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"Open your mouth and suck my cock, Eve," I said, my heart thumping, jolts of adrenaline and pleasure surging through my system as I delivered the command.

She looked up at me, tossing her straight black bangs away from her eyes, her lips bright red, lipstick smearing. She blinked once, then very deliberately opened her mouth, tongue curling down around the head of my cock, taking me in slowly, sensuously, lavishing wet strokes on my head, then shaft, her tongue protruding now and then even as I buried my cock in her hot mouth.

Eve was holding on to the crossbar of my bedpost for dear life as I used her mouth, her back arched, my sister below, spreading the woman's ass open as she ate her pussy.

The ecstasy in my system pulsed, radiated and crested over and over again as I fucked Eve's mouth. My cock was rigid, harder than I'd ever been. The sensation of the dark haired woman's mouth and tongue desperately trying to work my cock, then that of her throat accepting my length was making me delirious. I felt like I was cumming, but my cock stayed hard, the orgasm seeming to happen less in my cock and more in my entire pelvis, a glowing, pulsating thing writhing, growing, overtaking my body.

I had to stop. I shook myself and looked down. I was using Eve's mouth pretty roughly, I realized, and backed off, letting her breathe.

Eve looked up at me with an animal lust in her eye, part sexual, part cunning. Saliva dripped in a rope from my cock to her wet mouth as she hung onto my bedpost, her hips grinding into my sister's lovely mouth, getting into it more now, her eyes lidded and rolled slightly back.

"What's that safe word, Eve?" I said, squeezing the base of her ponytail, tugging it, pulling her hair taut and her head back so that she was forced to look directly in my eyes.

"Milgram," she said. I wrinkled my forehead at her.

"Milgram?" I repeated.

"UHHHHNNNH," she grunted, as my sister worked the fingers of each hand into Eve's open cunt from below, working and spreading her behind.

"YESSSSSS," said Eve, "MILGRAM UHHH OHHHHH OHHH AHHHHH," she went on, face scrunched up and flushing as Kim drove her harder toward her climax, taking control and forcing her sex down on my sister's mouth, grinding on her face as her orgasm approached.

"Molly," I called out, craning my neck to see the twins leaning back together at the foot of the bed, kissing each other lazily as they watched Eve ride my sister's face hard. Both girls were masturbating slowly.

The short haired twin looked up, her enormous dark brown eyes full of wonder and pleasure.

"Get down and make my sister cum," I said.

Molly moved, feline between my sister's splayed knees.

The dark haired woman who had shed her catsuit kept fucking my sister's face, not seeming to care what I was saying, what Molly was doing, if Kim could breathe, whether she was hurting her...or if she was enjoying it.

I heard a whimper from Kim as Molly crept in, feline and sinuous to engulf my sister's raw pink sex with hot breath and open mouth, the gasp wet and muffled by Eve's pussy on her face, sliding down over Kim's mouth and chin again, then back up, Eve's hips rocking as Kim sucked her mound into her mouth, working her clit hard, then tilted her head back, mouth wide open as she shoved her tongue as far into Eve's sloppy sex as she could.

Eve seemed to reach a threshold, her hips twitching and legs shuddering as she tried to hold her orgasm at bay.

"Jenn, please bring us the party kit," I said. Jenn popped up from where she'd started digging into Molly's spread holes from behind, her face glistening with her sister's cum, grinning brightly.

"I was hoping you'd say that," she said, eyes dancing.

"I think we need another roll each, don't you?" I asked her. She retrieved the Wonder Woman tin and counted out four pills.

"And Eve needs to play catch up, doesn't she?"

Jenn looked at me her eyes flashing wickedly, counting out three more rolls.

"Molly, will you please get Eve's ass ready for a roll?"

Eve didn't even react, all her attention focused

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