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Couple spends time together in the shower.

Almost immediately she reappeared. This time wearing an almost transparent black peignoir. Underneath she still wore stockings and garters. She also refreshed her perfume. As usual my expectations stimulated my imagination, and my body responded. My Cock was as hard as a rock even after the workout it had earlier that day. Viagra of course is invaluable, but an active imagination and confrontation of the reality is a much more potent stimulus!

"Stay still" she commanded me. This was very hard for me to do since her immediate presence was a powerful incentive for me to at least hold her. But I obeyed her. Julie slowly unbuttoned my shirt and drew it over my head. Then she slid my undershirt off. She kissed my earlobes and probed inside my ears with her tongue. Slowly she worked her way down my face, only grazing my lips with her tongue, which she just permitted to touch mine for an instant. Meanwhile her fingers were gently moving over my chest, and finally settled on my breasts. There she alternately tickled and pinched my nipples with her nails. It took all of my self control to lie still. Her tongue brushed my nipples which never before had been so sensitive, and then she gently sucked each one in turn. It was a wonderful sensation. Her hands unfastened my belt, and opened the zipper of my trousers. My penned Cock strained against my shorts for release, and she obliged by pulling down my trousers and shorts. Soon I had on only my socks, which she also removed. Then she began to suck my toes, which was almost as much enjoyable as the sensation I got when she sucked my breasts. Her lips moved up my legs and approached my groin. By this time I was as close to coming as was possible. Pre-cum was leaking out of my Cock. This she very slowly licked off with her tongue, and then started to kiss and to nibble at my scrotum. All the time she was kneading and gently pinching my nipples. Finally she took me into her mouth, inch by inch, very slowly while she used her tongue to lick my Cock. This produced indescribable sensations. I could lie still no longer and began to raise and to lower my hips in chorus with her sucking. I became frenzied and held her head close to my abdomen, She didn't object or resist, but kept on sucking this time more vigorously. Emitting a groan of joy I came, and voluminously. Julie was quite able and happy to swallow all of it. After a while my Cock lost some of its hardness and fell away from her mouth. Then I pulled her down next to me and inserted my own tongue into her mouth to enjoy the last drops of my cum.

We lay there quietly side by side holding each other, and kissing gently.

After a few minutes I got up and poured Champagne for us, which we sipped appreciatively. Julie's robe had parted, and her lovely breasts were just a little below my lips. I began to lick her proud nipples with my tongue, and soon they too were erect. I gently sucked one breast after another, while at the same time toying with the curls of her Pubic hair. I stroked the smooth, warm skin of her thighs with my finger tips, and paused at the lacey tops of her stockings. Whenever I moved my fingers up the inside of her thigh and approached her Vagina she raised her hips as if to invite me to enter. Which of course was my intention, but for the time being this gentle stimulation pleased her. My Cock recovered its poise, and stood up again in honor of the presence of a lady! .

I moved my face downwards kissing her abdomen, and finally arrived at her Vaginal Lips.

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