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Son reminisces about the fall of '97.

She felt another breath between her legs, blowing along her wet slit, and she almost fainted in shock. She stared at the Headmistress, helplessly, wishing she would just go away, knowing that she would have been shocked if she could see what was happening to a member of her staff. The thought that two pupils were sexually tormenting a teacher was unbelievable; the fact that they all belonged to the same family just made it incredibly worse.

She felt the person's breath get hotter and her own get shallower as they moved ever closer to her dripping pussy. She couldn't move; she couldn't say anything. Her mouth was so dry in anticipation but how could she say to the Headmistress, "Excuse me but someone is about to eat my cunt"? It was if she was in a trance; not believing this was happening nor believing that she was letting it.

She felt pressure on the inside of her thighs, insistently pressing outward, as her tormentor silently told her to spread her legs. She resisted but knew, with the Headmistress staring at her, that she could not put up much of a fight, hoping that this would soon be over. She opened her legs wide enough for whoever it was to inch forward and she could feel her pussy gushing, soaking her skirt, making her feel even more embarrassed at the proximity of her boss. All she knew was that she was about to have her pussy eaten by someone she couldn't see and there was nothing she could do about it.
As if Jill, or Tony, could read her mind, she felt their tongue slide along her sensitive lips, all the way to the top where her clit lay waiting. She shuddered with pleasure and unconsciously spread her legs a little wider, almost leaning back in her chair before she once again noticed the Headmistress staring at her and noticed the open laptop.

But her attacker took her opening thighs as a signal to continue and they moved even closer to her. Whoever it was, Sarah felt their nose bump her engorged clit as their tongue continued to slowly lick up and down the length of her slit before a little pressure was added and it slipped inside.

Sarah knew that either her sister or her brother was tasting her and she shivered with lust and trembled in shame. She felt if she tried to say any more to the Headmistress, her voice would betray her. She tried pleading with her eyes to the older woman but she in turn just looked even more perplexed by the obvious discomfort of the young teacher.

When Sarah felt the invisible tormentor bring their fingers up to spread her lips before lapping at her juices even more noisily, she knew she had to do something. Putting her hand under her desk on top of the head between her thighs, she stilled whoever it was for a moment and turned her attention back to the Headmistress.

"I'll just finish what I'm doing and then go home, thank you. There's no need to call anyone. I have my car with me."

"Well, if you're sure, Miss Tucker. I hope you feel better soon."

With that, the Headmistress turned and walked the length of the classroom before closing the door behind her. Sarah nearly cried in relief but she released her hand just long enough for the assault on her pussy to begin again.

The tongue was now circling her clit, driving her mad as each new sensation caused her juices to flow once more. Two fingers now slid into her easily and she could do nothing but give herself up to the moment. Whoever was teasing her wasn't finished with her yet, however. One moist finger slid out of her and began to move lower, sliding a wet path down. Sarah moaned aloud in desperation as the three-pronged attack continued on her clit, on her pussy and now on her tightest hole.

Just as she reached the very brink, everything stopped. She moaned again but this time in frustration. She watched as the twins climbed out from beneath her desk, Jill wiping her mouth, Tony sucking her juices from his fingers. It had been both of them.

"Frustrating, isn't it, sis? We'll see you at home.

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