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Her tongue probes between my lips and stuck the tip of it gently, enjoying the taste of citrus sports drink. She gives my hard cock a run through my tights while her tongue is in my mouth and then leans back and laughs.

"Well, I guess I have my answer. Nice to see I can get this much of a rise out of you," she says with a grin "I thought I caught you looking at my ass a couple of times, but I was never sure." she grabs my hand and pulls me deeper into the woods, far enough off the path that we can't be seen from it. We kiss again, a deep tongue wrestling kiss. I can taste the salt from her sweat on her lips, feel how warm she is from the exercise and excitement.

"Well I showed you mine," she says with a wicked smile "your turn!"

Not waiting for a response she reaches into the front of my tights, taking a firm grip on my cock and stroking it roughly. We kiss again, eyes open looking at one another. She crouches down and pulls my tights down to my ankles, fighting with the Lycra. My cock is free in the cold air, but I am so excited it hardly matters. My erection is standing proud in the air when she wraps her hand around and runs her fingers along the shaft.

"Mmmmmmm," she coos and breaths gently on the to tip. She runs her tongue over the head and I can still feel her warm breath on me. Suddenly I feel her warm wet mouth all over my cock. It's a beautiful feeling, she starts to stroke the shaft while popping the head in and out of her sweet little mouth. Her saliva is running out of her lips and making her hand slick as it grips my rod. She takes her mouth off my cock and stops to lick my clean shaven nuts.

"Uhhhhhnnnn," I groan.

"Mmmm, I like it when they are salty," she says gently and I feel her warm breath on my sack.

Again I feel her thin lips wrap around my engorged head and she starts polishing it with her saliva again. After a minute, I firmly grip her shoulders and pull her face up to mine. I give her a deep kiss, so that I can taste myself in her mouth. She can tell by the look in my eye s that I'm enjoying it.

"Like the way you taste?" She asks.

I just smile and give her another kiss while I search for her nipples under her sports bra. I run one hand down to her crotch and rub her through the fabric of her tights. She moans softly and I gently bite her lip. I turn her around and tug her tights down to her ankles, gently kissing her full, round buttocks through the fabric of her panties as I do. I can see a dark wet patch through the purple fabric. I hook my thumbs through the waist band around her hips and pull them down, exposing her labia to the cold air. I breath on her gently and inhale the scent of her cunt. I want to bury my face in it immediately, but I wait. I spread her lovely golden cheeks with my hands and extend my tongue to gently lick the petals of her flower. She tastes salty and slightly musky from the run and there is just a hint of urine, it is delicious and intoxicating. She uses her hands to brace herself against a tree and tilts her hips so have better access. I keep licking, running my tongue all over her lips and probe into her vagina.

"Ooooohhhh," She moans softly.

I flick her clit gently with my tongue, once, twice. I can feel her body tense. I run my tongue up her moist slit and continue to her anus. I continue to spread one of her cheeks with one hand and I slide the other one down to her inner thigh so my thumb can rest on her clitoris. Gently, I start running my tongue around her little pink asshole while I rub her clit. She groans deeply. I start to push my tongue into the sphincter, I can feel it resist the pressure as her body tenses slightly. I dip my thumb into her pussy to get some lube and start rubbing her clitoris more firmly as I push my tongue deeper into her anus.

"Oh God, ohhh my god" she cries then bites down on her arm. She keeps moaning softly.

I love the pressure of her sphincter around my tongue, the tightness of it.

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