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It's Linda and Peri's turn to play.

"The police?! Mr. Fraser there has obviously been a mistake, I didn't do this! Please, let me look at the accounts, I can prove my innocence. My husband and I can't afford for me to lose this job, and if I'm arrested for fraud, I'll never be able to find a job again! Please... We can figure this out!"

As I spoke, Mr. Fraser had made his way around the large desk to stand in front of me, leaning back and grinning as I tried to defend myself. My boss is not a bad looking man; he is tall with a decent body, and very imposing, especially looking down at me like he is now. Despite how hard I am trying to defend myself, I can tell that he has chosen to stand so close so he can exert his power over me. As much as I don't want it too, it's working. I am scared of losing my job. My lips are trembling and I'm fidgeting in the chair as he stares down at me.

"All right Greta, calm down. I'll be the first to admit that my team has made mistakes in the past, and you've never caused me any trouble before, so I'm willing to give you a chance to prove your innocence. But I will expect your complete cooperation during the investigation, as well as your assistance with another issue I am having."

"Really? Thank you sir, I'll of course do anything you ask. I swear to you I didn't do this! What else would you like me to help with? I'll be happy to help you if it means keeping my job!"

"I'm glad to hear it, I have always admired your enthusiasm and commitment to this job. Now let's see if you're willing to follow through with it. Unbutton your shirt Greta."

His words are like a slap in the face, "What? What the hell did you just say to me?" I demand, suddenly angry. How dare this pervert say something so foul! Standing up, I grab my bag and march towards the door. "I'll be letting HR know about this Mr. Fraser. What makes you think you can say that to a woman! Especially an employee!"

"I think I can say whatever I want Greta, because if you walk out that door, security will meet you at the elevator and they will hold you until the police arrive to arrest you for embezzling." I freeze, one hand on the door, all I have to do is turn my wrist and I can walk away. But I can't. Turning around, Mr. Fraser hasn't moved from his position with that creepy grin is still plastered on his face, and I know he's got me. There is nothing I can do to get away from this situation, and he knows it. "Now come back over here and sit down, so we can discuss what you are going to do to keep your job."

Desperate to keep any kind of control that I can, I step away from the door but don't sit down. "How about you just tell me what you want so we can get this over with. Do you just want to see my tits? I'm not surprised, a nerd like you has probably never seen any in real life!" To my surprise, he starts laughing. No anger on his face at my jabs, he just stands there laughing at me.

"No Greta, I don't just want to see your tits. But if you're so adamant to get to the point, then here it is. I own you now, I have everything I need to get you locked away for 5 years minimum. Now what that means is this. We aren't going to get this over with today, oh no. You're going to be my personal assistant for a while. Your new job will entail getting me coffee, picking up my dry cleaning, and letting me fuck any of your holes any time I want. There is no way out of this, and no one would believe you if you told them. This is why I hire blonde sluts like you, you have no credibility. And that is why, you are going to unbutton your shirt like I asked, and then you are going to get on your knees and crawl over here to suck my cock. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

My mind was reeling; I don't know how to stop this from happening.

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