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Cobie Smulders closes down a bar with a hockey fan.

He checked his watch. Seven minutes and the apartment was not in sight yet. Plus, they lived on the fourth floor. That would take extra time. A sense of fear gripped him as he walked faster.

Funny how fate has events planned for us, quite contrary to what we expect or wish, isn't it? Well, let's say dear fate had things planned for our Jeremy too. As he walked faster on the pavement, he lost control and slipped. With wide eyes and wildly flinging of arms, he fell on the hard, cold stony pavement on his ass. A sharp blinding pain shot through him as his butt made contact with the not very inviting pavement. He yelled in pain as tears swelled in his eyes. As he lay there, rolling in pain and unable to get up, he felt a pair of strong arms hold him at the shoulders and help him get up.

Slowly, wincing in pain Jeremy started getting up. After a struggle that lasted a couple of minutes he could finally stand on his feet. However, his hip hurt and he had angry red bruises on his palms from the fall.

"Are you okay?" A soft, deep voice asked him. He would have felt better had the voice not betrayed obvious signs of attempting to suppress laughter.

"I'm fine." He replied and now that his pain seemed bearable he turned to look at his helper. A guy about twenty-four or five, young handsome chiselled looks, ripped physique with the perfect built, spiked black hair and striking blue eyes. Jeremy thought he should have felt a sense of gratitude and endearment for such an Adonis. However, his biting his lip, trying to hold back a smile with amusement simply radiating from his eyes; didn't appeal to or amuse him. Apparently, his pain was funny for him.

Jeremy raised his eyebrows and was about to retaliate when he remembered his deadline. He hastily checked his watch. Fuck! He was a god ten minutes past the fifteen minutes allotted. He was a dead man now.

"Thanks." He muttered and turned quickly to walk away. However, his hurt hip didn't seem supportive and the intense pain that shot through him made him wince and fall yet again. However, this time he landed not on the stony pavement but in the arms of the hottie.

"There I saved you again. Seriously, what's the hurry about? Why are you hurting this cute little ass?" He remarked unabashed.

"Excuse me?" Jeremy turned the neck the most he could while he held him from behind. Jeremy had turned a deep shade of red and was guessing the 'cute ass' he was talking about was a deeper red. The guy laughed and put Jeremy's arm around his neck while his under the latter's shoulder. Once he had balanced them and they assumed a stance fine enough for walking with least discomfort, he enquired.

"Where should I take you, to my place or yours?"

Jeremy frowned and looked at his face. He winked at him and smiled flirtatiously. His idea of a joke at this juncture when he was torn between the pain in his ass and the thought of a fuming Jacob did not go down well with Jeremy.

"If your stupid jokes and innuendos are done, I'd like to go to my apartment where my boyfriend's waiting for me." Jeremy declared.

The guy looked slightly disappointed but hastily regained his boisterous manner. "Next Stop- Your place!"

They walked for a couple of minutes in silence. They guy didn't speak and Jeremy was too worried to think about striking a conversation. However, silence seemed to be the guy's greatest rival.

"By the way, my name is Chris. I'm interning at an advertising agency. What about you? High school?" He smiled at his humour.

"My name's Jeremy. And no I'm not in high school. I'm in college doing my undergrad. I'll be majoring in English." Jeremy retorted.

"Oh! Cool!" He exclaimed. "That explains this fragility about you. English major student, I should have known."

"What the hell? Stop stereotyping people!" Jeremy shot at him. He didn't like it when someone called him fragile or weak or not the normal guy. What if he was a bit mild? That didn't mean he was a weakling.


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