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Kat sat down on the cloak and gestured for Steve to sit down beside her. He had barely sat down when Kat reached across to kiss him. He opened his arms to embrace her but before he could she gripped him firmly by the wrists and pressed his arms against his sides. Steve liked it when a woman took control of the situation, and when Kat pushed him back down onto the footplate and straddled him he offered no resistance. This time when he tried to wrap his arms around her, Kat forced his arms back onto the floor so his hands were above his head, and held him tightly so he couldn't move.

She was teasing him now. She hovered above him, her lips tantalisingly close, yet so far away. Steve tried to lift his head to kiss her but she moved just out of reach. He couldn't lift his head any further because Kat still had hold of his arms. He lowered his head and waited. Slowly, Kat brought her lips closer, closer, until they were barely touching his. Before he could kiss her she moved her head again, this time fluttering her eyelashes against his upturned throat. Steve took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as he felt his cock straining inside his trousers. He was powerless to move while Kat held him like this, and it was driving him wild with anticipation, especially now that he knew that her ass was exposed to the fresh evening air.

Kat, still holding Steve's arms tightly, leaned forward to kiss him gently on the forehead. Seizing his moment, Steve lifted his head and planted a soft kiss on her outstretched neck. Kat froze, giving Steve the chance to plant a second, then a third kiss, before turning his head and gently blowing in her ear. He heard Kat sigh, and as he kissed her again, he felt her grip loosen, so he freed his hands and began running his fingers through her hair as he continued nuzzling her neck and nibbling her earlobes. He paused to gaze into her eyes, and saw a smouldering look of defeat. Her knew her weakness, that was all, and she was powerless to resist.

Ashamed of her momentary lapse, Kat once again took the lead, climbing off Steve's prone body and getting onto all fours next to him. Steve needed no further invitation and raised himself to his knees, positioning himself behind her. He lifted the hem of her dress and took in the full glory of Kat's ass, naked as a jaybird. Ke kissed both cheeks before running a finger between her legs. He felt the warm wetness of her pussy and as he ran his finger along her slit she let out a low moan. Steve licked his finger before slowly working it between her lips. As he did so Kat sighed, and slipped the top of her dress down, letting her breasts swing free.

Steve reached forward with his free hand and gently tweaked a nipple, feeling it harden and grow longer between his fingers. "I want you baby," murmured Kat as she writhed beneath Steve's touch. She reached back and grabbed his crotch, feeling his stiffness through his trousers. As she fumbled with the zipper, Steve unbuttoned his shirt and then, seeing that Kat was having a little trouble, stood up and took off his trousers and boxer shorts. He knelt back down, and leant over Kat and kissed the back of her neck. She turned her head and their lips met, the passion of the kiss causing Steve's already engorged cock to stiffen more and brush against Kat's pussy.

He grabbed his shaft and with one hand began to rub the head along her slit, coating it with her juices. Kat reached back, and with two fingers, spread the lips of her pussy, and thrust her ass into the air. Steve took this as a signal to continue and gently slid his cock inside. The soft walls of her pussy gripped his cock as he slipped inside. Entering her from behind allowed him to penetrate deeper and each time he felt his balls slap against the back of Kat's thighs he heard her emit a soft moan.

As Kat leaned on one elbow, she used the other hand to squeeze her breasts together and pinch her nipples as they swung back and forth in time with Steve's

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