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Three women control him for a weekend.

I didn't want to prey on some inexperienced 18 year old, although I suppose anyone in that business gets a lot of experience in a short time.

I paid extra for the GFE (girl friend experience) and it was worth it. When we met at her apartment she welcomed me with a continental kiss on both cheeks. We drank some wine and chatted. She was friendly, vivacious and her accent was delightful. I told her it was my first time with an escort and she responded warmly. Soon we were kissing, something a lot of prostitutes don't do, according to Pretty Woman. She was only a tiny bit aroused so I gently massaged her sexuality. Her kissing became more enthusiastic and she kept kissing me as she undid my belt and pulled off pants.

I've haven't had a lot of blow jobs in my life. A few before I was married and few during. Rosemary was never keen to go down on me. Gisele's blow job was far and away the best I've ever had. I let my cock swell to a respectable seven inches. I didn't want to alarm her at this stage. Her skills were so good I didn't need to push my "orgasm button", I came quickly and naturally. Gisele might have been about to spit out my cum but when she tasted it in her mouth her eyes widened. She swallowed it all and returned to my cock to try to suck out more.

There was something I hadn't told Al, it was just too disgusting. My sperm now smelled and tasted absolutely amazing. A few days after my change started I was masturbating and as I'd made my cock over a foot long, when I came my cum shot up and hit me in the face. The smell was delicious and when I involuntarily licked my lips and tasted it I found it indescribably delicious. Probably addictive.

I gave myself another orgasm so that Gisele received another mouthful of my delectable sperm. She greedily sucked up every drop, savoring it her mouth before swallowing. Surprised and impressed that I was still hard she straddled me, skillfully rolled a condom over my erection and guided it into her warm, wet pussy. She looked so beautiful, sitting on top of me, her hair falling over her smooth bare shoulders, her large, soft, glorious breasts swaying as she ground her groin into mine.

Uncontrollable lust boiled up inside me. I grabbed Gisele's hips and started thrusting upwards with my hips, driving my cock powerfully into her pussy over and over again as the tame horse that she had been riding became a wild stallion. The feeling of her slick pussy squeezing my cock and the moaning, gasping sounds she made as she climaxed aroused me even more.

With almost no effort I lifted Gisele off my cock flipped her onto her back and slammed into her again even harder and faster. I expanded my cock until I could feel it hitting the back of her pussy and stretching the sides but I still grew it some more, pressing down hard on her sexuality, giving her orgasm after orgasm. Gisele's lovely body was covered in a sheen of sweat as she flopped around like a landed fish. I pushed her to a last intense climax and held her there until her eyes rolled back to show the whites and she passed out.

As my sexual frenzy rapidly dissipated, I felt terrible. For one terrible moment I thought I might have killed her or blown her mind but she regained consciousness moments later. Gisele laid there, still shaking with little orgasmic aftershocks, murmuring almost incoherent phrases in French. "Oh mon dieu, mon dieu." Was the only one I could understand. That's when it really hit home for me, I had supernatural powers, but not like a crime fighting superhero. I had almost godlike sexual powers, in fact I was becoming a sex god.

Gisele looked up at me with a mixture of confusion and fear in her eyes. I lay down beside her and gently cuddled her body, stroking her hair and kissing her lightly on the cheek and neck. Gradually she relaxed and after a while fell asleep. I left a generous tip on the bedside table and let myself out.

Al returned from the toilet and demanded to hear about my appointment with the hooker.

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