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I knew I shouldn't watch, but I couldn't leave... the sight was amazing... and her hard breathing made my big cock grow harder than it'd had ever been...

I started to feel guilty watching her and was about to turn away... when I heard something that made me stop in my tracks!!

My very own mother, calling out my name, as she pounded her hot juicy cunt, over and over again...

Hearing her call my name... I just wanted to go over to her and fill her with my big cock. But I didn't know how she'd react to that, so I watched mom fuck her pussy hard...

As she called out my name and my cock got so hard that I had to go to my room before she caught me with a raging hard on...

I pulled my cock out of my shorts and stroked hard, thinking of moms wet snatch and how good she would feel, it didn't take long before I was shooting a big hot load of cum...

The next day, when I got back from work, my mom wasn't there so I went to take a cool shower again, and left the door unlocked just in case she came home and needed the bathroom...

While I was standing under the water, thinking about my mom fucking her hot pussy... my cock got hard again... so I started to stroke it again.

I got so deep in thought that I didn't hear my mom come home. I got so hard thinking about how good it would feel to be in her pussy, that I didn't hear her quietly come into the bathroom in her bathrobe.

Mom stopped moving when she heard me in the shower stroking my hard cock and heard me say her name over and over again and how bad I wanted to fuck her. She left the bathroom as quietly as she came in, and went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

After I shot my load and got out of the shower I got dressed and went into the living room to sit down and watch some tv, and wait for dinner. Later that night I went to my room to go to bed.

Mom came into my room and sat down next to me on my bed, and asked me if I heard any noises the night before when I came in, and I told her no, but my face got so red that she knew I was lying.

She asked me again what I heard, so I decided then to tell her what I seen and heard... she looked away embarrassed and started to get up to leave but I grabbed her arm to stop her and said you don't need to be embarrassed by anything...

That's when she told me, that she had come into the bathroom earlier while I was showering, and had seen me stroking my big hard cock and heard me saying her name over and over... and how it had made her so hot, and made her pussy gush.

I took a deep breath and told her, Mom, I have thought about you for a long time like that, wanting to see your big beautiful tits in my face, feel them in my mouth and feel your hot pussy on my hard cock.

I never thought I was possible, until last night when I heard you and seen you on your bed fucking your hot pussy, saying my name over and over...

That it made my cock so raging hard, that I had to go to my room and start stroking it imagining that I was buried deep inside your wet pussy...

I know we shouldn't, but I don't care, and I don't think you do either... I want to fuck your in all your holes...

Then I watched as my mother, my beautiful hot mother, pull the sheet back off my body, took my cock in her hands...

She bent over and sucked my balls and then came back up and took my raging hard cock into her mouth. She unfastened her bathrobe and let it fall away, exposing her D-cup breasts.

She continued sucking me, taking my whole cock into her mouth, running her tongue around the head each time she came up. She took my cock out of her mouth and moved forward a little, placing her tits around my cock and squeezing them together, moving up and down, letting me fuck her tits.

She opened her mouth so she could take the head in each time she went down as she sucked my cock she looked up into my eyes as she ran her tongue over the head of my cock and down the shaft to my balls.

She took my balls into her m

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