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Cristine meets Rick and explores her bondage and sexual need.

When he was spent, he collapsed on top of her.

When Maria came back to consciousness, she felt the weight of Matthew's body on her chest and hips. She also felt an enormous wetness between her legs. She shook his shoulders slightly.

He raised his head and opened his eyes. "Wow, that was awesome, Mom! You are an even better fuck than you are a cocksucker!"

"Don't talk to your mother like that!" But secretly, Maria was proud of her ability to pleasure her son. And at the same time, she was ashamed of that pride. She had committed enough deadly sins already today. "Please get off me, Matthew. My hips are getting sore."

Matthew rolled to the side. His cock, now soft, pulled out from between her pussy lips with a small "pop," and hung limply down toward the bed. He looked down at it and grinned. "I guess I'm ready for Mass now, Mom."

Maria looked at the bedside alarm clock. "We'll never make 11 o'clock Mass. We'll have to go to Noon Mass." She got up and retrieved her clothes from the floor. "Better start getting ready, young man."

Two hours later, Maria and Matthew were sitting in their usual pew at 12 o'clock Mass. Matthew was focused on the proceedings; praying, singing, reading the scriptures along with the congregation. Maria was happy that she had saved his soul for one more week, but wondered at what cost. She had finally taken the ultimate step and had actual, undeniable sex with her own son. There could be no more equivocating about what is and isn't sex; fucking was definitely sex. Her soul was certainly lost.

But it was worse than that. She hadn't had sex in a long, long time, and had pretty much forgotten about how pleasurable it could be. And she had been perfectly happy with that situation. Now, she was afraid that her lust had been reawakened. She hoped that it wouldn't control her, like it did her son. One of them had to be strong. One of them had to stay in control. And it would have to be her.


Once again, Maria found herself unable to sleep at night. This new, undeniably sexual relationship with Matthew was weighing on her conscience, and furthermore, now she was worried about being able to rein in her own lust. She almost felt like going to his room right now, and fucking him senseless! She needed help. As much as she dreaded it, she would have to go back to confession tomorrow. She was certain that Father Flanagan would give her a hard time, but she needed help.

The next afternoon, Maria sat in her car outside the church. She watched people going in for confession, and counted them carefully. She also counted them as they left. She didn't want to go in until she was sure that everyone else was finished and gone. She was afraid that it might turn into a fiasco like last time, and didn't want to have anyone around to overhear.

She especially watched the young men going into the church. That one looked strong and well built, she thought. She wondered what his cock looked like, and if it would fit in her mouth. And another one, tall and lanky. She wondered if he could fuck her as well as her son had. And a third young man; she pictured him naked, looming over her, ready to fuck her pussy raw. She realized with a start that she had one hand under her skirt, inside her panties! Her pussy was already wet, and her fingertip felt so good flicking across her clit. She closed her eyes and forgot about the young men in the parking lot. She thought about Matthew's cock impaling her, stabbing her, loving her. She thought about his drool falling on her face, and his chest pressing against her breasts. She felt her arousal growing, and her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she flicked...

No! What was wrong with her? She was in the church parking lot, about to go to confession! She pulled her hand out of her groin with a concerted effort and waited for her arousal to die down.

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