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She agreed and suggested around 7PM. She told me she is usually off on the weekend unless there is a breaking story to cover or to handle vacations.

Saturday rolled around and I left a bit early just in case I get lost. I called her from the parking lot that I was at the front door to the apartment house. She came right down and looked just fantastic in colorful skirt and blouse.

I made some suggestions for dinner. Stephanie liked my idea of a steakhouse. The best one I knew was about 45 minutes away in the next town. I did not mind the drive. We talked about schools. She graduated from a university down south. I graduated from a local university and got my masters from another local college. I told Stephanie how much I enjoyed her reporting. We talked about family. She has three siblings and a lot of nieces and nephews. During the drive I had some jazz on the radio. Stephanie is a fan of jazz.

Before I knew it we had arrived at the restaurant. Dinner was fantastic. I truly had a nice time and I know Stephanie did too. The drive home was nice we listened to some more jazz and talked. I did not want the evening to end. But it did. I asked Stephanie if she would like to go to dinner and a show next Saturday. I had tickets to the local theater company's production of The Music Man. To my pleasant surprise she said yes. I walked her to her building's front door and gave her a kiss. I was totally smitten with her.

She told me to give her a call during the week and we would setup the time to meet. On Wednesday I finally gave Stephanie a call and set things up for the theater. I have matinee tickets and we could go to dinner after the show at a French restaurant near the theater. Stephanie was agreeable to that arrangement.

Saturday came and she drove over to my place. I gave her a brief tour of my condo. She loved my condo.

We left for the theater and arrived about 15 minutes before the show time after parking my car. Stephanie was impressed with the local theater and their production The Music Man. She heard about the theater but was never there. The dinner at the French restaurant was just fantastic. The company was better than the food. It seemed like a magical night for both of us.

The drive back to my place was too fast. Once we arrived I ask Stephanie if she would like to come in for a bit. She agreed. She got to meet my two cats; Lucky and Tiger. They both liked her. I made some coffee and got out some cake for us. I put on the sound system and put on some jazz.

Once I sat down on the sofa I put my arm around Stephanie and we started to kiss. I started to fondle her breasts. I think Stephanie was surprised by my advances. She pulled back and said to please stop; that she needed more time.

I asked her for a date next Saturday. My idea was to visit a town nearby that is sort of an artists colony. Stephanie had never been there. We made a time to meet and she said she would pack us a picnic lunch.

Saturday came around and Stephanie was on time at my place. We had a lovely spring day. The lunch she packed was great. We drove back to my place. I suggested that for the evening we have pizza. Stephanie thought that was a good idea. I ordered the pizza from my favorite shop and had them deliver it. We both enjoyed the pizza and had some beers with it.

After dinner we cleaned up and started to look for something to watch on TV. The TV was not my main focus; Stephanie was. We began to kiss. I started to fondle her breasts again but this time there was no hesitation on her part. She let me unbutton her blouse. Things really started to heat up between us. I unhooked her bra and started playing with her beautiful tits. Stephanie garbed my hand said that we should go to my bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Stephanie quickly undressed down to her panties.

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