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Gang bang for a friend.

"Bring it, Kitten," I scoffed. "I'd kick your ass."

"What inspires that delusion?" she turned to me. We had parked in the garage by this time.

"I have righteous fury on my side. Against that, you have no defense," I grinned.

"I warned you against flippancy," she reminded me.

"Is that a demand that I present my righteous fury for your examination?" I countered. Silence. We went through the security rigmarole, put up the firearms. As we were leaving, I turned to Desiree.

"You would think those two educationally-challenged bimbos would have warned me I was carrying blanks," I griped. The two security babes' posture turned all agro on me.

"I really should leave you here with them for a few hours," Desiree threatened.

"Have I told you recently how much I find you to be a kind, beneficent, wise and gifted teacher and sensei?" I faux-pleaded.

"Shut up," she grunted as we made my getaway.

"I think I know why Katrina tolerates you," Desiree told me after a few second in the elevator.

"To try everyone else's patience?" I guessed.

"Precisely," she shoved me. "Stop being overly clever. It is unattractive in a male."

"Stranger danger!" I shouted (still in the elevator) as I backed into the far corner. "Stranger danger!"

"If I had a gun, I would shoot you," she glared. There was a glimmer of amusement as well.

"At this range, you would probably miss," I taunted her playfully.

Desiree trembled with conflicting emotions. She gave in, stepped up and punched me in the chest. I kept laughing so she hit me again, but she was letting a tiny smile creep across her lips too.

"Damn you," she ground her teeth, fighting her happiness. "Fine. C__el, to my side." There I went.

"Kneel." I knelt. The elevator doors opened, Desiree stepped out, turned to gaze into my eyes then cruelly smiled as the doors shut and the elevator continued up. The looks I got from women as they accessed the device was priceless. It took a while for one to break the silence.

"What are you doing?" she inquired.

"My boss told me to kneel here," I explained, "so here I kneel. In nine hours, if I can still walk, I'm going home and taking a long, hot bath."

"You are just going to stay there for nine hours?" another woman groused.

"I'm an intern. An order is an order and it isn't like she's forgotten where she left me."

"Our male intern isn't nearly this nice," a third lady commented. "We call him the Chinchilla. When he isn't acting as if he's somehow valuable, he scurries about like a rodent." That would be Brian I was willing to bet. The women in the elevator were suddenly self-conscious they'd talked that way around another male intern.

"Do you have a nickname?" the third one tried to make light of the faux-pas.

"I think there are three in the running: 'come here', 'kneel', and 'shut up'. When I hear one of those, I assume they are talking to me," I joked. They snickered. God, I could have an orgy in this elevator. Thank goodness my libido was still slaked from nailing Ulyssa the teacher.

"Where are you?" Desiree snapped over the phone eight minutes later. I had her on speaker.

"I'm right where you left me," I grinned. There was a new crowd in my box. I was getting the impression the word of my fate was circulating around the building and women were slipping over to see for themselves.

"Are you an idiot?" she grumbled.

"I'll leave the evaluation of my mental facilities to the experts, oh glorious Boss of mine," I replied. "I would like to report there are two wonderful ladies from International Finance putting a shipping label on me as we speak," I lied. From the look of one of the ladies, that wasn't such a bad, or far-fetched, idea.

"Stand. Get off the elevator on the fourteenth floor and go to Conference Room L," Desiree commanded. "Do you need to write out your orders in crayon?"

"I'd prefer you use body paint," I bantered. The ladies around me didn't know what to make of the exchange.

"81 days, Jackass," Desiree promised balefully.

"I tremble in anticipation - no, wait, that's fear," I snorted in

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