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Staying over with a cousin has a very interesting effect.

"Arrgghh," Sandy responded to her efforts.

"Hey J- ..." Roger began.

"No names," growled the man.

"Hey, can you help me back here? I want some of this," Roger demanded as he took two handfuls of Roxanne's ass and kneaded them painfully.

"Go it," the man replied. There was some movement and a rummaging sound before she felt Roger shift around.

"This feels weird," Roger chuckled.

"What does?" Kimberly asked as she sat up.

"He's putting a condom on me," Roger responded. A cool liquid squirted onto Roxanne's back just above her ass and began to cascade down right after that. A hand (Roger's?) reached out and began rubbing it along her ass and began to push a slick finger into her ass, making Roxanne jump again.

As Roger was working her up, she felt a new set of hands wrapping around her thighs, pulling fresh lips to her pussy.

"Wow," Julie said in amazement, "she's trembling."

"Tear her up," Kimberly laughed.

"Cumming," moaned Sandy as he grabbed Roxanne's head and began furiously face-fucking her. Roxanne struggled to breathe at the same time as she slurped more vigorously until she was finally on the receiving end of a strong blast of semen into her mouth and down her throat.

"Oh, God, I wish it was Ms. Ferrier's mouth," Sandy gasped out between spasms. "Sometimes she's such a whiney bitch that I want to slam my cock right down her throat."

Roxanne felt like biting Sandy's penis after that last comment but felt it wasn't worth ruining her evening.

"Oh, yeah, she's a real piece of work," Roger joked. "Still, I wonder what she'd be like in the sack. Have you seen her tight ass? Man, I'd like to fuck that."

"How would you shut her up?" Sandy inquired as he pulled his cock out of Roxanne's mouth, splashing the last of his seed over her face.

"I'd find something to stick in it," Roger bantered.

"I'd like to help with that," Kimberly offered. "She's got quite a tongue on her. I could put that to good use." That earned a round of laughs all around.

Roxanne felt a warm cloth and a gentle hand clean off her lips.

"Do you need a break?" her mystery man asked softly. Roxanne had to think about it; she was tired but the edge of exhaustion now excited her. She didn't want to reach her limit; she wanted to exceed it. She shook her head and smiled up at him, for which he rewarded her with a sensual kiss.

"How's our date's cock-sucking skill?" Kimberly questioned.

"Not as good as my lovely wife," Sandy answered, "but I wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning. She's got a very hungry mouth." Roxanne hoped her blush didn't show, then realized it didn't matter because only her lover could see if it did.

"Can I get a piece of that 'hungry mouth', oh host of mine?" Kimberly requested.

"Hmmm," the mystery man ruminated then, "okay, hold on a second." There was the sound of some sort of furniture moving around. Roxanne struggled to think of what it could be. "Come here," he said and Kimberly gave off a small grunt.

"Spread your legs ... lean over like this," he dictated to Kimberly. "Now shift your back slightly." Roxanne felt two hands stroke the sides of her face before carefully pulling her forward and to the side until her nose touched flesh. As she was maneuvered down, she realized that she was touching Kimberly's ass. For a moment she flinched and the hands left her head, giving her freedom of movement.

"What?" Kimberly questioned. Roxanne remained still and silent for several seconds before she nodded minutely. The hands led her forward once more and her nose reconnected with Kimberly's ass and slowly drifted down since Kimberly was either on all fours or belly down on a short table. Now she could smell Kimberly's unique aroma. Roxanne felt her mouth water inexplicably; her tongue tentatively flicked out and tasted Kimberly's flesh.

"Mmmm," Kimberly sighed.

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