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I moaned and bucked my hips loving the feeling of his rough hands.

Then he found it. I screamed and arched my back, digging my hands into the sand. He pushed deeper making me scream louder and my hips began to move against him. When he finally got it all the way in he swooped down and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it popping it out and then taking it back in. His finger began to move in and out of me faster and faster.

His drool dripped down my breast it was warm and thick. He sucked hard then finally bit down on it. I screamed and pulled his hair, he didn't let go, with each pull of the head he tugged on it with his teeth. He grunted as he let go of it, watching me pant and moan. His finger stopped and came to his mouth. He licked off some of my juices then placed it against my lips. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it while looking into his eyes. I tasted so good. I opened up and let my tongue lick the tip as he pulled away, the drool left in strings between my mouth and his finger.

I could see it in his eyes, he didn't believe I was this dirty. He smiled then whispered, "Fuck."

I got on to my knees and tugged at his shorts until they came off. His erect penis greeted me, my hands wrapped around it and I slowly moved them up and down. He was thick and bigger then I had imagined. I knew it was going to hurt going in my pussy, but I wanted it so badly.

I knelt lower, raising my ass up into the air. I licked from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head, I never knew a cock could taste that good. I moaned and closed my eyes taking the head into my mouth, I could feel my self oozing saliva each time I brought my head up.

I kept moaning and looked up into his eyes; I wanted him more than anything right now. I gaped open my mouth and whimpered wiggling my ass. He came down to my level and pushed me down on my back. He stroked his cock while pushing his way between my legs. He split apart my pussy's lips and smiled, his eyes lingered then he pushed the tip of his dick against my entrance.

There was something so ecstatic about that feeling, the hardness of his member pushing against my sopping wet flesh. He finally pushed in, making me squeal in delight. It felt so big, like it was going to rip me in half. I gripped deep into the sand thrusting my hips upward trying to take more of him in.

I felt insane trying to get more of him in me but I couldn't stop my self. He thrust down and hard as I pushed up until my pelvis met his. I let out a quick moan feeling my core muscles contract, he stopped thrusting and let me feel him just throb inside of me. I could hear his breath start to slow as he came down and kissed me. His hands caressed my waist then slid up to my breasts, he squeezed them roughly and I moaned. I caught my breath and the back of his neck, "Fuck me hard."

He picked me up off the sand and threw me against the jagged rock that surrounded us. He pinned my arms above my head and began thrusting harder and harder. I couldn't imagine a better pleasure. I arched my back and felt him lick my nipples, "Bite them." I commanded. I wanted him to be as rough with me as he could. I was a dirty little whore and I deserved to be treated that way.

My tits bounced with each thrust and he watched them. His free hand molesting each jiggling mound while his mouth sucked on the other.

I could hear him grunting and panting like an animal. His rough hand slid down my stomach and to the edge of my mound. "No." I begged, but he didn't listen. He pushed in as deep as he could, then placed his thumb on my clit. He rubbed it slowly making me scream louder and thrust more wildly. I could feel him being rougher with it, thrusting harder. He was close and so was I, but I didn't want it to be over.

He then began to let his fingers slide over my clit, like he was looking for something.

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