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Stephanie is seduced by her girlfriend's dad.

My first story here will be my last adventure which happened last week. I had just finished working out in the gym and I decided to pass by a mart before heading home. Of course I was in gym spandex pants, very tight dark gray spandex pants, and a white blouse and black sports coat. I never wear blouses or coats that cover my hips, they go only until my waist, usually leaving my belly and waist naked, so people can stare at my body. So I was on the mart picking fruits when I noticed a men behind me, he was staring at me. I didn't mind and kept paying attention to what I was doing. I was not sure if he was staring at me and whatever, if he was, I am very used to it. So I picked all the fruits I wanted and pushed the cart through the mart. I was in the crystals section and by the reflection in the glasses I saw the same men on my back. He was trying to be discreet, he was with his back turned to me but he kept peeping by looking back over his shoulder. I pretended I didn't notice. I was inside a mart, there were cameras, I wasn't carrying a purse, I had only my wallet on my hand, so I felt safe. I pushed the cart and I gave a very discreet look over my shoulder and I noticed the men followed me. My butt jiggles a lot when I walk, specially when I'm in spandex, so it's naturally very teasing but I decided to shake my hips while walking, very lightly.

He followed me through the mart corridors, although he was doing it very discreetly, like he was looking for stuff from the shelves too. Again, this is not a new situation to me. Most of the times I go to a supermarket, one or other men try to peep me. He followed me to the cosmetics section which was fun because what a man would do on that section? There were two women there, I was the third, I was picking lipsticks and the guy there trying to get a sneak peek of my booty. I kept on ignoring him but I guaranteed him good views of my butt taking care to always kept my back turned to him. I passed by more two or three sections picking things, water, soda, cookies, and he tried to follow me, always trying to be discreet but unsuccessful. Sometimes he didn't followed my steps and headed to another direction only to "accidentally" enter the same section as me. After picking everything I needed to my cart, I decided to play a little more with the peeping guy.

I headed to the women's apparel section. Again, he didn't came behind me but, when I was in the section, he showed up. The men's apparel was just behind so he could hide unsuspiciously in his own section while peeping my butt. I started to take small panties and look carefully to them, like I was choosing one. Every panties I took, I positioned on my hips, like seeing if it would fit me. Of course I wanted him to get a hard-on while imagining I would be buying and wearing one of those panties. Holding two panties on my hands, I turned to him and looked him in the eyes like it was accidentally, it was the first time me made eye contact and he lowered his eyes and start pretending he was picking some clothing. I drove myself to the fitting room. The mart was small and there were only two fitting rooms. One for men and one for women. It was like a cubicle. I know his eyes followed me heading to the women's fitting room and as I entered I left the door open.

I took of my pants, took of my panties and put the leopard pattern on.

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