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Meeting the Berserkers

"Mmmm, nicer than I imagined" she cooed.

I stood her up and took her in my arms as I undid the zipper of her dress and slid it off her shoulders and watched it fall to the floor. She no stood before me in naked except for a garter belt and stockings and I my cock immediately became hard looking at her nakedness as I told her this was the moment I was waiting for, seeing her naked for the first time.

I went to my knees and began smelling the wetness of her completely hairless pussy. (To this day I love a woman who shaves or has a Brazilian) I was entranced by the waxed, musky pussy, as I breathed her scent into my nostrils I craved her and she could see the lust swell in my eyes which, only inflamed her lust. I began rubbing my face along her inner thighs as she spread her legs to accommodate me. I quickly darted my tongue onto her labia and then continued to caress her thighs as I undid her garter belt and slipped off her stockings lovingly. I was hers completely and she knew it.

I kissed her inner thighs and worked down to her feet as she fell back into the lounge holding out her pointed toes to me saying "Oh yes, my good slut kiss my feet"

"Slut? My Good slut?" I thought to myself "She is calling me her slut?" but I continued kissing her feet and she continued calling me her good slut. As much as I couldn't believe her calling me her slut I didn't care, I was too far-gone with lust.

"Tell me what you want to do now my lovely slut" she commanded

"I want to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face baby"


"Er, I want to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face mistress" I said never one to shirk role-playing.

"That's better slut, but no, I want you to carry me to the bedroom and then I want you to lie down on the bed spread eagle and you will tell me where your ties are"

"Yes mistress"

I picked her up gently and carried her to my bedroom showed her where my ties were and lay down on the bed and she then proceeded to tie me down and then blindfolded me.

"If this gets too much call limits and I will stop, OK Max?


"I beg you pardon?"

"I mean yes mistress"

I couldn't believe this; tied to my own bed willingly submitting to God knows what from a woman who stood 5'3' in heels.

For what seemed for the next two or so hours this woman tickled and teased me as I lay there helpless aching to put my cock inside her. She untied my legs and one hand and told me to roll over which, I did and she tied me up again. She took off my blindfold and told me to raise my hips, which, I did, and she put a couple of pillows under me.

With and evil smile she began spanking me hard with her hand until my ass felt like it was on fire, then she reached into her purse that she brought in after she originally tied me up and pulled out a vibrator. The next thing I knew she had it turned on and at my exposed balls and I began getting really hard again. As she did this I felt her place some lube on my asshole. "She's not..Oh fuck she is," I thought to myself as I felt the vibrator at my asshole. Then she applied pressure saying, "Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass slut?"

"No mistress"

"Well this is what it is supposed to feel like" as she gently pushed through my sphincter. Deeper and deeper it went. At first uncomfortable it kept going in "how long is this fucking thing" I wondered but the discomfort soon subsided and then she began fucking my ass with the vibrator. Slow at first and slowly building up speed and then to the point she was ramming it in and out.

I began moaning with pleasure and as I did suddenly she stopped and removed it from me. I couldn't believe that I was getting pleasure form being fucked in the ass with a vibrator. She untied me and commanded that I describe the sensation to her, which I did.

"The game is over" she announced

I went along with her but secretly I wanted to play that game all night.

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