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He lights up the night with his lover.

ed and tearful Roger trailing her;

"Ms Landry...please don't tell my mom...please...look I'm sorry...I'll do anything you want...but please don't tell her.."

Lisa stopped dead on the stairs and stared up at Roger with an evil grin on her face.

"You'll do anything I say? So if I ask you to...I don't know...say....mow my lawn you'll do it? No matter when I ask you to or how many times?"

Roger just nodded his acceptance, to which Lisa replied with mock solemnity;

'Well then I don't think it is necessary for me to ring your mom then. Even though I don't know when I'll ever get over the shock of seeing you...uhhhhh...it doesn't bear thinking about. I might be able to forget about it but that will depend on you Roger. Now come on I think we need to talk more about the chores you will be doing for me over the next few months. To help me forget about this...incident "

Lisa brushed past him and returned to his room. Roger breathed a sigh of relief. He'd dodged a major bullet there. Still shaking and with knees like jelly he followed Lisa back into his bedroom.


Lisa walked into Roger's room and looked around. It was your average teenage boys room. Typically the bed was unmade. Still it was the only place she could sit, and she slid her ample frame onto it, the bedsprings creaking as she did. Roger just stood there looking at her, calmer now but visibly shaking a little. Lisa began talking to Roger;

"Now you know that what you were doing was nasty don't you Roger?"

Roger, who was staring at the floor, nodded.

"So we are in agreement then that you will do some things for me to make up for what I saw?"

Again Roger just nodded dumbly, not even looking at Lisa who had unbuttoned two buttons of her blouse.

'Ok Roger then there is something I want you to do for me now. Roger... ROGER."

Roger stopped staring at the floor and looked directly at Lisa. She was staring directly at him with her head cocked and a strange look in her eyes.

"I said there is something I want for you to do for me now."

Roger was all ears now, but totally unprepared for the next five words that left Lisa's mouth.

"Take your clothes off Roger"


He couldn't believe what Lisa just said. He was absolutely flabbergasted. So flabbergasted that he didn't move an inch, prompting Lisa to admonish him;

"You heard what I said...now don't you go making me say it again 'cos I won't. I'll just march down those stairs and tell your Mom what I saw you doing up here...Maybe I'll even tell Tia and Tamera...I'm sure they'd love to hear about this...and I'm sure everyone in your high school would love to hear about this too."

Once Lisa had mentioned the names Tia and Tamera, Rogers's paralysis had broken and he removed his t-shirt. Lisa just stared at him without saying a word or without a flicker of emotion on her face. However she did feel a hot flush of excitement at the sight of his naked upper torso. She thought to herself;

"He ain't got a bad body. For a dweeb."

Roger was torn between shock and apprehension. Could this really be happening? Could Lisa Landry, this sexy older woman from next door, really be asking him to strip for her? As he pulled down his sweats and underwear he also began to feel a flush of excitement. What would happen next?

Lisa stared at Roger's member in awe. Flaccid it must have been at least 7 inches long. She didn't have a tape measure or anything but it was at least the same size as Ray's when he was fully erect. She gulped a little and then slowly stood up. She walked over to Roger and then walked around him studying his body.

"Boy's got a nice butt too...he's been working out."

Roger shivered as a mixture of anticipation, the cold air and the flu racked his body. He could feel Lisa's eyes boring into him as she walked around him several times. She then stopped directly in front of him and looking straight in his eyes said;

"Oh we gonna have some fun tonight"

With that he felt her hand on his penis and he groaned as she began to squeeze his balls.

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