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Master and sub continue with T/their journey.

I couldn't see anything and played it of as my imagination, but my heart began to beat faster and my hands became clammy in fear. I knew someone was watching, just please for the love of god, let it not be him.

I turned back having noticed the quickly emptying park, and decided to leave myself, before I get caught out alone again. I decided to take a different route to one I would normally take to go back home, and went through the town square. Safety in numbers, right? Either way, I decided to walk through the people gathering around, the bright lights of the Christmas tree illuminating the windows filled with toys and assorted goods for the festive season. I weaved through the bustling people, having lost the feeling of that anonymous glare at my back a little while after having left the park.

I did a little more shopping, buying a few decorations, though I didn't really feel in the mood to start throwing tinsel up around the apartment. I made my way down various other streets, people thinning out until it was just me on the road leading up to the apartment block. I fumbled around in my bag, trying to find a small tree I had found for Steward, when an icy rush shot through my spine. I looked up when I saw him standing in the lobby.

My heart leapt to my throat and I whipped my head round and hid with my back against the wall just beside the door, heaving heavily. I calmed my breathing and peaked my head round. I saw the mystery man hunched over the desk, his body shacking as if he were yelling. Yelling at Steward. My eyes widened in panic and was about to whip out my phone for help, but decided against it; Steward simply stood there, his hands crossed over his chest with a stern look on his face.

What the hell is going on? I thought to myself. A few minutes of the two of them simply talking, I saw Steward huff, before going into the back room, with the mystery man straightening himself out, then reappearing a few minutes later in a large jacket, change of clothes and a large rucksack. I gasped when I saw him cocking a small silver pistol than he then stuffed in his pocket. They both turned towards me and I just whipped my head back behind the wall, hoping they didn't see me. I jumped round a corner and hid behind a couple steps leading into the side of the apartment block. I sat there silently, peeking over the top until I saw them walking past

"I can't believe I have to do this for you, think I'd prefer the mess instead" I heard Stuart say. Mess? What does he mean? I heard the other man grunt distastefully as they both came up to the alley. I held my breath as they stepped into it and out of the street, only a few meters from my hiding spot. Stuart hushed to a whisper, "I've had it up to here with all the attention you're drawing to yourself, I'm wearing myself thin having to cover your little escapades. Do you know how close you were to blowing it last time?"

I had my hands clasped over my mouth to stop my whimpering, tears streaming down my cheeks as I continued to listen silently. Stuart sighed, "Just remember; 4C. I won't be telling you again. Can't believe he got away from you, fucking moron."

I gasped silently and my heart sank at hearing my room number. The mountain of a man growled angrily and I heard a heavy smack and Stuart gasping and grunting. I turned my head, peaking over the top slowly, seeing the mystery man holding him by the throat a few inches off the ground. I almost cried out to get him to let go, when I remembered my current situation and simply sat silently, watching in horror.

"Say that again. I dare you." He growled in his face. When the struggling man said nothing, he huffed and dropped him. He coughed and rasped before getting to his feet and walking out of the alley. The taller man stood there huffing. He turned his head deeper into the alley, his near black eyes glinting in the darkness, slit into a frustrated scowl.

I bit my lip, making sure not to make a noise, when I heard Steward shouting back; "Rae! Get a move on!".

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