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The tentacled lover continues to prove himself agreeable.

Next he stuck his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could and moved it around inside. This made a slurping sound easily heard despite a rather raucous blues tune playing. Then he ran his tongue the length of her cunt lips from top to bottom (almost but not quite as far up as her asshole). Nancy was clearly loving every second of it. She kept whimpering and gasping and saying things like, "Yes, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy! Yes! Yes!" For someone supposedly inexperienced in such matters, Jimmy was turning in a virtuoso performance. He was supposedly very bright; could he have learned how to do all this from a book?

Nancy orgasmed then. "Oh, yes! Oh, shit, this is big one!" she whispered before making a number of small squeals then, gasping, an actual scream of pleasure. It was unmistakably genuine. After five wonderful years of fucking her and watching other men bring her off in various ways, I knew the real thing when I saw and heard it.

My wife's orgasm must have sent Jimmy over the edge. He dropped his head back to the carpet and said, "Oh, God" a final time. He groaned loudly and the next thing I saw was a spurt of semen barely clearing Nancy's right shoulder and landing on her back.

"Damn!" Arnie exclaimed. "That was neat. I missed that shot of flying jizz, but I'll get a shot of Jimmy's stuff on her back. And just look at that eaten pussy, would you? It's still throbbing. I'm with you, Sid. I'd really like to ram my dick in there! These are going to be great shots."

It really was a wonderful view Nancy was giving the three of us just then. She'd let her upper body slump forward so that it rested on Jimmy's legs and had raised her middle body well off the floor. Since her legs were spread fairly wide, we were treated to a prolonged view of her tight little asshole and very wet cunt, its glistening pink lips still spread slightly and her clit engorged and red. Her swatch of reddish-blonde pubic hair appeared darker nearest her cunt where it had gotten wet, too.

Suddenly (the temptation clearly too much for him) Sid crawled forward and abruptly plunged the index and middle finger of his left hand deep into Nancy's cunt. Nancy moaned and raised her head up slightly. "Is that you doing that, Jimmy?" she asked. "Be gentle, please."

"I think Jimmy passed out," said Arnie. "That's Sid finger-fucking you, Nancy. That's OK, isn't it? I'll get some good photos of him doing it to you. It looks really hot."

"Oh my God," gasped Nancy. "Photographers are going to think I'm a real whore, now! With these shots, I'm sure they'll want me!"

She was obviously very aroused.

Sid kept the in-and-out movement going for several minutes as Nancy, beginning to make pre-orgasm sounds again, raised her ass farther off the floor to give him even better access. Then, gasping and whimpering, she came again. "Oh fuck, Sid! That feels so good! Oh, fuck that's good!" she shouted.

Watching this handsome stranger's fingers going in and out of my beautiful wife's cunt, the same cunt another stranger had just eaten, was too much for me. Stroking my cock rapidly, I seconds after Nancy did (my third time that day, actually, counting the time I'd fucked her earlier). I dribbled cum on the already soaked paper towel I'd brought into the cabinet with me.

Seconds later, Sid withdrew his fingers and quickly crawled up beside Nancy. I hadn't noticed before, but he had opened his fly and taken out his erect cock.

And what an erection it was! His hard cock seemed at the time nearly twice as long and thick as Jimmy's, though that's probably an exaggeration. Anyway, it was quite large, and Sid, upright on his knees on Nancy's right side, now held it in his right hand as he began tugging Nancy's whole upper body toward it with his left arm. Was he going to try to stuff that huge cock into my wife's mouth?

"I'd love to fuck your pussy with this," said Sid, suddenly unafraid of being photographed.

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