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How my boyfriend found out I was bisexual.

Finger fucking and feeling titties is just for fun.

Again I think it was Helen who read Hank the rules. "I love having men finger fuck me and fondle my titties. You love watching and doing the same with other gals. We want to make each other happy. So if we really do love each other we should be happy sharing my pussy with others."

Yep, pretty much how I explained it to Dollie in the 60's. You may not understand or agree with these ideas. Love is strange.

They still weren't exactly like us. Dollie has never gotten fingered without me watching. She actually only started doing it for my entertainment.

Helen was already a realtor and looking hot in her tight tops and mini skirts. When showing a home she was often being hit on, mostly by married men. Perfect. Helen didn't want a boyfriend. She just wanted fondled and fingered! This went on for years and they both were happy. After Helen was nearly raped and often had to fight off customers, she stopped playing finger dipping games on the job.

Here's where I got jealous. Hank was working part time at a small strip club for a friend. Hank was getting all of the young whores and dancing girls he wanted. His boss friend had rules for the constantly changing crew of strippers. No dating customers and no fucking on club property. He admitted, sometimes he broke club rules and fucked. But mostly he took them in a back room to finger and fondle.

When the strip club went up for sale Hank bought it from his friend. Now he had a never ending supply of finger fucking females always ready to serve.

Somehow, using his friend's no-fuck rules, and taking the lap dance theme to the next level, he had his girls playing his and Helen's finger fucking and fondling games with anyone with $10 to $20 and an hour's time. A cost Hank said that the working man could afford.

Of course Hank got all he wanted free from his employees. Most of the girls figured getting fingered was easier and more fun than standing on a stage being stared at by a bunch of old drunks.

Poor Helen was no longer getting any strange fingering and fondling. One of them decided that the club was often home to several horny old perverts who were always staring at Helen and making offers to go in the back room. Why not let Helen play there when she had free time? I suppose her and Hank discussed this. Maybe it just happened one evening.

For the past ten years or so both Helen and Hank were using the lap dance rooms for their own finger fucking games. Safe, and Helen was even getting paid for it. As a bonus one or more of the strippers would come in now and then to make sure Helen was safe.

An added bonus, Helen often got masturbated by one of those lesbian strippers. Helen made it clear she is no lesbian but being finger fucked by one now and then was exciting. Usually the old guy paying for the room enjoyed the extra gal too. All the while it was safe and partially legal.

Me, I was lucky if I could find a girl willing to let me fondle her. Back then Dollie always had something to do with it. Dollie enjoyed watching me fondle and fuck other women so this always worked out well.

Still, we dreamed of a married couple just to swap for masturbation and cuddling. Every time we found the ideal couple, one or the other wanted to swap and fuck. We spent much of our lives while playing our games in search of that one special couple with the same values and ideas as us. They didn't exist!


THE DID EXIST! Hank and Helen part two.

Too short for a stand alone story. Yet I wanted to share these bits of information.

Was it karma or that kinky angel of mine? We'd met a boy, too young, 20 year old Mikey. Not the dumbest thing we'd done! This lead us to meeting some of his barely legal friends. Not a smart move! Next it was something totally uncalled for and shocking, teasing two older Mexican guys in a public diner along with those boys, eager to learn about sex. Admittedly a stupid move! I'm blaming that angel!

Because Dollie was loving those young fingers in h

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