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Young, studious college student returns to her hometown.

"Are you ready?"

"I am."

She led me out and down the line of cells, the women were lined up next to the doors. Halfath nodded to them as we went, introducing them by name. I was so excited I could not keep them straight, but I did notice who looked friendly and who did not.

The rows were arranged by tiers, the top tier was women who were knights and priestesses, the second knights, the third priestesses, the fourth highborn women of no distinction, the fifth and last lowborn women. There were fifty women and I was told there were twice as many men, but seeing them would come later.

I was shown the gym, the heated pool baths, the library, the training room, the private study rooms, and a myriad of parlors. There were three dining halls, all serviced by dumbwaiters leading to the kitchens below.

The women of the harem were all tall, only the servants were short, and I was the only one with red hair. I wasn't surprised, my mother had strawberry blonde hair and of my six siblings I was the only one to inherit the red. Still, I always had a hard time believing the prophecies in the Caldorian religion, that my hair was a mark of leadership and spiritual harmony that inclined me to leadership. I was only a cloistered eighteen year old who felt like a twelve year old country hick, and it felt strange that no one there would meet me in the eyes.

The men's quarters were laid out the same way but I was not yet given a tour, only had Halfath wave her hand over it. Instead she brought me to a small room off the dining room and had me seated with the five other women that were priestesses and knights.

I sat at the head of the table and to my right were two brunettes, to my left two blondes, and at the foot another brunette with the most striking eyes I'd ever seen. They were large and lavender, dominating her doll-like face.

Halfath reintroduced them all. Lavender was Mystrike, the brunettes were Morganna and Gorgent, the blondes were Missiply and Annist, twins of the same face. No one spoke as we ate formally and it was all I could do to remember my manners. Missiply, Annist, and Morganna snuck looks at me, while Mystrike gave me a hard look, and Gorgent looked at her.

I knew who would like me, I knew who hated me. This was the inner circle and I wished all of us could like each other, but as long as I knew where we all stood I was fine.

After the meal Halfath returned just as Annist was asking me about my life, only to take me to the white stairs. I trembled under the hot torches and bronze bowls, surrounded by dark golds and bright reds, and women wearing all manner so colors, still feeling like a white candle amidst a fire.

The guards held us at the stairs while one went inside to announce my arrival. Then both tall doors were opened and I stepped into a jungle. I knew jungles existed further south, but someone had made one in the pyramid palace.

Green plants were everywhere and the soft call of animals rang out. We walked a path behind a guard and emerged in a large room open to the night. Brightly colored birds sat on perches or the railings, the couches were all red with gold trim. Silks hung from the walls and everywhere I looked it was gold.

Behind a large desk sat the queen, and I realized the color preference. Her hair wasn't really red, it was auburn, and her skin was olive and deeply tanned, her eyes large and green. Her own gown was gold, the perfect color, and the red set off her skin well.

As Halfath did I lowered onto one knee until her cool voice ordered me to rise. I looked at her and saw she really was young. I knew her to be twenty four but she looked even younger, her body lithe and long even if she was petite. Goddess help me, I thought I was prettier, and in the back of my mind I knew that if she did not find me attractive, if she thought me a rival, I was dead.

She smiled and I felt relief wash over me.

"You are Virtal of the Northlands, yes?"

I bowed and spoke softly, "Yes."

"You are to be my second. Come and meet your counterpart."

She walked to me and clasped my hands within her

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