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Badly injured artist finds lust & love with young care giver.

No matter how many times we made love. No matter how many times we fucked. No matter how many times we saw the dawn come because we had spent all night awake in different positions, playing, and soaking one another with cum and sweat, he was forever making me blush with the knowing look in His eyes and the 'you can't hide from Me' smile that crossed His lips.

I was completely addicted to sex with Him. And He knew it.

He leaned over and kissed me. His lips were warm and coaxing. Day by day I was getting used to His public displays of affection. There was a taste of mustard on His tongue. His hand slid into my hair and pulled my mouth more tightly against His own. His other hand slid up the inside of my thigh and into the legs of my shorts. With fingers resting at the edge of my sex, He lifted His mouth and opened His eyes, gazing at me with heat and lust.

"Do you have any idea what I wish to do right at this moment?"

I nodded. His intent was clear and I could see in the way He looked at me, and I could feel in the way His fingers flexed and pulled at my flesh, that He was going to get His wish any way that He could.

"Good. Come. Now."

He pulled His hand from inside my shorts and stood, moving out into the aisle and started walking up the steps beside our seats. I quickly put down my drink and moved to follow. He didn't look back to check on if I were behind Him. He knew me well. I would not question Him.

At the top of the landing, He took a right and just past the elevators, He took an immediate left. There was a small niche between the two banks of elevators. It is where I found Him, His denim shorts unzipped, His hand wrapped tightly around His cock, stroking...

"Shorts, down to your ankles," He ordered, His dark eyes burning with sexual need.

Within moments my shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped. I wiggled them down my hips and legs until they rested around my ankles. If it were possible, His eyes darkened. He moved to the side of the niche.

"Against the wall, facing it, arms clasped behind your back."

With slow movements, I moved into place. I laid my face against the cool concrete and wrapped my arms behind my back as told. His fingers immediately slid between my thighs, stroking softly the wetness He found there.

"You are always so wet, Mine whore. Always so ready for Me."

Two of His fingers slid up inside of me and spread, widening the opening.

"Don't move your arms and don't make a sound. Understand?"

I nodded.

He bent His legs and slid His cock against my slit. He rubbed the head between my swollen lips and nudged up against my clit causing my body to shudder in bliss. The feel of Him was so intoxicating. He was hot and He was large. He worked my body as though it were made for Him. He left me breathless and He always left me wanting more.

"Like it, do you?" He asked with a wicked chuckle. "That's right, baby, beg me with that cunt."

I could feel the wetness between my legs. I could feel the slickness coating His cock. I moaned at the sensations, our passion always so perfectly matched. I moved back and forth against His shaft, feeling the veins and roughness of His flesh slide against the smooth folds of my sex.

"Say it."

His words were clipped, heated.

"Fuck me, Master."

"Good girl. Louder."

He pressed the head of His cock against the opening to my body.

"Fuck me, Master!" My voice rose in pitch, in need. If someone were standing on the other side of the wall, they would have heard me.

"Very good, little one," He whispered, biting my neck.

His hips shifted and the head of His cock forced itself inside me. My nails dug into the skin of my arms and my body sagged as He pushed up, as He pressed higher and deeper, as He impaled me.

His fingers gripped my hips and held me tight as He pulled out then thrust back in...hard.

"So slick, baby girl. So yummy and hot."

Far in the distance, as though in another w

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