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The deputy head gets a treat.

Through a gap in the curtains saw Mabel chatting to Miss Simpson.

Suddenly he saw Mabel begin to take off her clothes, and hang them over a chair. Miss Simpson had left the room, but when she returned she showed no surprise to see Mabel lying naked on her rug. Her golden hair spread out around her.

Dave didn't know what to think, no one had made Mabel take her clothes off, and she had done it of her own free will.

The sight of the girl he fancied naked, gave him a massive hard on, as he could see Mabel clearly. She had nice big tits and a firm arse, her nipples were small and pink. He could also see between her legs, and her cunt was covered in thick golden curls.

To his further shock Miss Simpson started to take off her clothes at the side of the room closest to the curtains, so he had a very good view of her body as she stripped naked.

As she removed her bra, her big naked breasts bounced into view, her rubbery nipples prominent. As she pulled down her knickers he could see her cunt clearly, it unlike Mabel's was smooth and hairless.

By this time his cock was so big and throbbing, that he had to get it out of his trousers into the fresh air to cool down.

He was so close to the window, that he could hear what they were saying. Miss Simpson suggested to Mabel that they started off slowly with a bit of 69'ing. She knelt over Mabel with her shaven cunt above her face, the young girl opened her legs so the woman could have easy access to her clitoris.

They both commenced to licking each others cunts, and he was transfixed by the sight of Mabel's most private parts being on view to him.

The woman lifted her face from between the girl's legs, and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She gently fucked her with her fingers, until Mabel was squirming on the rug in pleasure.

Charles then watched as Miss Simpson pulled her fingers out of Mabel's wet cunt, and thrust them up her arse hole. She proceeded to fuck her arse with her fingers, until the girl screamed in ecstasy and orgasmed.

Miss Simpson then helped Mabel put something on out of his sight. The next thing he saw, was that Mabel had a big cock sticking out from between her legs, very much the same as his now was.

Miss Simpson knelt down in front of the fire, and he saw Mabel kneeling down behind her. They were sideways to him, so he could see what they were doing clearly. Her cock was strapped on around her waist, and it looked like it was made of rubber.

She put her face between Miss Simpson's bum cheeks and started to lick her, he grabbed his cock and started to rub it, as he watched Mabel lick the woman's arse and cunt.

She then rubbed something from a jar, between Miss Simpson's legs. Mabel then gently inserted her big rubber cock into Miss Simpson's arse, and started to fuck her.

As Mabel thrust into her bum, both her breasts, and Miss Simpson's, were bouncing about wildly. The sight of two pairs of naked tits bouncing about, almost made him come. He wished he had brought his camera, as no one would believe him if he told them about this.

Suddenly Miss Simpson gave a small cry, and he realised she had come. The sight of his PE teacher coming in front of him, pushed him over the edge, and his cock shot a stream of cum all over the window.

He decided to call it a day, and go home to think about what if anything he should do about this.

After Miss came for her, Mabel removed the strap on cock, and lay down beside her. Miss pulled her head between her breasts and held her tightly.

'That was lovely Mable, I really enjoyed that,' she whispered kissing her neck.

The next day Charles cornered her in the library, he told her what he had seen and threatened to report Miss Simpson, if Mabel didn't fuck him. Mabel simply replied that if he did, nobody would believe him, and she would spread the word that he had a tiny cock. Nothing more was ever said.

May heard John warn her that they were nearly home, she gave his knob a last kiss, and tucked it back into his trousers.

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