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Vent falls for his sister Gina over the summer.

"You've teased me so fucking much tonight, Michael. I don't know why I get so naughty for you." She was becoming more excited too, the fears of exposure from minutes ago fading into the back of her mind, and a growing anticipation to feel him filling her ass matching the swollen ache in her clit once again.

In turn, Michael laughed softly once more. "I don't care why you get so hot, Beth. I'm just glad that you do." He had paused in the oral teasing as she moaned in frustration, but made up for it slightly as he lightly rubbed and probed with one slick finger to get her ready. "You're right though. As much as I'd love to spend all night with your wonderful curves, we do have to be quick. Let's see..."

Beth briefly wondered what had distracted him as she felt and saw Michael stand up behind her, then she grinned as she saw him reaching for the bottle of olive oil that had been left by a salad bowl on the counter. "This will do nicely, I think." he said looking into her eyes. "Lift up your dress baby. We don't want to mess it up any more." She eagerly complied as he dribbled a small amount down her spread crack, jumping at the touch of the cool liquid with a soft gasp. Knowing what to do, Beth reached back with both hands, holding her cheeks spread as she smiled at Michael once more. "Mmmm, yes, that's it baby. Get your slut's asshole nice and lubed for that hard cock. I want it in me deep tonight." The slippery oil allowing his thick finger to slide easily into her as she moaned appreciatively, and her lover gently stroked in and out with it to prepare her as he undid his belt and lowered his pants using his free hand.

Pausing to get a bit more of the oil onto one hand, the older man slowly stroked it along the length of his already-stiff cock as well, making it shine in the softly-lit kitchen. "OOooohhh, so nice and hard. Your cock is so ready for me Michael!" she cooed encouragingly. "Don't wait, I'm ready. Put it in me." Beth started to lean forward over the counter, but even on tiptoes she realized she was a bit too short for comfort as she felt him move behind her and grasp her hips. "Hold on, baby, let me get set!" she giggled as she tugged forward, her front half laying on the cool granite as she reached back spreading her cheeks once more, legs bent in the air as she grinned back at him. "That's it. Fuck me up the ass, Michael!"

The change in position lined everything up perfectly, and Beth could see the desire in his face at the view of her exposed holes, glistening and wet and open so wantonly in the room. Both had forgotten any possibility of interruption by this point, purely focused upon their coupling once again. The hot touch of the thick head against her asshole made her moan softly and bite her lip in anticipation, as she felt the growing pressure of her partner pressing into her body. An eternity of seconds passed, during which she forced herself to relax and press back as Michael worked forward, stretching until with that first, almost-sudden "pop" the head of his prick slipped into her back hole.

"Mmmmmmmmm fuuuuuuccckkkkkkk..." they seemed to gasp, almost in unison, then almost lost it laughing at the joint exclamation. He paused, letting her adjust as her she shivered at the first penetration, and she could see his eyes pinned to the view. "Does it look sexy, Michael?" Beth whispered in a sultry voice. "Do you like seeing your cock stretch my ass?"

His bearded face nodded in return as he fought the urge to continue. "You know it does, Beth. It's so tight around me, I can see it stretch as I fuck you. It looks so hot, so dirty. Janet would never do this."

"Then do it, Michael. Fuck my tight ass. Give it to me like you know I want it."

Her words all the encouragement the man needed, he continued holding her hips and watching as he slowly thrust deeper.

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