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He treats the redhead with a special birthday present.

Her tongue is out and waiting for him to smear it with his dick. He looks at his cock and sees it coated with not only his cum but mixed with her pussy juice as well. He leans forward and points his dick at her greedy mouth; rubbing the tip along her tongue leaving a trail of seed. She closes her eyes and moans as she reaches up and wraps her lips around his shaft; sucking and cleaning every inch as she pulls away. He milks out the last tiny bit and she licks it off.

"My turn," he says as he crawls back down to view the wonderful mess he's made between her legs; such a beautiful sight; her reddened, swollen lips wide open with cum dripping out. He leans in with his tongue eagerly lapping up every bit of cum he can find. She watches with pure interest as his tongue darts into each crease. He's careful to avoid her clit; he wants to give her the orgasm of a lifetime by making her wait. He can feel her slightly bear down and a small gush rushes out. He moans and quickly gets busy cleaning every last bit of her.

"Kiss me," she begs and he hovers his face over hers. He kisses her and lets his cum-coated tongue invade her mouth. She sucks it off and licks his lips. "What's next?"

"We're going to work on that pretty, virgin ass of yours," he smiles. Her face shows elation at the sound of his words.

"How do you want me for that?"

"On your hands and knees with your ass wide open for me," he instructs as he climbs off from her. She rolls over and he hands her a pillow.

"Here, hug this and get comfy. I want you to be as relaxed as you can be. You were able to get the first two plugs in, right?"

"Yeah, I was a little scared of the biggest one."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that," he says as she wraps her arms around the pillow and lays her chest on the bed. Her heart-shaped ass opens wide and Bradley's eyes take in the sexy sight. Her tight rosebud won't be looking like this for long; at least not when he's done with her. He quickly scurries to his suitcase and grabs a toy that he decided to bring with him. It's a penis-shaped dildo that's slightly smaller than his cock. He wants to stretch her as much as he can before plowing his dick into her. It's six inches long and just over an inch in diameter; it's in between the size of the largest plug and him.

She looks at him over her shoulder and shakes her ass in anticipation. He kneels on the bed behind her, places his hands on her ass cheeks, and spreads her even wider. Kisses are placed on each cheek before he touches his tongue on her tiny little clit that's peeking out at him from underneath her. He wiggles his tongue within her lips as he passes it along her slit and continues licking along her ass crack. When he reaches her tight hole, he can hear her moan as he circles his tongue around before pushing it inside her. She gasps as his tongue wiggles and massages her tightness.

"Oh my God, that feels so good," she moans as his tongue darts in and out of her. She hugs her pillow tight as she takes in every little touch he makes on her. He reaches under her and slips a finger inside her pussy as he continues to tongue-fuck her ass. He realizes his dick is twitching and starting to get hard again already. He can't wait to break her in.

He grabs the bottle of lube that is lying next to her, opens it, and squirts some onto her ass crack. She flinches when the cold gel touches her and her asshole puckers tight. He takes his finger and lightly traces it all along her crack. When he passes over her rosebud, he takes his time and circles his finger around it until he feels it giving way.

"When I push my finger in, I want you to bear down just a little bit," he says as he lightly nudges with the tip of his finger.

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