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Mandy puts the leather hood back on.

The warmth of arousal spread out from her breasts and she leaned into him wondering if this was what the guys in the strip clubs did. Then he slid one hand down to her crotch and cupped it over her genitals, giving then a soft squeeze. She shivered in anticipation and moaned, voluntarily, as encouragement. She never moaned voluntarily with Ron, it just seemed appropriate with Earl, maybe because she'd seen how the girls in porn videos are always moaning and groaning.

Encouraged by her reaction, he put both hands on her hips and slid them down, entangling them in the thong straps and pulling it over her thighs,exposing her genitalia. His head came down as his hands pulled the underwear to the floor and he embedded his face in the softness of her bush. The waltz became forgotten background music as his tongue sought out her clit. His hands ran through her pubic hair and spread her labia so his tongue could better attack the hard nub. She threw her head back, giggled in pleasure and spread her legs to give him better access. Her body jerked in a prelude to orgasm and Earl replaced his tongue with a thumb. Its rapid movements brought her off. She squeaked in delight and her legs buckled. Earl caught her as she toppled back and dove in, once more, with his tongue as he lowered her quivering body to the floor.

She lay gasping on the floor, Earl knelt between her legs admiring her hairy pussy glistening and spread open from his handiwork. "Don't you think it's about time you stripped for me?" she asked with a broad smile.

He stood and responded, "You showed me yours, so I show your mine?" and laughed.

Peggy didn't see the joke but laughed politely. He was straddling her so she could reach the bulge at his crotch and squeezed it, "Yes, show me yours."

"Perhaps we should retire upstairs to the bedroom," he suggested, helping her up.

She kissed the outline of his penis that showed through the fabric of his briefs as she stood, "See you upstairs," and walked calmly to the stairs. Earl followed, watching her butt jiggle with each step and admiring the way her inner labia peeked out from her fleshy, hair covered slit as she ascended the stairs in front of him. He grasped the soft fleshy buttocks at the top of the stairs to direct her to the guest bedroom.

The words written in Peggy's diary expertly describe what happened next:

Earl led me to the guest bedroom. I sat on the bed and he stood in front of me, took my hands and placed them on his hips over the waist band of his briefs. As soon as he began pulling off his top I realized that he wanted me to pull the briefs down, so I did.
Where to begin? I guess with penis size. Earl had a much smaller penis than Ron. It had the same shape as Ron's but it was only like 4 inches long fully erect. Ron's is that big when it's soft. It was smaller in diameter too, less than an inch. The tip was just as big as the tip of Ron's penis. Earl liked to joke about it. He said things like, "I bet you've never had one this big before." I had to honestly admit I hadn't. Then he said "Not many women have, they worry about whether they will fit, I mean feel, it inside." maybe not that funny but it did have the effect of making me feel comfortable about having sex with him.

Oh, another difference between Earl and Ron is that Earl is circumcised, that's the first time I've seen one of those. I've only seen uncircumcised penises in person before (Ron is uncircumcised and so are my brothers). Mom's sex home schooling taught me what a foreskin is and I'd had plenty of practice cleaning my brothers' when I bathed them and changed their diapers so I knew all about it when I saw Ron's penis. Ron's penis looks like a sausage, it even has a kind of tie off point at the tip. You can see the outline of the penis head through the skin and I liked slipping it back and forth over the head which extends out of the foreskin when it's hard.

I knew about circumcision but Earl had to tell me that's why he

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