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Billy's aunt collects the laundry from his bedroom.

My body began to tingle all over as he took special care of this very sensitive spot. All of a sudden I felt someone's hands pulling my legs farther apart and another dick was at my cunt hole. Kyle (I later learned who it was) began to slowly push his enormous dick into my pussy. I was so wet already, but as I felt every inch of his steely rod penetrating my sweet little pussy, my juices began to flow down my ass onto the bed. The incredible feeling of being fucked while someone sucked on my clit was too much. "Oh yes! Ooooh that feels so good! Fuck me nice and slow." I went back to sucking Terry's dick while they worked me towards another orgasm. Kyle got into a slow and sensual rhythm, making my pussy ache for another deep and penetrating stroke. He grabbed my ass and lifted it off the bed, and I shuddered as his dick came in contact with my G spot. I began to moan. What an unbelievable feeling! Then it got even better as someone began to fondle my breasts and another person inserted a finger into my tight ass. Oh my god! That felt incredible! I could hardly concentrate on Terry's dick because I felt so good. I decided to finish him off so I could concentrate on what was being done to me. I grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. I started moving my mouth and my hands in rhythm, and I could immediately feel him get harder. Terry began to breath faster and stopped sucking my clit long enough to say, "Yeah, suck my dick! Suck it, you nasty thing!" I could feel the pressure in his balls as he shot his first load of cum into my mouth. I kept my hand on his sack and squeezed as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his next wad onto my face. I continued to stroke his still-hard shaft until I was sure I had gotten it all. Then I licked off the tip of his cock to make sure no cum was wasted. I took my fingers to collect as much of it on my face as possible and licked it off each one, savoring the moment.

Terry climbed off and moved into a position where he could still suck my clit as Kyle and the others continued to fuck and fondle me. I was in heaven! I had never had so many things done to me at one time. Terry was sucking my clit, Kyle was fucking my pussy, Rick was fondling my breasts and Evan now had two fingers in my well-lubed ass. I looked up to see Kevin videotaping us while KC sat in a chair watching with his dick in his hand. KC was the one who fucked me when we first arrived. Kevin was as hard as a rock and his dick was standing straight up as he watched these other men ravage my body. I smiled at him and told him that I loved him. I then turned my attention back to these men because I felt like I was going to explode. Kyle was still pumping into me very slowly, hitting my G spot with each stroke. Evan was timing his finger thrusts to be opposite of Kyle. The pressure in my body was almost more than I could bear when I felt my orgasm begin. It started at my very core and radiated out to my fingers and toes. The guys continued as my pussy contracted again and again, and I looked at Kevin, "I love you Baby!! Aaahhh, this feels so good! Thank you!!"

From the look on his face I could tell that Kevin wanted me, and I knew exactly what he wanted.

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