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Zoe falls victim to the computer and her coworker.

Jimmy couldn't see the harness she was wearing, or the oversized dildo she was pouring oil on.

He had asked for it, and Cindy was so close to coming that it clouded her judgment. She got him to put his arms around her, pressing her back down on them and holding him tight so he couldn't get them out. Then she spread her legs out and over his, hooking her feet under his ankles, and opened him up for her. She held his dick right at the entrance of her pussy and waited for Patty.

"Fuck!" he yelled, as his dick slammed into Cindy.

"Oh, ah, ah, ah, mmmmm, ah, ah, ah, oh, ah," Cindy said.

"Eh, eh, eh, eh, ah, arh, eh, yeah, yeah, arr," Patty said.

"Ow! Oh! Fuck! Shit! Wait! Jesus! aaaahhhh," Jimmy said.

Cindy had to admit it was the best fuck she'd ever gotten from Jimmy. The dildo up his butt must have been distracting, because he didn't come in his normal seven or eight strokes. Patty had a lot more stamina than he did too. She was still banging his butt long after the fight had gone out of him. She and Patty had been face to face over Jimmy's shoulder, and Cindy had given her grinning stepsister a peck as they humped him between them.

"What are you smiling about?" Danny said.

"Oh, I was just thinking how wonderful you were making me feel before Patty ruined everything," Cindy said, running her finger gently over his lips. She took a quick glance out of the corner of her eye to see if his noodle was still trying to hide under his foreskin. A tiny crescent of lighter pink was peeking out to see if the coast was clear.

He gave her a weak smile and brushed his finger on one of her nipples.

"Ahhh," she moaned.

She bent forward, and let the other nipple brush his lips.

He caught it with his mouth, and started to suck. Cindy brushed his face and made cooing sounds as he suckled in her lap like a baby.

Cindy had been so close when Patty had played her stupid trick.

"You lovebirds need any help?" she'd said as she breezed in.

Cindy had just mounted his face, and was hoping he'd shake his head "no." He nodded "yes" instead. Patty kneeled down in front of Cindy.

"I think I'd better help you first," Patty said to Cindy. They could both see that Danny was flying his flag at full mast. If Patty so much as touched him, Cindy would have cum dribbling down her back.

She started by flicking Cindy's nipples with her tongue. She also slid her hands under Danny's head, but Cindy didn't notice that until later.

Patty had a way with nipple sucking; she practiced all the time. Cindy couldn't count the number of times she'd waken up to find her stepsister attached to one of her nipples. It was disconcerting to wake up to that impish grin, have a finger slide into her pussy, and have an orgasm before she was fully awake.

Patty was using all her talents to keep Cindy from noticing that Danny was clawing at her ass and kicking wildly.

"Oh my gosh!" Patty said, in sudden alarm. "Get off, quick. He's stopped breathing. Sit on his legs while I give him mouth to mouth."

Patty had lifted his head so much, that what little Cindy could see of his face was beet red.

"Oh, no!" Cindy gasped. She quickly stopped his legs from thrashing by sitting on his knees.

Patty had him in position in a flash. She used one leg to hold his arms behind his back, his elbows pulled together on the floor, and used her other leg to support his head. Flexible vixen that she was, she was able to lean forward in this position and administer mouth to mouth.

Cindy watched with concern as Patty worked on him. She was pinching his nose, squeezing his face, and her mouth covered his completely.

""Fight, Danny, fight. Come on, come on," Cindy said as Patty's chest expanded.

Cindy could feel his muscles tensing from Patty's efforts.

Patty's chest sank as she exhaled through her nose, and Danny seemed to get even more animated as Patty's chest expanded again. Patty took several quick breaths through her nose, then blew out as much as she could for the next suck.

Danny seemed to be getting more desperate.




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