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The normal tranquility of his blue eyes seemed to be replaced with something like broken glass that glinted on tacky asphalt. He was darker and perhaps a bit scruffier than what Amanda was use to. Amanda stood petrified against the cold hard door. God, he looked good.

A dark, navy-blue skirt stopped above her knees. Amanda wore black heels that seemed so fragile they'd break when she walked. Sheer, transparent blue hose clung to every curve of her legs. Her hair flowed down her shoulders and across her chest. The first few buttons of her sky-blue lace shirt were open, and a silver cross lay around her neck. She clutched a small white purse.

Ben walked with absolute confidence toward Amanda. The vaguely predatory look caused Amanda to step back until her body pressed against the closed door. Her shoes clunked when they hit the brass kick plate.

"Hi." Amanda squeaked.

Ben smiled. His white teeth set against his tan face caused Amanda's skin to turn to gooseflesh. He walked up to her, and without saying a word, twined his fingers through hers. Closer still. Amanda squeezed against the door. Ben moved her hand above her head, holding her captive.

A fingertip moved seductively across her forehead, pushing back a few errant strands of hair only to move between her eyes to the tip of her nose. He traced the outline of her lips, smearing her lipstick. His finger finally lifted her chin slightly.


Ben's fingertip continued down her chin then along the soft skin on her neck until it came to rest on the silver cross so delicately suspended between her breasts. Amanda closed her eyes for a second as she felt his warm breath on her chest. He widened the gap between buttons and placed a soft kiss on the cross.

Ben kissed her ear and sucked on her earlobe, and then he traced the outline of her ear with the tip of his tongue.

Amanda's heart slammed against her ribs. Her body flushed with heat. She rose on tiptoes as Ben placed a slow wet kiss on her lips.

The sound of Amanda's purse hitting the concrete porch went unnoticed.

"Ooh, damn-" Amanda moaned.

She felt his lips touch hers. Then she willingly opened her mouth slightly, and she felt his tongue enter her. Ben's hand squeezed her breast as he moved his lips across her cheek.

They say that scent calls memories like no other sense. The way water smells as a cool slow creek bubbles along its bank, the smell of hot tar on a stretch of road, or the choking, earthy smell of a dusty day. The intoxicating aroma of her perfume filled his mind with memories of the past good memories.

Amanda shivered as though a feather stroked her bare skin. Hands filled hands, and Amanda looked into his eyes. Under the glare of a yellow security light, their bodies pressed against a door. She struggled for the right words to say. She wanted Ben to take her there on the front steps. There were several minutes of awkward silence when Amanda finally said, "We should go." Hand-in-hand he led her to the car.

Slowly, he drove down the cul-de-sac, and to the main road. The streetlights flashed overhead one-by-one as they approached the intersection.

Sitting in the car, feeling the hot, dry Kansas air slice though her hair, she questioned herself like she did the night she sat in the park behind the steering wheel with a bottle of pills in her hand. She questioned whether Ben stilled loved her. Mrs. Frederick was right. Amanda knew the answer, too. Ben did love her. She could feel it.

"Pull the car over."

Ben eased the car to the curb. A streetlight filled the interior with bright yellow shards of light. Amanda reached out and pulled Ben's hands from the steering wheel, then placed them on her lap.

"What's wrong?"

"What are your plans for tonight?"

Ben thought for a few seconds. "I guess dinner and a few drinks. Shake a lot of hands and slap some backs."

"I mean after the party."

Ben's chest heaved against the pull of the seat belt.

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