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Sometimes things are just the way they are.

The girls pulled away from me slightly so that they were just kissing each other.

I took the opportunity to caress their asses -- Red's bare one and Krissy's panty covered one. I continued up Red's back under her top but ran into Krissy's bustier.

"Enough Krissy, come here," I said and pulled her into my lap facing away from me. I started unzipping her bustier and she started slowly moving her ass around which was pushing my dick onto my stomach.

"Now that's better," I said as I pushed the bustier forward so that it fell to the floor. I pulled her back and reached around to cup her breasts. I squeezed her nipples and started massaging them. Krissy leaned her head backwards onto my shoulder and closed her eyes. "Mmm hmm," she mumbled and still managed to move her ass ever so slightly so that it drove me crazy.

Red came around to the front and leaned in. I squeezed Krissy's left breast and felt Red's lips close over the nipple.

Krissy inhaled sharply. Red let go and started circling Krissy's nipple with her tongue. She moved on to sucking it with the intensity of someone starving. Krissy groaned into my ear.

Red bit down gently on Krissy's nipple. As an accomplished breast-man, I appreciated Red's skill. "You're quite good at this," I said to her.

Red smiled. "I like to think so," she said and moved over to Krissy's right breast and repeated what she had done to similar effect.

Red pulled away slightly so that she could push my legs and Krissy's wide apart. She knelt between our legs and gently cupped my balls for a moment. Then she placed her fingernails on either side of them and lightly scraped them down the length of my thighs to me knees. She did the same to Krissy and repeated a couple times switching between us.

Red lifted up. "It's been a while since I tasted your pussy Krissy," she said. She leaned forward and licked Krissy's pussy through the panties. Krissy squirmed and I went back to caressing her breasts.

Red pulled away and grabbed the small sheer material covering Krissy's snatch. She pulled to the side and easily ripped Krissy's panties.

Krissy's eyes flew open and she raised her head. "Hey! Those cost a...," she stared with. She broke off and took a sharp intake of breath as Red attacked her bare pussy and sucked her clitoris into her mouth.

Krissy tensed up and pushed her head back into my shoulders.

"You were saying?" I whispered into her ear.

"Never...," she managed as Red let go of her clit. "...Mind," she finished with as Red started licking the full lengthy of her pussy.

Krissy opened her legs wider and placed them over my legs. I was surprised at how wide apart she could open them up.

"Gymnastics. They teach such great life skills," said Red.

Red went to town licking Krissy's pussy. She had good technique. She flicked her tongue on Krissy's asshole and ran her tongue on the area between it and Krissy's pussy. She then went up the full length of Krissy's cleft and sucked her clit again. She brought her right hand up which was in a fist with her index finger sticking out. She placed it at the mouth of Krissy's box and then shoved her finger in.

"Ooh!" Krissy managed and her reflex was to pull her legs together to squeeze Red's head and she grabbed Red's hair with both her hands.

The tip of Red's elbow came briefly into sight and disappeared again so I knew Red was finger fucking Krissy.

I squeezed Krissy's breasts with my hands and then the nipples between my fingers.

"Yeah," Krissy said. "No, no, don't stop," she said, presumably to Red as I had diligently continued to play with Krissy's boobs.

"Oh!" Krissy managed and her mouth stayed open and her fingers pulled Red's hair even tighter. As Red's elbow continued to pop in and out of view I guessed that Red had increased the number of fingers she was using to fuck Krissy.

Krissy's breathing became more erratic and she she started to move her hips. I stuck one of my fingers in her mouth and she sucked it tightly.

Red picked up the p

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