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A first proper beating for an experienced sub.

"I'm sorry!" I told her, also with a smile.

"It's ok" she told me, and winked.

And then she hung her head down as I fastened the collar to her beautiful neck.

Heather sat back down to watch the game continue until her Mistress would emerge. All the girls started taunting Heather, saying how badly they wanted to have her as their slave!

One by one however, the girls ended up without clothes and out of the game. Michelle was next to go, probably happy that she'd avoided Heather's fate!

I enjoyed watching Danielle strip next to me. Still being in the game while she was sitting there naked actually turned me on in a weird way.

Rita, our lone non-blond, made it to the final three, but a vicious re-raising session with Amber cost her dearly. Rita hadn't noticed Amber's finger habit and thought she was bluffing. Amber wasn't bluffing. Rita was soon stripped of her clothing and her chips.

That left me and Amber. She had a huge chip lead on me by this point, but we both hadn't had to touch a bit of clothing.

The girls were whooping it up now and the spiked punch was flowing. Some girls started cheering for me, the rookie, while others cheered for Amber.

I looked at my cards on the next hand. Two queens, hearts and diamonds!

I raised aggressively. Amber re-raised modestly.

I called.

The flop came Queen of spade, Ace of clubs, seven of diamonds, all offsuit.

I reasoned that she'd re-raised modestly with an ace and low card, hoping to hit something on the flop. If she'd matched her ace with the ace on the flop, she would probably think the aces would hold up.

In other words, I had her!

I raised aggressively again. This time Amber re-raised to put me all in!

Did she have a monster hand or was she bluffing? She was so aggressive that I couldn't tell.

I studied her carefully. She sat motionless again, which was now in stark contrast to all the activity around us. Heather watched with particular attention.

I waited and waited, watching her hand out of the corner of my eye until, finally, there it was: her finger pushed down onto her cards!

I called. I was all in. By doubling up, I would take the chip lead. If I lost, I would be naked and the runner-up.

I wasn't afraid, however. I had the power over Amber. I had figured out her finger "tell", and knew she had nothing.

I turned over my two hearts. The girls exploded in cheers and I looked up at Amber, expecting to see dejection.

Instead, she smiled and turned over two aces, diamond and heart!

We both had three of a kind, and she had the higher cards! I was in trouble. Only another Queen would save me.

When she turned over her cards, Amber gave me a wink and tapped her cards with her index finger.

She'd hustled me! She'd known I was watching for her finger tap, and she'd set me up!

The turn card was a nine of clubs. No help.

The river card was my last chance for a queen. The river card came up: nine of hearts!

It was over. The girls whooped it up again. Rita turned up the music. It was my turn to strip.

So that's what I did. I stood up as they all had. I started twisting and turning to the music while I removed my sweatshirt and shorts.

And then I slowly took my bra off. All the girls hoo'd and haa'd at my breasts.

And then I slowly lowered my panties to the floor while they all chanted "Strip! Strip! Strip!" I did a turn for their pleasure.

Danielle enjoyed the show, whooping it up with the other girls.

"You did that great!" she said, when I was done.

Everyone was in a good mood at this point. The party moved over to the lounge area of the basement where there were couches surrounding their giant tv. There was something liberating and exciting about all of us sitting together naked.

We all sat down except for Amber. Rita called her to the middle of the room and all the girls cheered.

Long, lean Amber, I thought. She'd played me real good on that last hand.

Rita handed her a pair of heels, a leash and a little leather whip. They were like stiletto heels, long, black and with minimum straps on top.

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