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The Homecoming.

I had occasionally contemplated tasting my own cum, but once I shot my load that idea no longer appealed, as my lower head allowed my upper head to regain control of my thinking.

In the end, I figured she would decide and that would be that.

And she did.

"Ready for my load, cock sucker?" she asked, as she pulled her hard cock out of mouth.

"Yes, ma'am," I eagerly replied, ready to take the load wherever she wanted to direct it.

"My cock suckers always take their first load all over their faces," she revealed, as expected, making the decision.

"Yes please, ma'am," I said, ready to take her load all over my face... opening my mouth wide in hopes of catching some.

"Well, work for my load," she said, as I knelt there like a puppy dog.

"Oh, okay," I said, as I moved both hands to her raging rod and began pumping it.

"There ya go," she moaned, "work that cock."

"Come all over my cock sucking face," I begged, as I furiously worked over her cock, my eagerness and lust for her cum obvious.

"Get ready, cock sucker," she warned, which I appreciated, so I could close my eyes since I had read about cum burning the eyes. Yet, I reconsidered and didn't close them after all, as I wanted to watch this majestic cock erupt. I wanted to see her shoot her cannonball blasts of cum all over my face.

"Cum all over me," I begged, as I continued working her cock.

A few seconds later, the first rope blasted out of her cock, hitting me in my right eye and cheek. It did sting my eye, but the emotional rush was worth it! Four more ropes of cum splattered my face, hitting my nose, my open mouth and my chin.

I kept my mouth open and my tongue extended until every drop of cum had landed.

I then swallowed the cum that had landed in my mouth. Although it wasn't a full load, it was gooey as I expected, but with not much of a taste other than the subtlest hint of salt.

"Good job, Harry," she approved, looking down at me.

"Did I do well?" I asked, looking up at her, my face dripping with cum, which, by the way, was warmer than I had imagined it would be.

"You did very well," she approved. "You were born to suck cock."

"Before I actually did it, that would have been the ultimate insult," I said.

"Harry, never be ashamed of who you are," she said firmly. "You are a born cock sucker, it is as simple as that. And a damn good one."

"But only for shemales," I pointed out, adding firmly, "I'm not gay."

"I never said you were," she said, as she grabbed her shorts. "But be warned, a cock sucker is a cock sucker."

"What do you mean?" I asked, as I remained on my knees even as she put on her shorts.

"That you will crave cock whether it has tits upstairs or not," she bluntly warned me. "Half the cock suckers don't like men, don't find them attractive, don't want to kiss them, date them, fuck them, or be fucked by them, but they still love the cock itself. Which you have to admit is a beautiful thing."

"Cock?" I asked.

"Yes, of course," she nodded, as she put on her shorts and her cock disappeared.

I admitted, "I've always found cock more appealing than pussy."

"Of course you have," she nodded, as she began to walk away, "That's because you're a cock sucker. Accept it, Harry. Nothing makes you happier than having a cock in your mouth."

I watched her leave as I processed her words.

She popped back around the corner and added, "Two more things, cock sucker. One, you don't get to come until I give you permission... which will be tomorrow. Second, you do not wash that come off your face until you shower tomorrow morning. You need a reminder that you are a cock sucker... my cock sucker."

"Yes, ma'am," I nodded, still willing to do anything to please her.

"Good, cock sucker," she said, and disappeared again.


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