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A sticky finale.

As he looked for that can of stew, from last night, Julia emerged from the basement door carrying the, presumably now empty, cup, and set it on the end of the counter.

"Hungry," he asked, holding the can up for her to see.

"Very," she replied. She took a package of small paper plates out of the provisions box and tore open the plastic wrapping, removed two plates and set them out.

Mark, thankful for small modern conveniences, pulled the tab on the top of the can, and peeled away the lid. Julia handed him a spoon, and he shoveled equal portions onto the plates. It came out thick with bits of congealed grease that looked almost like debris.

"I think you're supposed to add water," he said, evidently not caring enough to go through the effort.

"It's fine as it is," said Julia, completely understanding, and sharing, his apathy. They took their plates, sat in their chairs, and began eating.

They were both quiet in thought for a time, but then Julia brought him out of his contemplation.

"Would there happen to be scissors packed with the camping equipment," she inquired.

"Yeah," he answered through a mouthful.

"I'd like to clean her up. Somehow give her a bath and cut her hair."

"Hm," Mark acknowledged. The house had no indoor plumbing, and... it... was unable to leave the basement, Mark assessed. There was an old water pump behind the house, but he had no idea if it worked. He started thinking of the things they had that could be used as some sort of tub, but nothing came to mind.

"We should really take inventory of this house," he said. With any luck, they would find some useful clues as to what really did happen between Phillip and the demon.

"Yeah," Julia agreed. "I mean, there should be one of those tubs that they did laundry in, right? You know, with the washboard." She moved her fork hand to mime pushing and pulling soiled clothes across the metal ribs.

He nodded. He wanted to express his doubts about the demon to Julia, but something inside was telling him to keep it to himself, for the moment, at least. It just seemed like nothing good would come of it without something tangible to offer.

"I'll see if that water pump in back is any good. A bath does sound nice."

"Yeah," Julia agreed in short laugh. Especially in a few days. Oh, please tell me you have one of those camping shower bags that heats the water in the sun."

Mark smiled and nodded.


They finished eating, and then went about their individual objectives.

The metal water pump was stubborn, but with some effort and a lot of pumping, he managed to get a halfway decent flow of smelly rust colored water going. He continued pumping to see if would clear up, and after a few minutes it started looking and smelling like something he wouldn't be afraid to touch.

He felt it wise to boil it before attempting to consume any of it, but at least they had a free water source.

In the kitchen, he found a large pot they could use for boiling, a few rags that had managed to remain in usable condition, and a pail. He went ahead and lit the stove, and then collected some well water to boil. This particular water was not for consuming, but why take the risk?

Eventually, Julia entered the kitchen with a smile, holding up a laundry tub for him to see, and the boxed camping shower at her side.

"Bingo," she said, excited. She set the shower on the floor, out of the way, and headed through the open door to the basement. "Guess what, kiddo," she said, descending, and a wave of discomfort hit Mark.

He was trying to do everything he could to see that demon as something other than a young girl. That may have been an entertaining moment of suspension of disbelief for Julia, but it was definitely not helping him.

He set the large pot on the stove, poured in the water, and went back out for a second pail full. He dumped that in, and it was just a matter of time. He decided to use that time searching for some useful information, and he figured a good place to start was the study.

He searched shelves and drawers, and while there seemed to b

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