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Liandra is prepared for a party.

"I bet you REALLY want to cum right now, don't you?" she teased me, licking the head of my cock as she worked me over, my hips jerking into her face as I somehow tried to stop myself from cumming.

"Good boy. You deserve a break. So let's see if your friend over here will be getting just as lucky tonight," she teased me when she pulled her mouth off of my dick just seconds before I would've popped down her throat, winking at me as she crawled over to Mike and started to blow him.

"Let's see how much self-control you have big boy," she teased Mike as she lowered her mouth around his dick, her hands holding it in place as she started to go to town on him.

"OHGOD. Suck...it...R-Ronda. Fuck..." he whispered as she blew him, his ships starting to push forward into her face as she deep-throated him and ran her tongue over his dick, moaning every now and then to add to his discomfort.

"If you want to cum, go ahead and cum. And your friend over there will be the only one to get inside my goldmine," she teased him, going back to work on his dick as he threw his head back and lurched his hips into her face.

"FUCK. I made it," Mike moaned when he felt Ronda stop sucking his dick and pull away from him, breathing another sigh of relief when she walked over to him and released him from his handcuffs before doing the same to me.

"Now it's time to really have some fun," she teased us as she worked us out of our clothes, our hands running over her body as we sipped her out of her dress and laid her down on the bed.

"Holy shit what a body you have," I whispered to her as we slid her panties off of her and unhooked her bra, Mike starting to make out with her as I parted her legs and ran my tongue along her cunt lips.

"MMM...lick me baby. You earned it," Ronda hissed as my tongue slid into her pussy, her walls immediately wrapping around it and pulling it deeper inside of her as Mike made out with her and sucked on her tits.

"Right...there...FUCK YES," she hissed when my tongue found a sensitive spot inside of her, her legs wrapping around my head as I ate her out some more, backing my tongue out of her and quickly replacing it with my dick.

"Let's give you something a little bigger to wrap this tight cunt of yours around Ronda," I teased her as I parted her legs and slid my dick inside of her, Mike sucking on her tits and keeping her occupied as my dick started to tear up her insides.

"MMM...FUCK. Fuck me," Ronda moaned as I thrust in and out of her, her legs going up on my shoulders as she twisted her hips around my dick.

"GODDAMN you're tight Ronda. I'm not gonna last too much longer baby," I told her as I hammered my dick home inside of her, her walls clinging to my dick as Mike laid down next to her and waited for me to finish up with her.

"Fuck me with that dick. Oh my fucking God I'm gonna cum," Ronda shouted, throwing her head back when I found her g-spot, her legs leaving my shoulders and wrapping them around my waist as she came for me, her cunt juices spewing out over my dick as I thrust away inside of her.

"Ronda, tell me where to cum baby. Gonna blow soon," I whispered to her as I buried myself balls-deep inside of her as she arched her back and threw her head back once more.

"Inside me. Please," she begged me as I gave her a few more thrusts and blew my load into her, gobs of my cum shooting into her pussy as I held myself within her until I had completely emptied myself inside of her.

"I'm gonna need a minute Ronda," I joked to her as I rolled off of her, still feeling the pressure of her spasming cunt around my dick even as she pinned Mike to the bed and climbed on top of him, lowering her pussy down around his dick.

"SHIT. Ride me Ronda," Mike begged her as Ronda teased him, lowering herself down around his dick and then lifting up before finally going all the way and starting to bounce up and down on his hard cock.

"You can't handle me," she teased him as she rode him, once again enjoying

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