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A brother becomes all his sister needed.

His pubic bone rolled across my clitoris. His thrusts were long and smooth; he would pull out of me until only the fat head of his cock remained inside before pushing back to the depths of my cunt-hole. How he kept from popping out I can't understand. The pressure of his body on mine was insanely pleasurable. I moved my hands to the small of his back and arched my hips to press him even deeper into me. I buried my face in his neck, loving his strong masculine smell.

We were a beautiful fucking machine, moving in perfect time and harmony. I was reduced to me carnal core, a vehicle for receiving and giving pleasure. From my hips to the top of my thighs it started getting real warm. My pelvis and vagina tightened and pressure built within me. I felt like I had to pee, but in a wonderful way. Inside me it got tighter and tighter and warmer and warmer and then it started. Giant contractions, beginning in my vagina, enveloping my pelvis and lower stomach, spread from there through my body. My uterus, pelvic muscles, and anus were contracting so hard I thought they'd push Daddy's cock out of me, but he stayed in. My toes clenched, my nipples got hard, the walls of my pussy throbbed and convulsed, my thighs shook. My body was soaked in perspiration. I dug my fingernails into his back and begged him not to stop, to fuck me harder. It seemed like I was screaming. Were the neighbors calling the cops? Daddy, despite my violent undulations, kept fucking me. My pussy spasmed over and over, I felt contractions deep within me, fifteen, then twenty, then I lost count. Then, finally, Daddy slowed down, proceeding a bit more gently, and all the tension stored in me burst through. I started shaking and cumming, I had one orgasm, and another, and another, and another. Daddy kepot fucking me, playing me beautifully, drawing out, lengthening, intensifying my climaxes. Tremors rolled through my body. I screamed my joy.

It was only when I'd started to come down that I felt Daddy's body stiffen. He let out a grunt from deep within his gut and his voice, tight and intense, said "Coming, pumpkin." He pushed hard into me and his body contorted as he drenched my womb with the gift of his cum. I know it's supposed to be impossible, but still I know I felt it pour into me and spread throughout my body.

Daddy's orgasm sent me into another one, not as powerful as the ones I had before, but somehow more intimate, more sweet. I held him tight as I came. "Daddy, Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ahhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh goddddd ohhhhhhh, Daddy."

He lay on me for a few minutes before rolling his sweat covered body on to the bed. The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing. He took my hand in his and draped a leg across me, resting the sole of his foot on the inside of my calf. My body felt swollen. It was throbbing. I felt exhausted; I felt energized; I felt fantastic.

What I had longed for years had finally happened and it was better than I had dreamed. Daddy and Mommy were going to be my lovers and they were wonderful sweet gentle talented wonderful lovers. It would be impossible to ask for more. My eyes teared up; I started crying.

"Daddy, I'm sorry, I'm just so happy."

He slipped a hand under my neck and pulled me to him. I cried into his shoulder. For those moments he was back to just being Daddy, stroking my back and comforting men, telling me it was going to be okay, that Daddy would take care of me, that I was, would always be, his sweet little girl.

When my crying jag ended I began to tell him it was okay, that I was happy, not upset, but the look on his face said he understood. So instead I said, "Hold me Daddy," and lay my head on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms around me. I nestled one of my hands in his. I thought I could lay with him like this forever. It was in this position that we went to sleep.

* * * *

When I woke the next morning the bed was empty.

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