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" She pushed him back gently so she could sit up in a straddle over the top of the bottle by sitting up on her knees. Surely some motorists o Warwick Blvd. would see her ass, mostly bare, or some passers-by would even see her over the bottle as she poured a little of the beer back into it. She picked the bottle out from between her labia and raised it to take another big drink, "and then there's this," she placed it back between her thighs and scooted over it. Her hand deftly guided the tip of the neck back in and then moved down to steady the base, "Baby, a lot of stuff we did tonight was first time for me, but you know what? This ain't new."

She sat down on the bottle and it entered to the end of the long neck. 'Geez, she has a big pussy' he thought wide eyed.

"What's the matter? Haven't you seen a girl fuck a bottle all the way in her cunny before?" She said teasingly grinning and started pushing the bottle up into herself further. He knew, and felt, that she almost shouldered the beer bottle when he'd been inside her anally before, but he had no idea how far she'd take this. He noticed she had about 1/3 of her drink still in there. She closed one eye and bit her lip and looked as if it helped her concentrate. She pushed past the shoulders. Closing her other eye she lowered her head and backed the bottle out an inch or two and then back in. She repeated this a few times, and over the light traffic and very little breeze he could hear alternatingly the beer slosh gently and the squoosh of her moist pussy lubricating the bottle.

With the other hand she swept before her to find his hand and led his fingertips to her clit. "Keep me going, keep me wet," she said almost plainly like giving some other instruction. After a few seconds of his thumb rubbing her clitoris and occasionally teasing her hole around the partly inserted bottle, she reinserted the wider part and about another inch. While still rubbing her clitoris to keep her juices up he felt her inner vagina trying to tighten, then her making them loosen. The convulsive motion made him think again of a chomping action. When she'd gotten the motions under control she slid in another inch with a decided "Uh, huh" sound. Still facing down at her knees she shook her head. She may have shook her head 'no', but her fingers said 'yes' as they gripped the bottle tightly to steadily work in another inch.

Now, she leaned back and took her legs out from under her. He reached for her, concerned.

"No, no, just keep rubbing here." She placed her finger tips under the bottom of the bottle and pressed steadily. "If I can get your big head in my ass I can get this little bottle up here." She'd lost the penetration to the neck again, but easily slid it back to where she'd left off. Most of the beer drained into her as she guided it up.

The rest of the bottle was new, unmoistened territory so she coaxed his ministrations, "You got it, keep it going. You're helping, Help me fuck that thing, oh, oh, oh. Ow!" She'd come to orgasm, "Ow. Ow." He froze what he was doing. She 'ow'ed each time her orgasm made her muscles pulse. He took the base of the bottle and made to pull it out, but she caught his wrist and stopped him. Still with eyes closed she sighed, "No, no, keep it going, we'll get this in."

"No, don't hurt yourself to impress me."

"Look," her eyes opened, "Mr., I've done this before, and it's fine. See I'm in control. I'm freezing, this floor is concrete hard, I'm horny and I want this bottle in my pussy. You gonna help me, Mr.?"

There wasn't much to say. He loosened his grip as her fingers returned to the nubby ring that made up the bottom of the glass. Most of the beer had squirted out with the pulsations of her orgasm and was dripping from his hand, her hand, the bottom of the bottle.

Good to her word she got control of these orgasmic spasms and started to push again.

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