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I lost my mind.

In an alley just a few yards from this main thoroughfare she bent over the trunk. Facing the street with her cheeks crack and cunt crevice exposed, she told me to enter her.

You may ask, "Why are you revealing such intimate things about Lizabeth and yourself?" I do so for several reasons. It will be a heady experience for both of us to remember them so explicitly. As we grow older together, I want her to remember how special our relationship has been. Secondly, these revelations will help you understand why she didn't reject my unusual birthday gift. Thirdly, your own sexual instincts will likely be aroused - and that's good, especially if you act out them with your lover. Finally, the reason I can be so open is because I've been very careful about keeping our identity secret. The same approach is taken with the other people you will soon meet in the next chapter of Lizabeth's "fantasy" birthday gift.

Chapter Four

Lizabeth "opened her gift" at a lovely house in Colorado Springs, Colorado, far from her river-edge home in Westchester County, New York and the elegant co-op apartment she owns in Manhattan. In this home were three of her gay male friends. Lesbian no longer, she enjoys, however, the company of gay men - much more than women in general. Lizabeth has some heterosexual women friends, but she enjoys gay and straight men more. We haven't tried to analyze why and won't, because, for this story, it isn't important.

The first two men, Alan and Bill, are lovers and very successful developers from Canada. They own the house we are in. Matt, the third man, is a successful lawyer from San Diego. Lizabeth and he, along with his own love partner, James, an executive with a hotel chain (who wasn't at this party), met when they were on a vacation somewhere back around ten years before. At the time, we were again not seeing each other. But when we did get back together, I met Matt when she came out to visit me and he joined her while visiting friends. He later introduced Alan and Bill to her and then to me. It was instant friendship for Lizabeth and them. They and Matt (and James) connect frequently by phone and e-mail. I like them because they're interesting and especially attentive to Lizabeth. Furthermore, they have accepted me and our on again off-again relationship. But enough background on these men; back to the birthday "gift."

The five of us had just returned from a wonderful dinner. We were full of fine food, wine, and having an after dinner drink in the living room before a lovely fire. About a half hour later I asked for everyone's attention. I asked the guys to go over to Lizabeth and give her a happy birthday kiss on the cheek. They did. And then I turned to her and said that if she consented she was about to receive a very special birthday present from all of us. Our purpose for the next two hours or so was to uniquely show her our love and devotion in intimate sexual ways. But the gift required her approval and trust. Lizabeth began to ask a question, but then stopped and looked at me. I saw uncertainty and reluctance in her eyes, but then she smiled slightly and nodded agreement. After all, I was her trusted lover and the others were very special and loving friends. Nevertheless, I could see that she remained a little nervous about our intentions.

I told Lizabeth she was to be blindfolded.

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