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The High Priestess initiates 13 witches into her Coven.

He gestures to the short cook and he steps up to your face. "Allez, allez," J. tells him and he pulls out an ugly, red and raw cock, not so long but fat and thick, like a mallet. He wags it in her face, and she struggles more, but J. pushes him away and slaps her face five, six, seven times. "Take this, whore - it's a taste treat just for you."

The cook begins to smack her face with his thickening cock - he smells of onions and garlic, cumin and sweat, and of course, an unwashed ass. As he rubs his cock all over her face, she can feel a man roughly pulling apart her cunt, stabbing it with his fingers, and despite herself, she is wet, so very wet, as this man, who is he? which one? jams two, three fingers into her. He pulls the fingers out and reaches around her, sticking them under her nose. J. gestures to him and he pulls the panties from her mouth and sticks his hand in there instead, and J. says "Suck his fingers, pet." She does, tasting her own juices mixed with the tang of onions and spices and meat, getting even wetter as another pair of hands replace the first man, and now she can hear someone spitting, and feels a hot wetness on her ass and back, and some dribbles down to her anus.

She hears pants drop and then she is pulled tightly toward the other end of the table, with her chin now at the one edge, and her ass propped up at the other. Whoever it is spits again, and she feels a warm wetness dribble over her - olive oil from the table? - and his weight as he pushes up and leans into her. There's a sharp push and he's in her ass, as she sees stars from the thickness and invasion; her asshole tightens from the shock, and he cries out something she doesn't understand, but the other men laugh as whoever it is pushes in further and pummels her ass with something, what is it, a spatula?

The short cook with the thick cock is back now in front of her, and he grabs her nose so to open her mouth, and stabs his cock into it. The stench from his balls is powerful, awful, and she gags a little, as much from his fat sweaty cock as from his smell. He piles into her mouth, forcing it open and causing her to drool copiously, as he holds her nose the entire time. He soon pulls it out and smears her face with the mixture of juices covering his cock - his pre-cum, her sour and frightened breath, her cunt juice from the other cook's hand and his own unwashed stench - and she thinks she will faint from it. J. pulls him away and then dashes cold water on her face, leaning in to say, "Only beginning pet, only beginning - stay strong."

The cold water shocks her, and she starts to gasp and even sob a little. J. wipes her face and look into her eyes. "Do you mean to disappoint me, pet?" he asks her. julia pauses, and then shakes her head a little side to side. "I didn't think so." He turns to the short man and tells him in French to finish, while the other continues to push his cock into her ass. The small man fists his cock after spitting on his hand and then jams it into her mouth. He humps her face, and then starts moaning and grunting. He seems ready to cum, and J. gestures to the waiter, who grabs a pitcher and steps forward, saying something to the small man, who looks up and pulls out of her mouth, now soaking with drool and his juices. He continues to fist his cock, and as she watches, he groans and spurts many ropes of seed into the pitcher. He staggers back and stumbles away, calling for a smoke.

The man fucking julia's ass is thrusting harder, and her ass opens, despite herself, as he drives deeper.

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