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But I did get in there and fuck this one black guy. Like I say, I don't know if I really want to do this, but it's fun learning more about it. You don't just dive into a job like Mel's."

I didn't know what to say. "Wow. I guess."

"Mel makes good money. There's no, like, pimps or anything the way she does things, it's like having your own business. I haven't really done it but I think it's worth trying out anyway, and learning more."

"She's a quick study," said Mel, "but I guess you knew that."

"What all has Jenn told you about me?"

"Enough," replied Mel, with a wink.

"I told Mel you were the first guy I fucked for money, and she said I really undercharged you." They giggled. "But what the hell? You gave me this job, in a way. So I thought I should thank you."

"Thank me?"

"Sure, why do you think I brought Mel over? It's on me, buddy."


"You like her, right?" Jenn reached over to jiggle Mel's big tits through her tube top. "Look at these babies."

Jenn was like my private pussy Santa Claus. "You're serious?"

"Sure she is." Mel drained the rest of her cooler and spread out her legs, to show me her pussy -- she wasn't wearing any panties under the skirt. "I'm still teaching Jenn a few tricks of the trade. She's paying me to learn, so I told her for a little extra we could show her buddy a good time. Check out this trick." She licked around the head of the empty bottle and hiked her skirt up.

Before I knew it Mel was plunging the empty cooler into her pussy. She fucked herself with it, nice and slow, working it in until the neck widened out fully. She squeezing her big black tits with the other hand, pulling them out below her skinny tube top.

I was speechless, staring. "You ever see that?" Jenn asked, a little awed herself at Mel's bottle fucking. I shook my head no. Mel smiled.

"That's right, white boy, take a long look at that tight black pussy." She slid the bottle in and out, in and out, fucking herself slowly. I could see she was getting really wet. "You ever had black pussy?"

"Just a taste," I managed, still staring. I don't think I even blinked. "I ate out this black girl once, in high school, and she sucked my dick, but she wouldn't let me fuck her."

Mel popped the bottle out and tossed it aside. "Well, come eat me out, and you can fuck whatever you want."

Any reservation I might have had about fucking a real hooker, or fucking in front of Jenn, disappeared. The next thing I knew, I was on my knees with my face in her cunt. She kept that pussy clean -- it was sweet and delicious, and I licked and licked her, sucking her into my mouth, while Mel moaned.

"Shit, you're really going for it," I heard Jenn say. I turned my head and saw she had her shorts off and was rubbing her clit.

"Honey, let him handle that," scolded Mel. She pushed my head back and directed it toward Jenn's pussy.

I plunged into Jenn's cunt with glee. She was a bit more aggressive than Mel, which made sense I guess, because Mel's job was to let me do whatever I wanted. Jenn ground her cunt against my face. She came quickly, and I lapped up her juices greedily.

Mel had meanwhile discarded her tank top, and was on the floor clawing to get my shorts off. "Let's hit the bedroom," I said.

We rolled into the bedroom, shedding our remaining clothes. Jenn and Mel sat on the bed while I pulled off my shirt.

"So I've paid Mel to do whatever you want," said Jenn, "and I'm paying her extra to teach me stuff too, right? One thing she says I need to learn is to take orders. So you're the boss -- just say what you want us to do."

"You're my best friend forever."

"Seriously, I need to learn to fuck on command, so command us a little."

I thought for a second. "I want to watch you two dyke out and 69, and then I'll jump in after a bit. Mel on top."

Jenn stretched herself across the bed, obedient, and Mel reversed herself on top.

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