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Lisa is abducted and abused.

I probed her bush with the palm of my hand, and felt she was dump and ready.

I position myself a little better on my hands and knees behind my kneeing fianc__, and pushed my chin ahead into her intimacy, until I could reach with my tongue her open labia, and I opened them with my fingers so as I could lick into her dripping slit.

"Hmmm... Oh yes!" she hissed, trying to part her legs to help me eating her, but the shorts kept her knees tight. A real torture...

I felt the delicious taste of her cunt as I pushed my tongue ahead into the slit, and she moaned again. Only, this time the sound of her voice was quite muffled.

I shivered, realizing she must have taken his cock into her mouth.

Karin was giving head to another man while I was doing it to her.

Was that a threesome? I guessed so.

I lapped her while she blew him, and in so doing I pushed my fingers into the soft hair of her pubic mound, searching for her clitoris, and once I got it I started frigging it slowly.

"Oohhh..." she moaned, letting go of Marco's cock for a second "Nice... But what are you waiting for? Fuck me!"

She was in lead. I sipped a last sweet drip of her pussy juice and raised my head to stand on my knees and overview the situation.

Marco was sitting on his bottom in the centre of the chapel, naked from the waist down: his jeans lay in the dirt, while he was still wearing his summer shirt, open on the chest. Karin, naked herself apart from the shorts at her knees, was actively blowing him, her head bobbing up and down between his hairy thighs. And I was kneeing behind her bare bottom, my stiff cock in my hand aiming straight at the main target.

I grabbed my fianc__ hips, placed my penis at her entrance and slowly into plugged her.


Boy she was soaked in her own juices! I never found her that open and wet before... not that I complained about it: I held her firmly and fucked into her purposefully, determined to make her scream.

She didn't. Too busy I think, at least as far as her mouth was concerned.

"Aahhh..." Marco exhaled instead, enjoying my fianc__'s recently acquired oral talents.

I was fucking Karin while she was deepthroating Marco.

Was there a threesome ongoing? I guessed so.

I went on doggystyling her for a while, feeling myself slowly approaching the point of no return and guessing the same was for my friend: we were going to get both milked out by my fianc__ without getting any chance to regain the initiative.

I tried to reach for her bouncing tits to stroke them, but they were too far, so I opted to go for her clitoris: I went with my right hand while keeping the left on her hip, and I sank my middle finger into her lush bush until I got her love button.

"Oh my Goooshh!" Karin yelled, letting go for a moment of Marco's dick, which was quite a victory for me.

Damn I was close! I pulled out a second to cool down, and Karin gobbled Marco's cock back into her mouth. Then I charged back into her, stabbing her belly with all what I was worth, and I hit bottom.

Karin choked on the cock she was swallowing, trying to scream, and I felt her naked body convulsing under my stroke as she came disastrously.

I stood still to avoid following suit, and held her in place with my two hands as she finally managed to let go of the cock in her mouth and panted out her orgasm: "Aahhh!!!"

I crossed sight with Marco and we both smiled at each other: we did it. We managed to give it to our female before she did us both.

"Uhhff!" Karin panted again, as soon she got back her breath, "This one was awesome, guys! What about to change now?"

There it was. Marco was going to get to my fianc__'s pussy.

For a second I didn't know what to do, and again Karin took the initiative.

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