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Lucy's first time is with a dominant black woman.

All three which were slick from the Asian woman's pussy pushed into Andrea's throat. Gagging, she swallowed hard, the taste of the other woman's cum cloying in her mouth, driving her wild. Thighs leaking, Andrea spread her legs wide, blue eyes looking up at Rachel pleadingly. Unable to say the words, the blonde simply reached up to her nipples and squeezed them, one tit in each hand. Then she slid her right hand down to her thighs, tracing the line of her groin. Before she could start to give herself the relief her pussy was aching for, Rachel grabbed her hand, shaking her head, "No." Black hair swishing hypnotically, Andrea watched, unmoving, as Rachel slowly knelt in front of her.

On her knees, the petite, busty Asian woman seemed even more slight to the taller blonde. She only had to tilt her head slightly to kiss the top of Rachel's forehead, before the other woman knelt down further. Kissing her stomach, she made her way down to her thighs in one long movement. Slipping her tongue out, Rachel gently lapped up the skin of Andrea's inner thigh. Moving her head, tickling the blonde with her long, raven black hair, Rachel slowly kissed her way along the other woman's leg. As she did, her nose filled with the scent of the blonde's desire, her pre-cum filling her nostrils.

Inhaling deeply, Rachel grew hungry and only one taste would satisfy her craving. She slid her tongue along the blonde's inner thigh, pushing her legs wider apart. Almost on all fours, she reached up with her right hand, gently revealing her slick inner lips. Labia swollen, the blonde's pussy was slick, a trail of pre-cum stretching from her lower lips all the way to the wooden bench. Moving her face down, Rachel started to lick around the edge of Andrea's labia, driving the woman wild.

Reaching down with her hands, Andrea nearly cried out as she felt the other woman trace the edge of her slick, swollen outer pussy lips. Digging her hand into the smaller woman's long, black hair, the blonde spread her legs wide, pulling Rachel's lips harder against her inner thighs. She bit her lip, wanting to cry out, knowing she couldn't in the upscale department store. Just thinking about getting caught made her anxious but the pleasure she felt as Rachel's tongue slid over her inner lips drowned out any thoughts of stopping.

"You're sweet," Rachel said, looking up for a brief moment, her lips slick, shining under the fluorescent light. "I'm going to eat you up."

"Please," the blonde moaned in response, using her left hand to squeeze her pink, pert nipple. "Stick your tongue in my pussy."

Without a moment's hesitation, Rachel slid her tongue sideways, sucking up and mixing her saliva with the slick rivulet of pre-cum. Hungrily, she started to slide her tongue into Andrea's dripping pink lips, making slurping sounds as she did. Kneeling down, she could feel her own lips dripping in response to the heady, sweet scent of the taller woman's slit, filling her nostrils and mouth. She wanted to cum so bad, Andrea could not help pulling the Asian's head harder still, feeling the edges of her lip covered teeth pressing into her pubic mound.

On fire, she started to lift her ass off the bench, with her heels on the floor, she balanced with her left hand on the wood. Bucking and whimpering, loud enough for the other dressing room occupant's to hear, the blonde started to breath harder and harder. When Rachel finally slipped her tongue upwards, towards her clit, she sat down hard on the bench. Leaning back into the wall, she pushed herself off the bench, into the Asian's hungry, soft lips.

Licking her right hand, Rachel reached up and spread the blonde's pussy lips wide, starting to play with the entrance.

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