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19 year old Kasey wasn't expected to find the one thing.

Finally I can get my hands all over this delicious ass. Its been about twenty seconds but it feels like twenty minutes. Whatever, I can't tell time in situations like this. Damn, she's always so nice in my hands. And inches from my face too. I can smell her scent. Her delightful and familiar feminine musk, with a touch of shower.

I give her an assertive squeeze. Yeah, follow that up with a good smack. Just one firm spank. Then a light rub.

I feel her hand wrap around my hard manhood and push down toward my balls.



Three-Four-Five times. She knows how to grip me and it feels great.

I glide my hands down the curve of her cheeks, almost but not quite touching either side of her butt-hole, continuing to her soft muff. I part her labia with my thumbs and get a clear view of her opening.

I can feel her grab me tightly near my balls and slowly pull up. I must have some precum because she stops right near the top.

A tingle at my tip as I feel her warm tongue trace around my head and up to the very top, ever so slightly into my hole.



Then a rush of heat as those bright red lips do what I imagined them doing when I first saw them minutes ago.

That's it! I can't take this reservedly. Plunge my face into her. I take one big broad lick, instantly homing in on the top her clitoris and tracing it down to its point and beyond. All the way down between her lips, inside her a bit and across her puckered ass-hole. I start my way back.

I can feel those beautiful red lips sliding back and forth between the base of my head and the middle of my shaft. Her tongue always sliding on my head.

I reach her clit again and go to work on it a while. I point my tongue and press lightly on her little bulb; tracing around.

And around.

And around.

She lets out a moan. Quiet but deep; and the hum of her pleasure vibrates my penis.

Switch it up just a little. I work my pointed tongue back and forth up and down her tiny shaft. I do this over and over as I feel her take me deeper into her mouth. That lustful, naughty mouth. I broaden my tongue and suck her all in. A generous dose of my saliva coats her whole clitoris and lips.

I reach between us with both hands and find her swollen breasts which press eagerly against the red into my hands. I give them a squeeze through her satin negligee, knowing just the right pressure. I move my hands a little so her hardened nipples thrust between my fingers. Instinctively, my digits close together. I roll the combination of the material and her nubs between my thumbs and forefingers.

I continue licking aggressively. I move my hands down, and back up, inside her garment, this time, to feel her naturally.

I feel the weight of her wonderful boobs in my hands. The texture of her skin is smooth and as I squeeze them, I can feel the large glands within. Rub them. Massage them. Just play with them. They're fantastic.

Her hand cups my balls and I can feel her fingers running through the short hairs of my scrotum. The heat of her hand sends joy up through my stomach and into my chest.

Her soft warm skin in my mouth is accented by her erect clitoris. While lightly pinching her nipples, I stroke her small engorged member with my tongue like a finger on a tiny penis. I stroke it the way I like to be stroked. Long and slow at first.




Flick flick flick flick flick flick flick.





The taste of her is always mesmerising. I swallow hard and take a deep inhale of her carnal aroma. I'm in heaven.

Suddenly, what's this? A finger circling my anus? Oh yes please.

I bring a hand up and press my middle finger into her welcoming pussy and rub her ribbed inner flesh with earnest. My wet finger comes out and moves to her sphincter. I press gently while I move my other hand to where my first one was.

And I never stop licking.

She sucks hard on me for a second as she penetrates me.

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