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The conclusion.

Moans escaped her mouth, noisier and noisier and faster until her whole body shook. Muscles furiously contracted, spasming of their own accord, beyond her control ... until a guttural scream left her lips. This was one noisy girl.

Her fingers slowed but never stopped as the rhythmic contractions slowed and her screams - for they were screams - subsided. The look on her face lessened in intensity as the effort of her fingers became a little less. Slowly a flush of total relaxation passed through her whole body. Her butt sank into her bed. Her leg muscles relaxed and her facial expression showed signs of a perfect peace within her.

Arms and hands loosely by her side she seemed to be asleep or at least exhausted. But if she was, then it was temporary. Gradually a huge smile came to her face and she opened her eyes.

I was at a loss what to say, so I kept quiet.

"Come and lay beside me," said Sam at last. The single divan wasn't too wide, but Sam rolled on to her side then, once I was beside her, she moved above me. She parted her legs so she was astraddle, but not accommodating my manhood. Raising herself up, now kneeling, her cunt lips rubbed again my fullness. Carefully but awkwardly she raised herself so that the very tip of my erection rubbed against her entrance. 'No fuck' she had said, but I was as near as dammit to being inside her. A tease? I don't think so. Sam was deliberately going as far as she could whilst keeping to what she had said.

A few minutes more of rubbing herself against me, she moved again. Lifting herself over me, my rod was now nestled against her ample ass cheeks. Leaning forward, her breasts laid snuggly between us, as she kissed me fully on my lips. Content now with just a few moments of kissing she raised herself sufficiently that her breasts now dangled, the swollen nipples tickling mine.

I looked at my watch - almost 9pm.

"I really must make a move," I said, rather reluctantly.

"Oh, no. I've had my fun, but it was you who saved my skin, finding and bringing me my backup files."

"But mum will be ... "

" ... You already phoned mum. Lie back."

Without an angel to guard my good side my conscience was no match for the devil.

'Don't be so stupid man, she's handing it to you on a plate.'

I laid back. Elaine was the least of my worries.

Sam had a front row view of my wedding tackle, and a fascination to explore it. I lay back, closed my eyes and expected an inexperienced teenager's exploration. How wrong I was. Sam had been with many boyfriends. Her fingers began running up and down the my shaft as if she was touching the finest porcelain, being so careful not to damage it. Her fingers were surprisingly cool, and the coolness was so soothing given that Peter had been alert and on standby for quite some while. The coolness of Sam's fingers was also arousing. I could feel every movement. I was sure that at sometime in the past she must have seen my cock. Whilst we avoided the bathroom if at all possible when one of us was having a shower, nature - urgency to pee - sometimes overrode this. But of course my favourite plaything isn't usually on alert whilst in the shower.

Now Sam had Peter all to herself. Curiosity? Certainly. Horny? Maybe, especially after her own powerful release. And her monthly? At either end of the week she may have been horny, but it was only what I'd read. I tried to shut down my thoughts. Whatever she was doing, she was doing well. But that was Sam all-over. Sam never did second best.

At first she was lazily tracing her fingers. Then she pulled back my foreakin, aided by my copious pre-cum. I swear had she continued moving back and forth over the tip, my pleasure time would have been all too short.

"Is that OK dad?"

'Yes it's fucking great. You have a real talent.'

"That's great. Nice and slow."

'Maybe she's been a lot faster with boyfriends eager to cum.'

"And this is ok?" I felt her tongue on my exposed peehole.

"Mmmm, yes."

'Maybe reluctant to give dad a BJ?'

I was doing too much thinking.

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