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Ally spends her senior year training to be the perfect slave.

I got it and handed it to Lee. I got a confused look and said to him with a smile, "she's your girlfriend, you do it!"
As Lee approach Sheila she asked him to do both her back and her legs. Lee looked a bit nervous but did as she asked. He took his time and did a good job, making sure to rub it in evenly. When he got near her bikini bottoms, Sheila said she didn't want him to get lotion on them so she reached back and moved to top down lower on her butt and pulled the leg openings into her crack exposing more cheek. Lee didn't hesitate and in due time had Sheila's back side covered in lotion.

Lee returned next to me to drink his soda but it wasn't long before Sheila turned over onto her back. When she was settled, she said, "Lee honey, could you do my front for me?"

Lee looked at me. I nodded and told him, "go ahead." He smiled at me knowing this was an opportunity of a life time!

Lee started with Sheila's shoulders and was a little hesitant moving down to Sheila's breasts. Her nipples were already hard anticipating Lee's touch. She sensed his hesitation and gently said, "it's ok honey, cover all of me. It's ok to touch my breasts, I enjoy having them caressed, especially my nipples. Take your time honey, play with my tits as much as you want."

Lee relaxed after Sheila confirming he was allowed to play with her tits. As Lee was rubbing her tits, Sheila called over to me and asked if you would take a few pics of her new boyfriend and her. I of course complied and took several pics of Lee's hands all over Sheila's tits and of him playing with and pulling her nipples. As usual, I took a quick video as well.

Lee had a great time with Sheila's tits but he did eventually remember she had legs too. He eventually got around to them, covering them completely with Sheila moving the front of her bikini over to allow access very near her pussy lips. When he finished with Sheila's legs, he immediatly said it was hot and was going to take a swim and did so.

As Lee was cooling off and trying to get rid of a raging hard on, Sheila giggled and whispered Lee was already hard from putting lotion on her back let alone doing her tits and legs. I said, "yes honey, you do have that effect on men. What are you going to do about it?"

Sheila stayed topless for us the remainder of the day and enjoyed parading around in front of Lee, knowing he was continually watching her big tits bounce and sway as she walked and moved around.

As evening approached, Sheila asked Lee if he'd like to join us for dinner. He said he didn't want to inconvenience us and politely declined. Sheila told him, "non-sense" it wasn't an inconvenience and insisted he join us. Lee agreed and thanked her for the offer.

We had an uneventful evening with Lee. Sheila ended up putting a little something on but it still allowed us a nice view of her breasts. She wore a black mesh bathing suit cover-up. It was easy to see through and since Sheila was only wearing her bikini bottoms, her bare breasts were covered yet visible. Sometimes, leaving a little to the imagination was a good thing. Sheila looked very sexy in her outfit.

We talked after dinner, Sheila steered the conversation back to earlier in the day when she let Lee put sun screen on her. She eventually asked Lee if she had embarrassed him and if he was ok with her boldness. Lee admitted he was at first shocked that she had taken her top off in front of him and even more so when she let him touch her breasts.

Sheila asked, "but are you ok with it? I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Lee answered, "no, no, I'm ok. You look great without you top. I mean, your boobs are beautiful. What guy would ever say no to being able to look at them let alone touch them! No, please don't stop, I'm loving it!"

This pleased Sheila. She got a big smile on her face and thanked him for being so sweet and then asked, "so does that mean you'll put lotion on me anytime I ask?"

Lee immediately said, "oh yeah it does. Anytime you ask. No problem. Thank you."

Sheila seized the moment and te

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