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The right and wrong of being different or "other".

Then I began nibbling at it.

"What are you doing with that sausage?" mum asked. Suddenly self-conscious, I gobbled it down.

"You can go do the dishes, since Simon and I set up and cooked." Mum said.

Grudgingly, I collected everyone's plates up and brought them inside to the kitchen. I hated doing the dishes. I shoved them into the dishwasher.

Simon walked into the kitchen with things from the table.

"These will make tonight more fun." He told me, and picked up one of the spare butter patties and shoved it down my bikini top so it tucked into my breasts.

I couldn't think of anything I wanted more than his hot little arse.

Then he grabbed some left over carrot sticks off the table, and stuck it down the bottom pants of my bikini under my wrap.

"And we'll take this." He said, and went into the fridge and grabbed an ice cream and shoved it down my pants so it was between my legs.

The ice cream was so cold it numbed my pussy. It also made walking around hard to walk, but it felt sensationally erotic.

"Go upstairs, get changed and meet me in my room." He said, putting his hand on my arse. The fingers on his hand penetrated me slightly.

In my room, I took my bikini off and found a pair of lingerie in my suitcase, which were purple and blue stripped with a small top and matching knickers. I took the ice cream, carrot, and butter from my bikini and put them in my knickers.

I was excited and nervous as I left my room and went into Simons. He was there, sitting on his bed waiting for me. His top was off, and he was wearing his boardies.

He grabbed me from the door. "Don't be shy, " he said, "what I find so sexy about you is your confidence." He picked me up and threw me down on his bed. I laughed.

"Now I'll take these off you." He said. He took out the food from me and placed them beside on the bed. "You look so beautiful." He told me. "I just want you to lie there."

Slowly he took off my top, revealing my breasts. He tweaked them slightly and licked between them. He licked his tongue the way down between my cleavage, and over the shelf where my ribs ended and the hollow of my abdomen was. He went down further before removing my underwear. The tingle was sensational. Then he touched my pussy.

"Good, its cold from the ice cream." He said.

"It's hard to feel anything down there." I laughed.

I saw him take a butter patty. He unwrapped the wrapper, and spread it over my pussy. Then he separated my lips and rubbed my clit. He took a carrot and put it in my hot hole. I moaned. He stopped, teasing me. I was desperate for him to continue.

Next I began to take his boardies off, revealing his plumbing. He was well hung. He was sitting by the side of the bed. I rolled over and got off the bed, and kneeled on the floor.

I began licking his cock lightly whilst fondling with his balls. Then I drew it into my mouth and explored the roof of my mouth with it. It was getting very hard, and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. So I stopped. I drew my finger from his balls to his arse hole, teasing him. He groaned.

"You have to finish me off first." I said.

He picked my body up and placed me back on the bed.

"I'm going to eat you." He whispered.

I groaned as he pushed the carrot back in and out of me several times. Then he got the ice cream, which was quite melted and took its wrapper off. He rubbed its melt between my legs so I became numb again. Then as I warmed up from his tongue, I felt his head between my thighs moving up and down as his tongue traced the outline of my cunt folds. The feeling was sensational.

There were some footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Simon!" the voice called, "The phones? for you! I'll bring it in." Damn it! I thought. It was Lola.

Quickly Simon pulled my naked body up and closed me in his big walk in wardrobe. I was left standing there in the dark as horny as ever whilst Lola came into the room.

"Have you seen Sal?" I froze.

"No, I haven't.

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