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He never thought he'd find the perfect woman in his student.

"I want the radio. Get out. Strip down. Panties only." He was insistent.

"But," Steph tried to interject. Renee looked at her for the first time, a cold regard in his gaze. Steph hung her head in shame. She knew better than to question. She knew he'd get out and walk home if she disappointed him. He'd taken away service from her before, and she'd ached with its loss. She quietly stepped from the car. Renee began to play with the knobs on the radio as she closed the door.

The elevation had brought them above the smog of the city, and the air was remarkably crisp. Steph became particularly aware of its cool embrace as she unbuttoned her shirt. The smooth skin of her flat stomach goose pimpled as she exposed it. She tossed the shirt into the open rear window, checking to see if Renee was watching her. He was focused intently as he adjusted the equalizer of her car stereo.

Steph felt ridiculous getting undressed without Renee's attention. The flush came to her pale cheeks as she pulled her tight jeans off. She had wanted to be playful, bending over and showing Renee the round swell of her cheeks. She wanted his pulse to race and his cock to harden at the sight of her. He nodded at the dashboard completing his tinkering, then returned his gaze out the passenger's side window. Steph wanted to scream for his attention. The frustration and humiliation mixed with the desire inside her, amplifying it. She ran her fingers over the lacy black padded bra she wore. She looked down at her chest, smiling at the way they looked in the lingerie. She licked her lips as she unclasped her bra and let it fall into her left hand. Her rich brown nipples hardened instantly, and she couldn't help but to give one a soft twist.

Renee opened the door into her ass, bumping her to bring her attention back to him. He had laid the driver's side seat down fully. His face was now warm and gentle. She blushed at his regard and his kindness. He would spoil her now, giving her the fullness of his attention. Her sex grew wet with anticipation.

He helped her into the seat and turning her to face the rear window. He climbed onto her lap, taking her hair in his hand and bringing their mouths together in a forceful kiss. His tongue probed her mouth as she felt him reaching into his bag. He broke the kiss and released his grip on her. His smiled down at her, "Hello." he said. Before she could respond, Renee ripped a strip of black duct tape from a roll. He smothered her mouth with the adhesive gag. Steph's eyes rolled in lust; Renee's control was both immediate and complete.

"Be a good girl." He chastised her playfully, reaching again into his bag. This time he pulled out a length of raw jute rope. He wrapped two turns around her left wrist, firmly but gently. He tucked the bite under and around the turns, then hitched the wrist snugly. He brought her hand to the steering wheel, turning the rest of the line around it in a secure X-shape. Steph sighed through her nostrils with the sensation.

Renee got out of the car, carrying two more lines of jute rope. He reached through the rear driver's side window and took her ankle through it. He brought it up and tied her foot through the frames of the open windows. He moved around the back of the car, staring at Steph's eyes as he moved. He wore a wicked grin. His perfect teeth served to make him both more insidious and more desirable. Steph could feel her panties growing moist against her skin. He took her other foot and stretched her legs across the car. He tied the ankle in a similar fashion on the passenger's side. He moved around the windshield, examining his work.

Steph couldn't help but to writhe against her bonds. Each was like a firm, loving hand. Though the vehicle was between them, Steph could feel how tightly, how sweetly Renee held her. She gave a throaty moan of lust.

Renee shook his head and came around to the driver's side door.

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