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They always advise against mixing alcohol and hot tubs.

She looked over at me and gave me a short shake of her head. I wasn't sure what she was trying to say with that, but it was pretty obvious she wasn't planning to leave anytime soon. She kept stroking Ben's pants. I just stood there, watching and wondering what would happen next.

That didn't take long to develop. Ben released Jenny's breast and took another step towards the head of the table. At the same time, he tugged his trainers down to reveal what was indeed one of the biggest boners I'd ever seen. It stood almost straight up and looked as hard as an iron bar. His cock didn't seem to faze my wife at all, however. She wrapped her fingers around it and slowly started to stroke.

Things were going from bad to worse but I had to admit this was still turning me on. Even though it had only been a couple of minutes since I'd shot my load, I felt a stirring in my wet pants.

Ben pulled off his trainers and then lifted himself onto the table so that we was straddling Jenny's body across her waist. His cock jutted out towards her face as he reached down and again began to squeeze and pinch Jenny's large tits, which jiggled and wobbled in response. She wrapped both hands around his massive cock and began slowly stroking him. She'd stroke once or twice and then release his erection, making it spring up sharply. She smiled, looking like she was enjoying the power over his body that she was exerting.

Things moved back into a blur for me at that point. That's because Jenny sat up slightly and took the head of Ben's hard-on into her mouth. She never did that with me, always said it was too gross. But here she was with a complete stranger, hungrily taking his huge cock into her mouth. Ben breathed in loudly and looked up at the ceiling. Jenny slowly moved her head forward, taking more and more of his erection into her mouth. Somehow her glossy lipstick suddenly stood out and that's all I could see, my wife's full and luscious lips, glistening lightly, that until now had only kissed me, were now tightly wrapped around this other guy's cock, slowly and gently massaging his rigid member and bringing him a pleasure that she'd never given me.

I pulled off my wet pants and threw them aside. My cock was again hard as rock, although only half the size of Ben's. I was mesmerized by the sight of my wife bringing him so much pleasure with her mouth. He was now rocking slightly back and forth, in rhythm with my wife's movements, his now wet and slippery hard-on sliding easily and quickly in and out of Jenny's eager mouth. She had reached out with her arms to grasp his buttocks and pull him closer to her. He looked back down at her and started to gently pinch her nipples. She moaned in response.

I moved to the side of the table and looked down at her. She ignored me completely. Her eyes were locked on his, a look of eager expectation on her face. Ben was moving faster, staring down at my wife, squeezing her nipples. Her breasts wobbled as he flicked his fingers across them.

I could tell from his breathing that he was close to cumming. My cock was pulsating as I watched my wife, knowing that she was about to bring Ben to a climax. She started to make quiet whimpering sounds with every thrust of Ben's cock into her mouth. I wanted to reach down and touch her, or take one of her hands and put it on my rigid cock, but I was sure that would break the moment and somehow ruin everything. So I just stood there, watching.

At that point, Ben loudly inhaled and seemed to hold his breath.

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