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Belcarms' frustrations teach him an important lesson.

"I am." The moment of intimacy between Master and Chalice is tangible. The Master turns to the two white clad couples arrayed by the table and says, simply, "Prepare her."

At his command the escort turns and moves to join the congregation; two of the white-clad aides approach the Chalice and taking her by the arms, lead her to the cross. In front of it is a low wooden step, onto which she mounts, turning so that she faces the congregation. The aides each take an arm and lift it against the upper sections of the cross. They hold her there while the other two aides approach the table and each take up a piece of the white rope. Walking round to the back of the cross, they wind the rope round the woman's wrists and the cross three times and knot the rope behind. The woman's white shift and pale skin are ghostly in the illumination of the spotlight, her shift is translucent in its beam and the contours of her body are obvious beneath the flowing material.

The first couple now kneel and taking one ankle each, spread the woman's legs against the lower limbs of the cross while the second couple return to the table for the final two pieces of rope. As the woman's legs are held in position, the rope is wrapped around her ankles and tied. The couples return to their places by the table, leaving the woman bound securely to the cross.

The congregation remains silent although the tension in the room has palpably increased.

The Master turns to his partner, Alph, saying, "Sister, she is yours."

At this, Alph, her gold and burgundy robe glowing in the spotlight, takes the knife from the table and holds it up so that its golden blade glitters. She walks slowly to the cross where she halts, facing the woman tied there. Then, reaching above her head she places the blade of the knife in the end of the left sleeve of the shift and, with a flowing movement, cuts up the sleeve from wrist to shoulder. The sleeve falls away, revealing the Chalice's arm, pale in the light. Turning to the other arm, Alph repeats the performance slicing, apparently without effort, through the other sleeve. The sense of excitement in the room mounts and, as the congregation looks on, the Chalice shifts slightly in her bonds. Now, placing the knife blade directly in the neckline of the shift, the woman begins to cut slowly and evenly downwards, from the neck, between the taut breasts, over the belly and down between the legs cutting the shift in two. It parts slightly and the congregation is rewarded with a tantalising glimpse of belly and the small tuft of dark pubic hair before it closes again. Now the shift is held only by the two small strips of material remaining over the shoulders of the Chalice.

Replacing the knife on the table, Alph beckons two of the four aides from their places. They position themselves, one on either side of the cross, while Alph, facing the Chalice, reaches inside the shift and begins to caress the body beneath. Alph's hands move rhythmically over the shoulders, breasts and belly of the bound Chalice, remaining within the shift so that the congregation gets only the briefest of glimpses of her nakedness. As the massage continues the Chalice begins to moan softly. She struggles slightly against the bonds, her lips parted and her face slightly flushed. Alph concentrates on the woman's breasts, the movements beneath the shift suggest the gentle teasing and rolling of the erect nipples. As the Chalice becomes more aroused her gasps of pleasure become louder. The congregation is engrossed; their state of excitement mirrors that of the Chalice. Even the candlelight seems to flicker to the rhythm of the Chalice's growing passion. Alph continues caressing the Chalice for some minutes. She whispers softly to the woman. What she says is inaudible to the congregation but its general sense is clear. She mirrors with her voice the actions of her hands as she caresses the other's body.

Alph looks over at the Master and receives a slight nod.

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