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With that statement he lifted me up and adjusted himself slightly. That is, he lifted me up and pushed his cock down so that when he let me down again his cock was pressing along my pussy. Looking down I could see it peeping from between my legs.

I was sweating, I can tell you. His cock was right there, pressing against me. It would be no trouble at all for him to make a minor adjustment and that thing wouldn't be pressing against my pussy but pressing in. I had butterflies in my tummy, the heat rising from my pussy having awoken them.

"Now before you say no, just think about it. You'll be sitting here just as you are now, but sliding up and down, letting my erection rise up inside you. More than that, you'd be letting a mystery man have sex with you. Someone you don't know. And all the time this mystery man is inside you those four boys are watching, seeing him slide in and out of your pretty pussy, wishing they were the one doing you and knowing they're not and never will be.

Think what a memory you'll have. That day in the park when you were ravished by a stranger while other men stood around watching. Four men, eating their hearts out because they're not the one taking you.

Why don't you take the chance?"

He was getting to me, I admit, but when you get right down to it, it would still be rape, even of it was only by one man instead of five. Rape by one man is better than rape by five, but it's still rape.

"And if I say no?" I asked.

"Well, very reluctantly, I suppose we will have to toss the little rabbit aside and watch her run."

I was stunned. They'd just let me go?

"What?" I asked.

"I said that we'd have to let you go. If we tried to make you have sex that would be rape and that's a bad thing. You wouldn't want us to be rapists, would you?"

The other four men were looking at me and shaking their heads, apparently appalled that I'd even suggest such a thing. I'm so sorry, boys. What could have given me that idea?

Before I could open my mouth to say no, I'm out if here, Mr Tall and Mysterious was talking again.

"Now your first thought is going to be no, let me out of here, and take of running even before you pull up your panties. But why don't you pause a second and look at your second thought.

Your second thought is saying, why not? I'm not a virgin. It could be fun to be taken by a mysterious stranger, even with his friends watching. Especially with his friends watching. You'd be showing them what you can do and what they won't get. Think how frustrating it will be for them. A chance to get your own back on them for scaring you."

"Sure, and you get to fuck me," I pointed out.

"There is that as well," he admitted. "A win for you, a win for me and the only losers are the guys who have to stand and watch."

Who the hell did he think he was kidding? He just wanted to get laid. So why was the thought of having the others watch me while he took me nagging at me. I mean, the way I was sitting they'd see everything. I wouldn't be a case of them watching while I lay on my back and got fucked or me bent over something and taken from behind.

This man was behind me and I'd have to rise up and slide down his cock and the boys would see every little detail of him going into me and then watch me being bounced up and down.

Really the whole thing was impossible. A sensible girl wouldn't have anything to do with such a thing. Besides, how could I trust him?

Would you believe the swine took his arms away from around me? All I had to do was jump to my feet and start running. I was far enough away from the others that I was sure I could pull my tights up high enough to let me run before they could catch me.

So why wasn't I running? I was just sitting there, and then two hands closed upon my hips and lifted me. Not very high. Just high enough that his erection slid along my pussy until it was poised just under me, just pressing lightly against me.

"Your move," he murmured.

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