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Husband's first thoughts of sharing his wife.

(Author's note: see Consequences - Part 5). Then she was around friends and co-workers. She was the boss lady, everyone respected her. Here she was just a flat chested blonde. No way she wanted to compete with all these pretty busty girls.

"Take off your tops," Frank said again.

Miranda gave Jen a "what can we do?" shrug. She took off her bikini top. Of course Miranda didn't have to worry. She had big beautiful breasts.

Jen continued to frown at Frank. But his stare was too intense. It's what Paige said, Frank Tower was a force of nature. Reluctantly, Jen reached behind her and pulled the string at her back. Then she pulled the string around her neck. She tossed her bikini top in her bag.

"Good girl," Frank said with a smile at Jen. He gave her a pat on the behind, treating her like a little girl. Frank gave Miranda a look, then turned to talk to people.

Miranda had noticed Frank's glance at her. She reached into her bag and offered something to Jen. "Maybe this will help honey," she said.

Jen recognized the pill. "Ecstasy? Are you taking one?"

"No I have to stay sober," Miranda said. "I have a client later."

"Seriously?" Jen said surprised. "A client? Here? Today?"

"Frank set it up," Miranda said evasively. "Anyway, this'll help you relax. You like Ecstasy?" Miranda offered Jen only 1 of the 2 pills. She didn't care if Frank got pissed. She wasn't going to try to get Jen to take both. One was bad enough given what Frank had in mind for her later.

"Yeah but ..." Jen was tempted but she shook her head no. "I don't want to be fucked up tomorrow morning. Not with Mike and Anna."

"It's only noon now honey. It'll be out of your system by then," Miranda said.

Jen knew Miranda was probably right. But she didn't want to take any chances. Miranda looked nervous when Jen turned down the Ecstasy but she didn't press.

Frank took Jen's hand and walked her through the crowd. He introduced her as "my girlfriend Jenny Johnson." The people there were nice, unlike the Bitchy Wives at the dinner party. But still, Jen felt uncomfortable. It was embarrassing to meet new people with her top off. And she felt intimidated with all the big beautiful breasts around her. She felt like a little girl among grown women.

A few of the girls who knew Frank well gave Jen a hug hello when he introduced her as his girlfriend. Jen felt even more uncomfortable and embarrassed as the girls squeezed their big breasts against her little titties as they hugged.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Jen whispered to Frank.

"What?" Frank asked.

"You know what I mean," Jen said.

"I'm not doing anything to you Jenny," Frank said. "You need to understand, your breasts are smaller than normal. In a crowd like this, most girls are going to be bigger. Don't worry, the rest of your body is lovely."

Jen frowned at that. "So you're saying, you don't like my breasts," she said, feeling hurt and even more insecure about her small breasts than usual.

Frank reached up and cupped her. People around them turned to look and listen. "I think your breasts are lovely Jenny," he said. Jen's small breasts disappeared in Frank's hands. "Nothing wrong with perky," he added, grinning to the crowd. Everyone laughed and chuckled. Jen's face turned even redder.

Frank thumbed her nipples. They were rock hard. "You have your cum face on Jenny," he whispered.

The party continued until late afternoon. Jen stayed closed to Frank. Normally she would bop around and be a social butterfly. But she wasn't feeling her normal mojo, her normal confidence. She felt inadequate, the way she used to feel with Colin who was constantly on her case to get bigger tits.

A girl with long dark hair approached Frank. She had the dark complexion of an Italian (which she was). She was about the same age as Jen. She was beautiful with a curvy hourglass body. She also was drunk or high (or both). "Jenny, this is Juliet," Frank said. "Jules, this is my new girlfriend Jenny."

"Oh my god you're so pretty," Juliet said to Jen, slurring her words.

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