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Chapter 4.

He was as hard as a rock. As he listened to her voice he undid his pants and pulled out his dick. Sitting down in his chair he began pumping it, imagining her there doing all the things she was saying over the phone.

When Kelley was finished she asked "and what would you do if you had me there right now?"

"First I'd kiss you until you were breathless. Than I'd remove your shirt and suck your nipples through your bra."

"I'm not wearing a bra."

Kevin felt his mouth go dry, but he continued on. "Then I'd take your hard nipples into my mouth and nibble on them. I'd bite down gently till they bled and then lick them off."

"Would you really bite me?" Kelley sounded breathless like the thought of it turned her on.

"Do you want me to?"

"Oh yeah."

Kevin smiled. "Then I'd lavish some attention on that beautiful cunt of yours."

"What would you do to my cunt?"

"I'd gently open it with my fingers and run my tongue up your slit. Then I'd stick my tongue up your hole as far as I could and wag it around up there until I could feel you ready to cum. Then-" he paused. "Are your ready?"

"Oh fuck yeah!"

Kevin could hear her moaning and panting and knew that she was masturbating as he described this to her. He began pumping himself even harder.

"Then I'd replace my tongue with my throbbing penis and ride you like you were my prize mare. I'd ram myself so far into you we wouldn't know where one of us ended and the other began. Then I'd continue moving in and out of you until I felt you contracting around me. Then and only then would we both-". Kevin was interrupted by Kelley's shouts of ecstasy. "Oh, yeah. Oh God. Oh, Mr. Gallagher. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Kevin was feeling extremely pleased. He had never made a woman cum before just by describing sex to her, though admittedly her fingers probably had something to do with it. The thought of her playing with herself and the sounds of her screams of pleasure soon sent him over the edge.

When Kevin finally got his breath back he said "I want to see you again, someplace private."

"There are plenty of motels around. Pick one and get back to me."


"Mr. Gallagher, if I don't have that dick of yours in me again soon I'll go crazy. I've had a lot of sex, but you're the best fuck I've ever had."

Kevin wondered just how much sex Kelley had had. He determined to ask his son, but that was for later. Kevin promised to find a motel and get back to her. All she said was "I can't wait," and then all he heard was the dial tone.

The next day Kelley found herself knocking on a door at a local motel. Kevin opened the door, grabbed her arm and pulled her in. Kelley was soon being kissed breathless. When she finally came up for air she backed away and laughed softly. "I've never done this before, met a guy at a motel. It feels so dirty."

"Honey, by the time this night's over you'll feel a lot dirtier. Trust me."

Kevin pulled her back toward him and began to unbutton her blouse.

"Uhuhuh," said Kelley. "No touching." She shoved him down into a chair and began to give him a strip tease. First the blouse, then the bra. As Kevin sat mesmerized Kelley removed every article of clothing she was wearing. Soon Kelley was lying naked on the bed. Hard and ready Kevin quickly stripped and joined her.

Kevin placed a few light kissed all over her face.

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