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Jon gets Barbara; Lynda wants Charles; he wants his wife.

She changed her stance and placed her hand on her hip with the other hand holding the phone out and looking at me.

'What?' she asked.

I stared too long.

'Ummm...Hi Nikki. Well, I was on the way back home from work and I thought I'd just talk to you as it's just forenoon and I figured you'd have some time' I said, trying not to look down from her eyes. Ah, those eyes.

Those eyes, and those legs and those cute little breasts, my God! Not too small, but not balloons. I had touched myself more than a few times thinking about her, about the lips that form that smug smile being wrapped around my...

'Come on in', she said, turning and placing the phone on the front table, bending a little to do that. I couldn't help gazing at her round bottom, one that I always wondered whether or not would fit perfectly in my palms.

'Man, I hate how hot she is', I silently cursed to myself.

I stepped in, closed the door, and locked it, turned and saw her looking shocked and amazed, staring at the door lock.

I then realized it's not my door and I'm in her house, and I just locked the door which could mean I have other intentions than just talking.

'Oh hey, no, I'm sorry! I just have this habit of locking the door when I come in. I mean, I live alone, right', I said almost nervously in a single breath.

She smiled that wicked, naughty, childish smile at me, making me wonder what she's thinking.

'What?' I asked her, shrugging to show I have no idea what's so funny.

'You just apologized to me, probably the first time in 5 years' she said, looking as happy as a child who just won a game of chess and ladders.

'Yeah, look, that's what I'm here for. I called you, but you were busy on some call, no surprises there, but I came here unannounced only to get this sorted, out once and for all, you know. Jai is really going crazy about us not getting along, and he just doesn't stop begging me to get over my hatred for you. I told him it's impossible to get along with you, and that he loves you only because you're that hot', I said pointing to her torso.

She had a sexy posture the way she was standing, listening to me with her hands on her hips, hair open down her front covering her bosom from the left and a facial expression of disbelief or shock.

Then I realized that I not only apologized to her for the first time in 5 years, but also confessed to her that I think she's hot for the first time ever.

She raised her eyebrows in disbelief and joy, that naughty grin appearing again across her face.

'You think I'm hot?' she asked, staying in the same posture, which was making it really difficult for me to keep my eyes on her face.

Now I should have seen it coming, but I was definitely not prepared for this question. How was I supposed to answer that? I mean, I hated that woman, yet she was the hottest chick I've ever seen in my life, TV and dreams included. I figured I'd go with the truth.

'Umm...duh?' I said, rolling my eyes.

'No, I know I'm hot, I'm asking you how is it possible that you think I'm hot? I thought you hate me" she asked, still smiling triumphantly.

'I do, I hate you, but I love your body, you're the hottest woman I know, I mean you are not hot, your body is, I mean...ahh fuck! Ya, I think you're hot, what's new about that, that's nothing for you to be so happy about'.

'Ahh, you have no idea, that's the best thing I've come to learn this year!' she said, laughing.

'Hey, that's not what I'm here to talk about, okay', I sounded almost like I was whining.

'Okay', she said, and placed herself on the couch, and pointed to another couch for me to sit.

I went over and sat, uncomfortable over how happy I just made her, feeling like I lost a long battle.

'So', she said, grinning like she won the world's most important contest, 'tell me what can I do for you? Make you some coffee? Serve you some snacks? Or would you like to stare down my top?' she said and burst into a laughter that I've never seen the like of in these years of knowing her.

Man, she was really enjoying this.

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