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Anne needs room service.

Finally she said, "Anyone?" Still silence.

"Okay girls, well if that is all then you are to go to the gym and dress out. We are going to practice for the presidential physical fitness test," she explained, feeling relieved. The girls all groaned in disappointment. The only thing worse than an awkward sex talk was more than 60 minutes of flexed arm hangs and shuttle runs. There were a few more moments of silence and then Kassandra finally spoke up. She decided it was up to her to save them.

"Andalee, I was wondering, is there a chance that I can masturbate too much?" she asked, "Like either my cock or my pussy." Andalee felt a chill run up her back. She was kind of hoping this wouldn't happen, but part of her wanted to talk sex with these girls, to help them with this most awkward of subjects. The other girls giggled at the question, but they were interested as well.

"No dear," she explained, "Masturbating is very healthy. There is really no amount of masturbating that can hurt you. I mean as long as you are enjoying it you should feel free to explore. However, if you experience any discomfort you should stop." Kassandra nodded in what was apparent relief. In reality she would sometimes spend hours in her bed, masturbating one set of genitals and then the other until she was too tired to move. She always had a vague fear in the back of her mind that there was something wrong with what she was doing but now she felt relieved. Before Andalee could reflect upon her answer, another hand went up and she called on Kylin.

"This is kind of a weird thing," The tiny girl explained and the other girls looked at her curious, "Sometimes, like if I don't pay attention to myself my dick goes into my pussy when it is soft. You know, it just kind of slips and inch or two in and then I take it back out. It kind of feels nice, but I am worried it might hurt me or something," Nikoletta laughed (despite having experienced this herself and was also worried) and Andalee gave her an angry stare. She could tell this one would be trouble. The other girls looked at her expectantly, some even nodding as the question was posed.
"You shouldn't be too concerned about that," Andalee explained. She had read about this phenomenon, one which she didn't have to worry about. It was a rather common occurrence which some women incorporated into their masturbation and sex lives. Obviously, she couldn't say this to the girls, but she want to let them know that they didn't have to worry, "Our bodies are designed to be unable to impregnate themselves. Even if a large amount of sperm were to get into your vagina from your own girldick, there would be no negative affects whatsoever," Kylin sighed to herself. She often purposefully inserted her dick into her pussy because it felt nice when she walked, she fearing that she was causing herself harm and was now very much relieved. Now two hands came up, both Jade and Jasmine had questions. Andalee thought that Jasmine's hand had come up first, so she chose to call on her.

"Yeah, I was just wondering if it was weird or something if you like to masturbate your butt more than your pussy or your cock," she stated. As the words came out of her mouth she blushed and looked at her shoes. She knew she was a pervert and just wanted someone to tell her that she was. Nikoletta opened her mouth to say something to that effect but Andalee shot her a look which indicated that this was not appropriate.

"Absolutely not," she said to the girl who looked up surprised, "Statistical studies have shown that 25% of A-class Hishes, 35% of B-class Hishes, and nearly 95% of C-class Hishes prefer anal stimulation to all else," Andalee knew that she was among that 95% of C-class Hishes, "Some girls have larger glands in their anuses which are stimulated from contact. There is nothing wrong with that preference. You must simply be careful when stimulating your anus because it is more easily torn when compared to the vagina," she felt confident about her performance as she called on Jade.

"I only like to masturb

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