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Nobody saw this coming, especially Shari...

I looped his belt around his other wrist. As I moved it towards his bed head, he fought briefly, "Please don't tickle my feet." he pleaded, and I shook my head to indicate I wouldn't before he would allow me to buckle it up too. I moved back down his body, kissing and nipping his skin as I moved down his neck. Jeff moaned as I sucked his nipple.

"Oh shit, this isn't fair. I want to touch you." He groaned after a couple of minutes, and strained against the belts. He tried to move his fingers towards the straps to undo them, but they were just out of his reach. He strained towards me, trying to get me to kiss him, trying to push his rock hard cock against me to ease his frustration.

"Uhuh." I said as I moved away from him, "You don't get to touch." I moved back to lick and suck his nipples, getting more turned on by his groaning and thrashing trying to free himself. Again he lifted his upper body off the bed and surged against the belts, straining to get free. I moved away from him, until he groaned and settled back on the bed again. I let my hair loose and gently trailed it across his body, just letting it brush across his sensitive nipples.

"Why not?" his voice was roughened with desire, "Why can't I touch you?" Again he surged against his bonds. I reached up and loosened them slightly, feeling damp slick of sweat under the belts, as I didn't want him to hurt himself. He tried to lick my nipple, so I arched away from him.

"Hey. I work all day, and then drove nearly three hours to find you couldn't wait 30 minutes for me to arrive, after I called you to let you know where I was. You don't deserve to touch me. I'm going to torment you as you deserve." I explained as my mouth moved back down his body. I was that close to his skin my breath moved even the finest of hairs, but still I wouldn't ease his frustration by touching him with my mouth or tongue. He started trying to work his wrist through the belts. "Behave!" I said, but he ignored me so I nipped his skin hard, unknowingly leaving a small mark which would later bruise.

"Ouch!" he yelped, "Gentle. Don't bite so hard." I kissed and licked his nipple, enjoying the tang of saltiness, until he sighed and moaned again. "I'm sorry. I just drifted off, I meant to stay awake. These belts are hurting me. Will you please undo them?" he asked me as he chaffed his wrists on the belt in frustration.

"Oh alright. But you still can't touch me." I replied as I loosened his ties. He rubbed his wrists for a minute as I lowered my head to his right ear and gently blew in it. I ran my tongue up and down the outside rim of his ear and then slowly down his neck, nipping as I went. By the time I reached his nipples again he was trying hard not to touch me, as I licked and sucked his nipples again, his head was rolling from side to side.

"No you aren't allowed to do that either." I said as I removed his hand from where he was stroking himself, and lifted it over his head again. I replaced his hand with my tongue, running my tongue up and down his rock hard cock, lapping at the juices seeping from its head. I circled the head a few times with my tongue, and then sucked it deep into my mouth.

Jeff groaned, it sounded almost pained, as I continued to work my tongue around his throbbing cock while still bobbing my head up and down. I loved feeling the ridges and the large veins running along his cock as I ran my tongue along the smooth skin of his cock. The smell of Imperial Leather with his heady musky scent was turning me on further. As I sucked it completely into my mouth I could feel the way it pushed into my throat, stretching my lips as I reached the base, while his hair tickled my nose.

After another five minutes of pure torment for Jeff his hand lifted to my head, and he stroked my hair.

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