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Exposed and restrained, Clair discovers her need.

Covering his hand, she guided him to where she wanted his hand to be. Her fingers intertwined with his, she started playing with her clit, avoiding it at first, tormenting herself. Bit by bit he started to pull back more and teasingly slowly sliding back in, at the same time taking over her ministrations, going straight for her little nubbin, pressing it each time he pushed back deep.

He could feel her tremble, close to orgasm, but he kept up his slow pace, the only way he was able to hold on to the little control he had left. For him she was perfect, pure bliss. She tried to move her hips against him, but he held her still.

"Nick, please," she pleaded, "don't tease me now."

"Trust me, I'm not teasing you, I just don't want it to be over," he replied passionately.

The tension was building up fast in her pussy, even tho Nick kept up his slow torment. He pulled back, just leaving in the tip of his cock, flicked her clit, then plunged in again. It seemed like ages to her and by now she was whimpering, moaning and groaning, urging him to go faster. Looking at his face she noticed the tight clinching in his cheeks, she knew he was getting close. Her hot, wet canal was getting tighter, closing in for another orgasm.

Fran heard his muffled curse. Dropping her legs he moved over her again, grasping her shoulders and he started fucking her harder and faster, the tingling sensations creeping up and down her spine. Locking her legs around his waist again she felt him touch her so deep inside where no other had been before.

His thrusts were getting more frantic by the second. Burying his face against her shoulder, he fought his urge to mate her, his wolf pushing his limits again. Faster and faster he went and hearing her moans, he could howl out his pleasure. Feeling his own release getting ready to erupt, he started to push really deep.

Moving one hand between them, he started rubbing her little nubbin, helping her along. Feeling his knot growing, he tried his best to control his wolf, with the last bit of control left in him he made sure he didn't push in completely. It didn't take long for Fran to start singing her blissful mantra when another orgasm washed over her.

Riding through her orgasm Nick kept up his fast movements, the last waves of her orgasm pulling him over the same edge. With every hard push he released his seed deep inside of her, coating her inner walls, mixing with her own juices. He rested his head on her shoulder, quivering from the last spasms of his own release.

Carefully he removed himself, planting little kisses on her closed eyes, nose, cheeks and neck. Lying next to her, he embraced her, snuggling up close. He listened to her heartbeat, her breathing, he smelled her, the mix of their juices. His senses were getting overloaded.

Fran, I hope you can accept what I am. I wish I could share with you how I feel right now.

Fran moved next to him, she turned around and nuzzled his neck, tempting him with kisses and licks.

"Hmmm," she mumbled, "I could stay like this for the rest of the day."

Stroking her hair, he moved it out of her face and looked down on her.

"We could, but I think at one point our appetite won't agree." Getting his courage together he went on. "Besides, there is something I need to talk to you about."

"Oh, what about?" she asked.

"It's kind of important. Let's hit the shower first, then I'll make us some breakfast and we'll talk then. Deal?" he answered.

"Ok," she said, an uneasy feeling creeping up inside of her. Putting on a brave face, she got up and followed Nick to his bathroom.

Unable to take her eyes off him, she saw him move about, placing towels nearby for easy access. His nakedness didn't bother him at all, which allowed her to inspect the impressive tattoo he had on his back, starting from one shoulder, she saw a wolf covering his whole back. It looked like the wolf was hugging him with his front paws, one hovering on his shoulder and the other paw on his ribs.

Enthralled by the beauty she let go of the unea

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