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Kim is a gift once again.

Maybe he was outside in the back yard or just left his truck in the drive for some mind was getting overloaded. Then I heard what sounded like a man grunting but it was muffled and drowned out by her own grunts, groans and moans of pleasure.

I stopped and listened as she screamed out very loud and explicitly, "Oh Daddy,.....fuck me harder....cum in me....harder...oh YES....I'm cumming again!!!!" I was stunned and actually doubled over in the kitchen when I heard her say that!

I slowly opened the door to the hallway and followed the sounds of sex coming from our bedroom. I crept down the hall with all kinds of conflicting feelings and emotions. I tried to open the master bedroom door but it was locked. I stood outside and just listened in a daze to the sexual sounds of both of them and the squeaking of the bed. I then thought of our little boy and decided to check on him in his room. He was nowhere to be found. Terri must have dropped him off at her mom's or a neighbor to take care of him.....while she fucked her dad. I wondered if her mom knew or suspected anything. My mind was whirling as my stomach churned. I was close to throwing up thinking of them together, naked and sweating. But I was drawn back to the bedroom door again by a force that I could not explain. I felt betrayed by Terri and by my own body...I was getting an erection.

I stood at the door listening and trying to visualize exactly what they might be doing just a few feet away. Was she under him or on top....maybe he was behind her fucking her doggy style. Terri loved it that way. I could hear the slapping of their bodies together and Terri's grunts as he slammed into her time after time. Terri let out a loud gut wrenching moan and said she was cumming again and screaming obscenities. "Fuck me Daddy...FUCK ME!!!! You are the biggest I have ever had.....I love you and your big cock....oh my god.....I'm cumming again!!!!"

I found the key to the door and gently opened it just a bit. The first thing I noticed was the musky sexual aroma that hit my nose...the familiar sweet odor of a woman's fully aroused sex mixed with the secretions of cum and fluids. I inhaled and almost came myself as I felt my own cum surge from my balls into my cock....I was so close to erupting in my pants. I grabbed my cock to stop it but felt a short blast of super hot cum shoot from my swollen glans as I peeked inside the room. What I saw next I will NEVER forget as long as I live. Possibly the largest cock I have ever seen was buried deep in my young wife and was pounding her with such force that she was grunting with each vicious thrust and yet she was yelling for him to fuck her even harder. I stood there in awe and complete astonishment seeing with my own eyes my father-in-law, Terri's DAD, fucking his own daughter. My cock stiffened more and throbbed as the rest of my cum erupted and filled my underwear. I realized that I was actually enjoying this scene because I had gotten an erection like none other and had cum just from watching my gorgeous wife getting fucked by another man....her own DADDY no less!!!!!

I may not be able to explain the feelings and emotions I experienced in my heart, but one thing for cock and brain had betrayed me and liked what it "saw and smelled". To hear her scream out in pleasure one orgasm after another was more than I could take.

She was on her knees, ass in the air, legs wide apart and her face buried into the bed.

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