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A day in the life of a live-in slut.

"Uh, yeah, I think that would look good."

Julia grabs the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly pulls it up, over her head, revealing her flat stomach and white cotton bra. Her breasts are not enormous, but they are large enough to create the gentle, supple curve on her chest. She lets the shirt fall to the side. Danny seems frozen for a moment, mouth slightly open. He manages to recover enough to start taking photos again. Julia isn't sure about what she is doing, but that uncertainly translates to a nervous innocence in her face that only makes the photos look that much more erotic.

The camera continues taking photos. Danny has been hooked by what he has seen so far. He can't help but want more.

"Umm, what if you unbuttoned your jeans a bit. You know, sort of in a teasing way."

Julia hesitates, but only for a moment. She lays back on the couch and reaches for her pants. She unbuttons her jeans and slowly pulls the zipper down. She then raises her hips and begins to slide her jeans down. Danny is shocked and thrilled. He starts to feel some pressure in his own jeans building.

Julia pushes her jeans down to her ankles and kicks them off with her feet. She is lying back on the couch in her white bra and panties. With her knees bent, Danny can see the g-string emerge from between her thighs, offering just the minimum amount of coverage of her slit before it disappearing between her ass cheeks. Danny takes a deep breath.

"How about if you turn over onto your stomach?"

Julia complies. Her gorgeous, round ass is exposed as she lifts her hips off of the couch. She looks back at Danny with those stunning blue eyes, her hair falling down her shoulders and ending just above her lower back. Without any prompting, she reaches back and unclasps her bra. She slides it off and holds her tits tight with her arms. She sits up on the couch, her back still turned partially towards the camera. She is kneeling with her perfect ass resting on her heels. She is holding her tits, but Danny occasionally gets a peak of those pink nipples between her fingers. He starts to wonder about how much storage space could possibly be left on this camera!

"You look amazing," Danny says, barely even blinking as he stares at Julia's supple body. Julia smiles and lays back with her head towards the camera. She tilts her head back so she can stare back at Danny. Having him stare at her nearly naked body with such obvious, primal hunger turns her on. She must have thought about this a hundred times over the years, but never considered it might actually happen.

One hand drops from her chest and moves down her body. Her fingers slide under her tiny white panties to her pussy. She is soaking wet. She inserts a finger into her pussy, then another. She begins slowly finger fucking herself. Her breathing becomes labored as she gets more excited. Her body is writhing and shaking as she touches herself more vigorously, with more urgency. She is staring at the bulge in Danny's jeans, hoping for a chance to feel him.

"I think these pictures could do with some male talent," she whispers.

Danny walks towards her, the camera still in his hand but seemingly forgotten. Julia turns over onto her stomach, again revealing her juicy ass. As Danny gets closer, she reaches up and unbuckles his belt. She unzips his pants and pulls them down past his knees. Her face is level with the bulge in Danny's boxers. She leans forward, burying her nose into the boxers, smelling the musk of his cock.

She is so turned on, she reaches up and yanks the boxers down in one quick motion. Danny's cock bounces free, grazing Julia's cheek. She looks up at her friend and opens her mouth to take his cock.

Danny is mesmerized.

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