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Young, first year teacher gets a few lessons.

My body was covered in a cool sweat as I began to regain strength; I reached down picking her up from under her shoulders and placing her back on her feet. As she stood in front of me now, a mere 5'2' the top of her head barely reaching my chin, she seemed a lot less powerful and far less intimidating. How could this small girl have made me tremble and squeal minutes earlier?

I grabbed her elbow, grasping it firmly, leading her down the hallway to the bedroom. When we arrived in the bedroom she turned to face me, our lips locked momentarily, but I broke the embrace, grabbed her under her arms and threw her back onto the bed. Her but landed on the mattress and then bounced into the air, by the time she landed again Kat had pulled her skirt up revealing her beautiful pink slit and was grabbing her feet spreading her legs wide. "Fuck me... hard" she screamed at me. I stared down at her and knew exactly what I wanted. "No" I said laughing.

Her mouth opened in shock, a guy had never said no to her like that before. But I knew what I was doing and I had her right where I wanted her. She released her feet and leaned forward grasping for my dick. I pulled my hips back before she could grab hold of my manhood, put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed. I climbed up over her, pinning her arms down over her head with my right hand as my left hand pulled her shirt up. I pulled it over her head but left her arms wrapped up in the shirt, further confining her movement. My free hand began kneading her breasts as I buried my face between the luscious mountains. I alternated sucking on her nipples, squeezing her breasts, biting and licking her tits. Kat moaned loudly, grasped at my head pulling it into her breasts and digging her nails into my back, pulling me onto her. I wrestled free from her grasps and began working my way down her body kissing, licking and biting during the descent.

When my head arrived between her legs I flattened my tongue against the bottom of her pussy and gave a long slow lick all the way from the bottom to the top. Kat gasped and I gave her pussy another long slow lick. Kat squealed and I gave her pussy a third long slow lick, savoring her taste as my tongue worked it's way from the very bottom to the top of her beautiful slit savoring her sweet nectar as it climbed. "Ugggghhhh, no one has ever..." she began to say before my tongue struck her clit and her speech muddled into a simple scream "yes!" I had her right where I wanted her, the sexual vixen so confident and strong moments earlier now lay before me, legs spread. She would let me do to her whatever I wanted, and I knew it. Lucky for her, all I desired in that moment was to eat her pussy and to drink its juices.

I buried my head between her legs. My tongue worked up and down her slit and then side to side. Her juices flowed, flooding my mouth and soaking my face. I was in paradise and she was raptured away in pleasure. As her breathing hastened, I focused my attention on her engorged clit. Sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it like she had done to my cock earlier. Kat shook and screamed as my tongue forced her body to orgasm. She writhed in pleasure; her limbs violently thrashing about like a wounded animal fighting for survival. "No more" she cried as she pulled my head from her over sensitive clit.

Kat lay on the bed, arms and legs spread wide like a dead man.

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