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Never to walk on the earth again.

Why is she asking me this? "Yes, I'm fine... why do you ask?"

Her eyes drop to my hands, which are red from the water that I have not noticed this entire time was very hot. "The color of your hands looks painful; you've just had them sitting there under that water..."

Feeling a fool and finally feeling the burning, I yank my hands from underneath the faucet. Embarrassment creeps up my chest and into my cheeks and I'm paralyzed for a moment as to what to do.

She senses this in me and says, "Come here..." She reaches out and takes both of my hands in hers; pulling them over to the sink she was standing in front of. Even through the painful burning, I can feel that her large hands are soft with an underlying strength. Holding my hands in one of hers, she reaches up with the other and adjusts the faucet to a very cold temperature. I instinctively pull away, but she urges my hands back under the water encouraging me that it's only lukewarm; it feels cold because my hands are so hot. I'm very touched by this stranger's hospitality to me, and I look up into her eyes and sheepishly thank her. She smiles warmly at me and the scent of her perfume tickles my nose as her hair falls over her shoulders.

Suddenly I'm imagining what her lips would feel like against mine, what her neck would taste like to my tongue, what her reaction to me would be if I took her body in my mouth. I see her before me, her eyes closed, her mouth open, her head leaned back just waiting and yearning for my touch. My eyes get large as I feel that familiar wetness between my thighs, and I'm shocked that I'm feeling this way.

She sees this and laughs, saying, "Wow, I've never seen someone's eyes get that big before! Is the water ok, are your hands feeling better?"

I laugh with her; my mother always had the same reaction when I widened my eyes. "I was just thinking something that's all, my hands are feeling a bit better now, you don't have to stay in here with me... thank you so much for your help," I respond.

"Well, I want to make sure you're ok," she says in a low voice. "My name's Cora by the way," she offers.

"Nice to meet you," I say as I tell her my name. She smiles and there's a hint of uncertainty and awkwardness on her face. The moment between us has changed. I don't know how and I don't know when, but suddenly I'm very aware of her as an attractive woman. She still lingers unnecessarily close to me, and I find my body reacting to her closeness. I wonder if she feels the same. Images flash through my mind uncontrollably and I bring my eyes up to meet hers.

She sees. She understands. She feels the same.

She walks away and behind me, and my head whips around to follow her, wondering if she was too uncomfortable to stay. She saunters slowly and graciously to the door of the restroom, her calf muscles tightening beneath her stockings. I then hear a soft click as she's locked the door. I'm nervous now. I've still got my hands underneath the cool water because I'm frozen in this situation, not sure how to act or what to do. She walks back towards me, a playful glint in her eye and with a new bold tone in her voice she says to me,

"I followed you in here. I've had my eye on you since you got here tonight. I've watched you laugh, drink, eat, and have a great time with your date. I was captured by your long beautiful hair, your amazingly bright eyes, the sweet sound of your laugh, the coyness you exude as you flirt. All the time I wondered to myself 'I wonder if she'd let me have her....'" This confession elicits chills over my entire body. She excites me. I want her to ravish me, slant her mouth against mine, rip my blouse from my chest, and smother my breasts with her red lips. "Will you... let me have you?" she finishes.

"I don't... know... I've never... uh..." I stammer, my tongue feeling thick and unable to produce anything that makes sense.

Knowing she has the upper hand, the power in this situation, she comes up to me and takes my hands from under the faucet.

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