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Cindy gets a little help from dad's lover.

"Jesus!", turning and finding a very young and very, very naked teenager standing beside him.

"God almighty, Mac, you're naked!" Jesus, you really are naked, MacKenzie. Fuck me, that is a nice tight little body.

Mac just lifted her arms, so he could see everything. Take a good look Uncle Jack. You are the first man to look at me. You like?

"I just love lawyers; you guys don't miss a thing. I forgot my jammies, Uncle Jack. My dad said to treat you just like him. I usually kiss him goodnight." she said looking at the floor.

Jack was definitely not looking at the floor. He did manage to look past Mac, down the hall. "Is Nikki already asleep?" Mac nodded her head. The clock on his desk showed nearly 11:45 PM, then he looked at Mac again. Jesus, eleven more hours to go. At this rate, I don't have a chance of making it.

"Do you usually kiss your dad goodnight, naked?" Does she Spencer?

"Not usually." Mac saw Jack's eyebrow arch in disbelief. "Well, maybe never...." she backtracked, correcting herself. "But, I've thought about doing it." Do you kiss Nikki goodnight every night, Uncle Jack? Do you, I wonder?

"So, this is like your 'trial run' or a test?" Jack said, clearing his throat. "Well, I suppose a kiss won't hurt anyone."

A naked girl, wet, alone in my study ...while my daughter sleeps a couple of rooms away....I kiss her best friend....kiss my best friend's daughter, who just happens to be naked.... kind of simple. Hell,how could that possibly go wrong?

Christ Almighty, I've lost my mind! Never ask 'what could possibly go wrong'!

Mac stepped nearer as he turned the desk chair towards her. Facing him, she climbed up onto his lap straddling him in the chair. Jack decided to just keep his hands on the chair's arms. Settling her small naked pelvis onto his lap, MacKenzie wrapped her arms around his neck to deliver the kiss, "This is from Nikki, 'cause shes too shy to do it right."
He kept himself from reaching for her with his hands, his knuckles turning white at the effort. She broke the kiss with an enigmatic smile. "This is what your daughter's pussy tastes like, Uncle Jack!"

She traced the shape of his lips with her fingertip.

There was definitely the taste of peaches on his lips; and his forehead wrinkled just thinking about it. That does smell like Nikki's panties. But, then she and MacKenzie must have ... no!

"Oh, yeah, it's true,"she taunted playfully. "I kissed Nikki's kitty before I came to kiss you." Turning her head a little, she breathed gently into his mouth. "Just before!" That's right Uncle Jack, my breath smells like pussy. Your teen daughter's pussy. Think about that!

Reaching up, he drew MacKenzie back into the kiss, his hand behind her neck. His tongue forced her lips open, and he tasted her. God damn, she did taste like Nikki. His tongue pushed back deep into her mouth.

Startled, Mac's eyes flew open as he released her. Her hands covering her mouth, she could only stare at him in disbelief. Finally, she stammered, "You...you kissed me like....like my mouth was ...."

Her pussy! They both thought simultaneously.

"Night, daddy," she stifled a giggle. Slipping off his lap, Mac turned and left the study.

Jack watched as her little heart-shaped brown ass left the room. It's midnight. After that kiss, I'm never going to get to sleep.

He was wrong, of course.

Jack Grant-- an ordinary man, who simply wanted to be a good father, respected community figure, and attorney-at-law--woke slowly, feeling the morning sun on his chest. Taking stock, he merely listened, the house was still quiet. He sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, stepping to the floor. The clock, next to the bed, read 6:45 a.m. It was daybreak, plus some. There had been no more incidents after Mac's late night booty-call to his den.

He smiled, Just four more hours, and I can safely return MacKenzie to Spencer.

He started toward his door.

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