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I'm sitting at the table in the staffroom when Amy returns form the phone and she thanks me for the offer of a lift home, stands behind my chair and begins to stroke her fingers through my thinning hair. "Amy!!! What the hell are you doing," I ask as I turn to face her realising that my face is level with her breasts. She holds my head between her breasts and kisses the top of my head. As I try to lift my head she just keeps pushing it down between her boobs. My hands come up to cup her boobs and I feel her nipples erect through her clothing. My hands are under her top and I'm fumbling with her bra as she steps back and unclips it at the front releasing her lovely firm mounds, so lovely, not large but perfect with small hard nipples.

What else can I do but to suck and lick her nipples as she offers them to my mouth. In between sucks and licks I'm mumbling, "hell Amy your tits are really something baby." My hands move up and down Amy's smooth legs, she is wearing a short skirt tonight so I can touch her smooth legs easily.

"Amy what about Charlie," I ask to which she replies, "well he is waiting for his brother to help with the car and after they get through they will probably go for a drink. He won't be home for hours." I see that wicked grin again.

My hands are getting bolder as they slide up and squeeze her bottom through her panties while I feast of her delicious breasts. Her eyes are closed but the grin is still on he lips as she moans softly at me touch.

My hands slip inside her panties and I massage her bare bottom. Amy's soft smooth skin just feels like something I have never felt before. She wriggles away from me taking my hand and I stand and move with her to the couch. Our kiss is deep and wet and passionate as I feel her hand begin to rub my cock through my pants and I return the favour by rubbing her panties over her pussy. Amy is fumbling with my flies, and, knowing what she wants I open my pants and let her have my hard throbbing cock. Her hands are small and soft as she fondles my cock teasing the head with her fingertip.

I want to feel her as well but as I try to pull her panties aside she stops me saying she has her period, with a tampon inserted, and I can only rub her through her panties. I understand and not wanting to embarrass her I stop and go back to sucking her very special boobs.

Amy is trying to move away from me. Have I done something wrong? But no she is off the couch and kneeling on the floor her mouth moves quickly to my cock and starts to lick and kiss the head. Oh hell I've died and gone to heaven, the sight and feel of her mouth is sensational. I've only been sucked a couple of times before as my wife isn't into oral sex of any kind and I just can't quite believe this cute young woman kneeling in front of me is licking my cock.

Amy takes my cock into her mouth and with an expertise that must have come from practice starts sucking slowly bobbing her head up and down over my cock. Oh shit I'm fucking Amy's lovely mouth. Her eyes meet mine and it's like she is asking if I'm enjoying what she is doing. I stroke her hair and just lay back marvelling at how good it feels. My cock shiny with Amy's saliva her head pumping faster as I realise she is rubbing herself while she sucks my cock. I can't help my hips moving a little fucking into her sweet face. Her eyes are closed as her breathing gets faster and she sucks harder and deeper. I'm trying to tell Amy that I'm going to cum but either she doesn't hear of just ignores what I'm saying. I try to lift her face from my cock not wanting to cum in her mouth in case it will make her sick but she just pushes her head back down and keeps sucking teasing my cock head with her tongue.

I can't hold on any longer and my cock erupts in her mouth.

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