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I shrugged, and beckoned to the Second to follow me, and set off to find the balcony on which I had been with his comrade. I was somewhat bemused when the said comrade tagged along as well, which seemed to me to leave the Princess unguarded... and in a most vulnerable state, as I could testify. It was no consolation to know that she was with Bator.

My confused state was not assisted by the difficulties which then ensued, in which a woman and two armoured guards attempted to have sex on a small balcony, high up and over-looking the stables, smithy and yards at the back of the Palace. I thought having sex with one guard had been a little loud - not the screams, just the clattering of metal - but it was as nothing compared to the clamour that followed when they both attempted to fuck me at once.

The Second propped my curvy buttocks on the rail of the balcony and stood before me. His was a slender, curved tool, and it slid into my pussy quite easily; I was, after all, still exceedingly moist after all I had seen and endured that morning already. With his fleshy weapon in my pussy and his more professional weapon slapping against my thigh, he started at a regular pace and just kept going.

What tipped the balance of the situation - almost literally - was the fact that the First, in his haste to be the Third, demanded to be equal Second. By which I mean that as soon as the one fellow was sheathed inside me, the other started a perilous ascent up his comrade's back, one foot on the rail at my side, the other on a metal hook (by no means sturdy) in the wall, used to hold back the drapes that closed the balcony from the night air. Poised thus, he leaned over the other's back, and with my head tilted to one side, I was just about to get his stubby lance into my mouth.

Thus did we complete our bargain. I would suggest that the cock in my mouth stifled my moans of pleasure, but that presupposes that there were any, or that the blunt cock possessed by the First could have stifled anything. Oh, such a disappointment. When I had first seen these two at attention, I had imagined what it would be like when they were fully erect, little realising that all that they had was already on display. Oh, they went about claiming their prize with vigour, sure enough, but my thoughts drifted to my deflowering on the floor of my Master's Library, and this did not compare at all.
Thus, the only cries were those of four males. The first two, you can imagine, were my companions, who succumbed to the embrace of my vagina and mouth rapidly. They spurted copiously, which was in some manner satisfying, and left me both sodden and breathless. The third cry came from the smithy below, and I knew at once that I owed the smith some recompense for the damage I was repeatedly causing him, no matter how inadvertently. On this occasion, as I imagined it, he had seen me fellating what must have appeared from his angle of view to be an eight foot tall giant.

The last cry was one of some outrage and ire, delivered in a deep and thunderous voice, and it came from behind the two guards. In fact, there might have been some noise from that direction before, though I heard nothing over the frantic huffing and puffing of my companions, and the percussion of their armour against the balcony rail. We three heard the new arrival at the same moment, which caused much hurried disengagement, and which almost precipitated the top half of the eight-foot-tall giant to topple over the balcony's edge. What would the smith have mad of that?

"What is the meaning of this?" bawled the man in the archway.

I almost replied that it had no real meaning, that it was just a fumbled fuck between a servant girl and two guards, although

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