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Brother and sister have some fun.

We have no secrets from each other.

We looked forward to the alone time together on our hike and cuddling by the campfire in the evening.

As we began our adventure, the mid-morning temperature was in the upper 40's and we were dressed in layers so that we could peel as needed without becoming overheated.

Our packs were comfortable and we both had numerous straps and ties on the outside where we could secure our excess clothing as we discarded it.

Amazing as it may seem, we saw no one else on the trail. By the time we reached the shelter, tgg was bare-chested and I was wearing a thin, white sleeveless shell without a bra. Tgg said I looked pretty hot. My nipples were poking through the material and my areolas showed.

There were four bunks in the shelter so we selected our two and we proceeded to get ready for dinner and a relaxing evening.

Tgg foraged for firewood while I pulled out jerky, granola bars, and dried fruit for our dinner.

We did know that we would have to suspend a bear bag with the rest of our food from a tree branch overnight and tgg said he would take care of that.

As night surrounded us, tgg and I were cuddled in an unzipped sleeping bag out by the fire. We were enjoying each others' bodies and the fresh, clean air. The temperature was expected to drop into the 30's overnight, but we were warm by the fire and except for our hiking boots, we were naked under our cover.

"Ahoy the camp," we heard from the darkness. "Thank you for the fire, we didn't know if we would be able to find the shelter."

Out of the darkness materialized one, two, three, four, five, six shapes which turn into six men who were hiking together.

"Welcome, you may share our fire. The shelter only has four bunks. We'll share one and you guys can work things out between you to share the other three."

We sounded pretty brave, but we were 10 feet away from the shelter and completely nude under our unzipped sleeping bag.

The men gave us their names, which pretty much went in one ear and out the other. They ranged in age from 25 to 30 and were doing a 6 day hike. One of the wives was to meet them in an SUV with a trailer at the end of their adventure.

The only light we had was the light from the campfire since everyone thought someone else would bring a flashlight.

Tgg emerged from our cover to consolidate our stuff in the shelter from two bunks to one. He was only wearing his hiking boots, but these were guys. After he moved our stuff he moved off into the woods to water a tree. Hearing him go intensified my need so I stood up, wrapped in our open sleeping bag, and made my own way into the woods. I didn't want to get the sleeping bag wet, so I ask tgg to hold it while I peed.

The men made themselves comfortable around the fire, and chewed on jerky and granola bars while passing around several jars of moonshine they had picked up earlier in the day. They shared with us and it was actually pretty smooth - with a kick.

As the level went down in the jars, everyone got a lot more relaxed. Sexy stories were being told and they were openly flirting with me. Tgg gave me a kiss and said he was going to bed. He told me I could come in when I was ready.

By this time I had relaxed my hold on the sleeping bag and anyone who was looking was getting open shots of my bare breasts and groomed pubes.

Someone suggested truth or dare and it wasn't long before I had a cock in my hand, in my mouth, or a hand on my breast. As the game proceeded, I sat on some nice, firm cocks. I sucked on some too.

Somehow we got to a point where each guy, one after another, got to have 5 minutes to do whatever he wanted with me before I shifted to the next guy. The first guy who was able to bring me to orgasm was then allowed to fuck me until he came inside me.

As the third guy was making love to me, I knew I was getting close to orgasm and was thrusting back at him for all I was worth until his 5 minutes were up and he withdrew.

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