the first time, a few peolle stayed with me till I woke up, those closest."

"Cree, this is awesome, I swear. Hey, you can skootch up between us, it's okay," he diverted his attention to the girl who had been cuddling their legs.

Can't believe I let some chick between us, still.

"Much better now, isn't it," she asked, as the girl nods in agreement.

"I can't wait to hit those waves, though. Can't believe there is even that many at this hour."

"I told you, it's a special night, Nati, what is 'Nati' short for, anyway?"

"You don't know, my name is Cincinnati."

"Why are you smiling at her?"

"She fell asleep."

The food was ambrosia, we sat around a campfire, ate, hugged up, holding each other, conversing, drinking meade. Meeting all kinds of people. Everybody was nice, the meade, you could tell was getting to everybody, yet, everybody was chill.

"Why is this so different?" I pulled away from her kiss.

"I told you, it's a special night."

"We've made out a lot, now I can't get enough, I know it ain't just the meade."

We kissed for what felt like hours, her lips were so... tasty. I dare not pull away again, to risk losing another taste of her honey. Our foreheads touched, we looked in each others eyes, that jade green, our lips never part. I swear it was if there was something there, watching with great approval.

"You feel that, you feel it Nati, it's the Maiden."

"I smell a field of flowers..."

We weren't that close to the water, but I felt the brisk spray, I think everybody did. I heard the big Kahuna bellow; the mother ocean calls, surf with love.

"It's what you've been waiting for."

"The swells, they call, finally."

We paddled out on our boards, the waves were pretty good, so wide. People were everywhere, and the waves perfect, orchestrated no one was in anyones way. Ballet is the only way to describe it, the way we surfed side by side. Waves so smooth, nothing ruined this moment, even when our boards hit.

"Worth the wait, wasn't it?"

"I could've seriously passed it up, tough. Totally worth it, though."

"Do you love me, or what?"

"There are no words I can speak."

I noticed there were surfboards laying on the beach, even though everybody was in the water, then one shot passed us and washed up on the beach.

"Don't freak out, everything will be okay." She held my hand.

The wave crashed on us, I watched her board float to shore. I cling to my board, looking for her, the waves settled some. Cree comes up across from me.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, calm down, we are safe in her arms, see?" She pointed out to sea.

A the women had been knocked off their boards. Yhe waves pick up some, and the guys pull them on theirs, and paddled out, something told me I could do it too.

"Are you ready?"

"As long as I'm with you."

It shouldn't have been possible to ride two people on my board, but we did. We were riding together, riding in the tubes with others. The damn thing rode like I was alone, I though there was no stopping us. Then, the tube collapsed on all of us inside, undercurrents got us. I tried not to freak out. We were far from the beach, I pulled her up, and myself. The water sucked our clothes off. Suddenly the water was calm.

"I hope you're ready for the suprise."

"Give it to me."

"We have this luau tonight, not some random night, it's always tonight- the night of the Maidens love. She brings pure love, love that overpowers, this beach is where she met, and died with her mate."

All I could do is stare, she glittered like the stars in the sky. The board felt firm as I leaned on those honey lips, her smooth butter soft skin in my hands. It was apparent this was the Maidens love- my love, her love. The whole night was nothing but foreplay.

"She makes sure of true love." She moaned.

I was busy rubbing, kissing down.

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