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The boys are pent up.

What a hot piece of ass. I cannot wait to touch it, so I quickly approach her.

"Need any sunscreen?" I ask Hizchick.

"Sure." She reponds.

She is still on her back, so pull my cooler alongside, and begin spraying on the lotion on her chest.

"I've been waiting to touch your incredible ass." I tell Hizchick as I rub her tits.

"Well, Zoo, when you're done enjoying my nipples, I'll turn over just for you." She tells me.

"Why bother?" I respond by taking a nipple into my mouth. At the same time, I bring a hand under her tube, and begin exploring her incredible ass. It is perfectly round, and cool from the water. I then gently nibble on the nipple and allow a finger into her shaved pussy while keeping a thumb on her ass.

"I have to head downstream now. I'll wait for you at a photo checkpoint so I can get a picture with me and your perfect ass." I tell Hizchick.

"Sounds good, Zoo." She says.

With that, I'm off. I have one more conquest in mind. SusanJillParker is here somewhere, and good things happen in 3's. Tasting her will make this little adventure that much greater.

"Slow down, Zoo." I hear Nikka behind me.

"How's your pussy?" I ask her. "Got any left for me?"

"That's why I'm here. I ran into Req. He had some fun. Also ran into sirhugs and SimonDoom. They have tasty cocks. " She says.

I feel legs wrap around my back, and some rock hard nipples near my neck. I twist around, and enter Nikka while we keep hold of our coolers. We approach the second camera checkpoint.

"Hold onto your cooler while I lift your legs." I direct Nikka.

I pull out of Nikka, and begin lifting her body up, then spread her legs. As we approach the camera, I begin eating her pussy. It is wet and cold, and perfectly delicious. The camera should capture Nikka's tits above the waterline, and my face deep within her pussy. I see the camera, look up at it, and smile with my tongue lapping at her lips.

"That's enough, lover. Beside, I saw jennifer99920 up ahead. Go get her, tiger." Nikka directs.

"Alright, I'll see you a few checkpoints down. Don't forget about Wahoo-1991." I respond.

Jennifer was a surprise entry today. I can't wait to see her. Her stories of strip poker are legendary. Then I spy her, up ahead and standing up for the camera checkpoint. She has hold of her tits.

"I can help with those if you like." I say to Jennifer.

"Sure, Zoo. This is a fun National Nude Day." Jennifer responds.

I get behind Jennifer, and grab both tits with my left arm, then move my right hand down to her pussy. We smile for the camera. Then I fell Jennifer fall forward, and we continue into the water. Entering from behind, we lazily float with the cooler while I harden into her pussy.

Time ,to exit the river, but not the story. I get Jennifer off my dick, and we walk up the river bank. My cooler still has plenty of beer. I decide to head back up river and lighten the load. Jennifer continues up the bank and walks to the first food truck.

I push upstream, and hand several beers out. I come across Nikka fairly quickly, and we continue back against the crowds to hand out the drinks we have. And then, there they are.

Nick and Amber. How did I miss their registration?

"Hey guys. When did you get here?" I ask them.

"Well, it was a last second decision." Amber says. "But, I needed more."

"More what?" I respond.

"Sexual adventures." Amber explains. "I just need more."

"Well, then come with us." I say, looking at Nikka. "Anything goes?"

"Anything." Nick agrees.

Away we go, everyone now with a beer in hand. My plan is to go upstream, then get out near the houses for some more fun. To make our job easier, I assign a cooler to Nick and Amber, and Nikka and I take the other.

"Okay Nick. Here's the deal. We change partners after each beer we drink." I say aloud.

"Well, damn. Get going, Nick!" Amber exclaims.

We raise our beers in salute, then simultaneously chug them down. Nikka just looks at me. I smile.

"Hey, we'll be changing partners quickly.

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