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A young soldier becomes a living legend.

Nick asked if he could order for me, and I had no problem with that.

We enjoyed a multi-course meal in the manner of several plates of lightly portioned but excellently prepared foods. During the meal, I tried to make small talk with Nick, but he just wanted to talk about how beautiful he thought I was. That I far exceeded what he expected from that casual photo on my public profile. And how sexy he thought it was when I walked across the lounge towards him. With my hips swaying and my belly rising and falling with each step. He complimented my outfit and said that he would love to dive headlong into my cleavage.

He was coming on very strong. About how a woman as beautiful as I am should not hide her body away from men like him who would give anything to see it, and touch it, and make love to it. And how cruel I was to deny him the pleasure of a photo of my body in all its nude glory. He promised he wouldn't share it, or post it on a photo sharing web site. He would keep it just for himself. No. I'm not that gullible. If I gave him a photo of myself nude, it would be all over the world within a week.

Before dessert, it hit me. I would play the player and start laying it on thickly myself. I'd start flirting back and see what happened. I felt that he would run like a scared rabbit. When our chocolate mousse arrived, I licked my lips seductively and made a sexy sound. And I told him how much I loved chocolate, that I liked it almost as much as sex. But just almost... I accidentally on purpose dribbled a tiny bit of the whipped cream onto my cleavage and made a big show of wiping it with my finger and licking it off; sucking the tip of my finger as I finished. My goblet of mousse empty, I pushed it away with a contented sigh and told him how good it all was.

I asked if he wanted an after dinner drink and he suggested we have it in his suite, there was a fully stocked mini bar and a balcony with an incredible view. He was doing his damnedest to get me into his room. So, I said, "okay baby, let's go".

He was a little shocked at first, and then guided me from my chair across the lobby to the elevators. He occupied a large suite at the end of the hall on one of the top floors. The sitting room was elegant and spacious. And of course, the balcony he praised was in the bedroom. Which was appointed with a large high bed, an armoire, table, dresser, and an antique reproduction chair in the corner.

I set my purse and package down on the small bedroom table, and peered out the French doors that opened onto a small balcony. He sidled up behind me with two champagne flutes and asked if I liked champagne. I figured that he thought he had closed the deal and was going to be in my panties soon, if he was willing to open a bottle of the good stuff. I shook my head at him and raised my own eyebrow. I told him "Uh-uh baby, let's save that for later. I have something else in mind first."

His face brightened up and he moved forward to try and put his hand on my tit. I playfully pushed it away and explained to him that he was going to get his wish of seeing it all, but on one condition. He couldn't lay a finger on me. He had a "you've got to be kidding" look on his face. I stepped towards the chair in the corner and told him that he could sit there like a good boy and keep his hands to himself, and I would show him anything and everything he wanted to see. I pulled the chair out of the corner and set it about two feet from the side of the bed. From it, he had a full view of the bed and bathroom just beyond. "Sit down" I told him.

He started to get into the game.

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