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Mom has to re-establish her authority.

She had great breasts. She was nicely framed with perky c cups. Her nipples stuck out like little ripe buds. The hat fit her face nicely.

Her friend, Rachel was wilder looking. She had on a shimmery blue and silver top, her red hair was pulled back into a tight bun, which enhanced her facial features. Her long slim legs were tanned and a remarkable sight. She looked as though she worked out regularly and kept her tight body in wonderful shape. In addition, she sported some great jewelry, and donned some tattoos, about five or six of them on different parts of her body.

These two entranced me; I couldn't keep my eyes off them for a second. They seemed to move in perfect time to the music and didn't need much help from the professional dancer who were there to coach the amateurs with their dance steps.

I threw a dollar or two up onto the stage to show my appreciation for them. Somehow, this must've worked because they danced their way over to me and danced very erotically in front of me. Thankfully, they didn't possess that professional distant look of detachment that the pro's had to have with customers. It seemed as though they enjoyed what they did. Maybe they were flattered that I paid so much attention to them so soon.

I grew very aroused with their dances. My kakis began to tent up like a circus tent. Funny thing was, I usually became that aroused only when I received a private table dance.

As they began to remove their clothes, (well their tops at least) I saw their natural breasts for the first time. Rachel was also a C Cup. With delicious nipples that I coveted immensely. They were either close friends and comfortable and or bisexual because they came together and ground their tits into each other and hands were flying all around as they caressed each others body. When they finally kissed it was hotter then a two-dollar pistol on the Forth of July. Money from all sides flew as if it had wings up onto the stage much to their delight.

Allison caught my eye again, smiled saucily at me, and I guess, or rather hoped, my skull wouldn't pop out of my skin. My eyes tried to take in her whole body at once. There nearly caused sensory overload, no doubt, I was fascinated by her natural great looks. She reminded me of the woman next door or down the block that you've always fantasized about but probably would never get a chance with. By now, my cock throbbed and cried out for LIBERATION from their fabric prison.

Allison looked over at her friend who was dancing for another guy across the way and then she whispered something to the pro dancer which I couldn't hear over the powerful house music. I would learn later that the whisper was a request of the pro dancer to give me a table dance. She made her way over to me, put her face level with mine, and said, "Would you like a table dance?" I thought to myself is the Pope Catholic and nodded a reply.

Soon Allison and Rachel's time was up and they were applauded thunderously. As the announcer said some parting words of praise and encouragement, Alison talked briefly with her friend and then came over to me at my table.

"I wanted to take this time to say, I really loved you and your friends dance. My name is James, and it's a pleasure to meet you, I said extending my hand to hers." She took my hand and said, "it's nice to meet you too James, my name is Allison, and my friend is Rachel."

Now, Rachel wasn't at our table as she was busy chatting with another gentleman across the small dance floor on the other side. She soon came back over and introduced herself to me.

"Would you like to choose a place a little more private James," she asked demurely. "Sure thing, that would be much more relaxing for all involved." I said my gaze level with hers.

We all walked back to a couch with a tall back towards the back of the club.

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