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A young woman and her mentor.

The smell is kind strong but it grows on me, as I reach down to pull off the t-shirt .

I pause...laughing... if you were here and my hands are yours then...I slowly slide my hands up under my breasts and lift, you love to lift my breasts, you say that they are the perfect weight, big enough to grab and hold and yet small enough to not have to wear a bra if I am feeling daring. You have never managed to take a shirt off of me without first lifting my breasts, I had never thought about how much it turns me on just that simple act, even if you have no intention of having sex, you will still cup me and lift, usually followed by a quick pluck of my nipples guaranteed to send a ping up and down my body. I finish removing the shirt and step down into the steaming water.

I love hot baths, it is one of my guilty pleasures, I can soak hours if I have a good book and a free day. I lay back pulling my hair up off of my neck and lean against the tub... oh this feels good.

Somehow you have always known when I needed a non-day as I like to call them. I just drift almost asleep.

The water starts to go cold after about forty minutes so I climb out and slowly rub dry with a large fluffy towel. I blow out the candles and walk into the bedroom.

I see the red box, a little more rectangular, quite a bit larger than the last one sitting on the bed. Again I slit the tape and lift the lid. I smile; this is clothes and a letter.

Dazi...sweetheart you know I love to pick your clothes out when we are together. Pretend that I am sitting in my favorite chair watching you get ready for a night out together, dress up for me baby.

I can hear your voice in my head as I read the letter, can feel your arms around me holding me close.

I sigh, missing you, but turn to the box. Opening the tissue paper I first lift off a simple pretty waist chain, it is heavy, gold, long. It is beautiful. Then I pull up a stunning black silk wrap dress. Under the dress in the box I find a white garter belt and a pair of silk stockings; that is it. You must have been feeling sexy when you picked this outfit out...Laughing I realize you have left out underwear...oh well.

I drop the towel and walk nude over to my dressing table, your favorite chair is just to the side, as I sit down in front of the mirror and reach for my blow-dryer. This is another of those tasks that used to be mundane but after you came into my life became more. You love to sit and watch me dry my long hair; that is as long as I do it naked. My arms lift up to pull the brush through my hair, the noise of the dryer soothing, when my hair is mostly dry, I lift both arms up and gather my hair into a soft loose knot at the neck, leaving a few wisps to curl softly around my face.

I don't wear much makeup, you say that you prefer me natural, so all I put on is a light shimmer of eye shadow, a powder, mascara and a pale raspberry lip-gloss.

I stand up and face your chair as if you were sitting there and ask you if you approve. I know you would, were you here I would walk over to you to tease you...lean my hands on the arms of your chair and slide my legs along the outside of yours. I love the feel of you fully dressed and me naked in your lap. It makes me feel delicate, vulnerable, soft, woman.

I turn a slow circle as if showing off for your then walk over to the bed and slowly slide the garter belt up my legs and over my hips settling it at my waist. The white silk looks decadent against my lightly tanned flesh and the belly chain accents the contrast of colors.

I slowly roll on the stockings, bending at the waist my ass towards your chair and connect the clasps to the belt. I slowly stand up and the feel of the silk on my legs and my bare pussy feels so decadent. I wish you were here, The belt is scary sexy, I know that at this point you would not have been able to stop from doing or having me do something sexual.

I picture your hands running up my legs, playing with the stays.

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