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He plants a sex bomb in his cheating girlfriend's house.

Leave it to Dana to ask that question even though it had been one of the first concerns Daisy had too. Her answer made Dana laugh, and offer her a high five, she said, "It's going to be similar to the size of my dick, so I'm gon have to handle those big boys the same way I do now, by letting them enter through my back door."

This tickled Dana, and then she said one last thing, "Girl, I know you gon let me see your pussy."

Daisy laughed and said, "You know I am. I'm gonna show it to everybody."


When she talked with Chandra, as soon as the letters SRS came out of her mouth, Chandra hugged her, and said, "I'm so happy for you. You're so girly, I can't believe you waited this long to get it."

Daisy hugged her back, and told her, "Everybody's different. It just took a long time for me to get to this point."

Chandra looked sad and happy at the same time when she said, "It's a shame we have to go through this to become who we really are, but I'm glad for you, because you're a woman in every way except you have a penis, and soon you'll be a woman down there too."


Daisy saved the hardest conversation to have for last.

As she was thinking about telling Bell, Biv, and DeVoe about her decision, she closed her eyes and bowed her head to let the thought sink in. She had told them so many times she would never do it, now she was going to have to face them and tell them her dick was going to be gone, and replaced by a vagina. After she'd explained what was going to happen to her dick, she knew the next question would be can you have sex like a real woman. Yes those knuckleheads said, "Like a real woman."


At the tailgate party, before their favorite team's football game.

Daisy was sitting between Bell and Biv while DeVoe was at the tailgate next to them. He'd picked up the scent of one of the girls, and he was tracking her. Daisy was shaking her head and saying to Bell and Biv, "You guys are amazing. Do you ever get tired of chasing pussy?"

Biv ignored her, but Bell raised an eyebrow and then said, "You're gonna find out how much men live chasing pussy soon enough, just wait til after you cut your dick off."

After rolling her eyes and smacking her lips Daisy said, "What makes you think I don't know already? I get plenty men hitting on me and it's been like that a long time." Then she reached over and pinched Biv's ear before she said to him, "Isn't that right big head boy?"

Biv didn't say anything, and so Daisy finally gave in and said, "OK, tell me what's wrong. All y'all are acting brand new on me. I know it's about the surgery. We need to get this fixed between us now, because I won't be seeing y'all for a while.

"I'm going to be as high as a Georgia pine for the first few days after the surgery, and I probably won't know what's going on. So I'm having it during the team's bye week, that way I don't have to miss a game. Like I said, y'all probably won't see me again for a month or six weeks."

Bell exhaled and then said, "Its Biv and DeVoe who have the issue. I'm cool with it, until I see a reason not to be."

When he'd finished speaking, Biv finally had something to say, he said, "I just don't see how a man could cut his dick off. It just messes with my mind."

Daisy said, "Mmhmm, I figured as much. Y'all sound like my daddy. I ain't getting shit cut off. The doctor is just shaping it into the pu-nanny it should have been. I'll still have it sort of, and I'll be the same person. Now tell DeVoe to come back over here with us."

After taking a deep breath, Biv said, "I hear what you're saying, and I get it. It's gonna take a minute to get used to I guess.

At that point DeVoe was back from his hunt and standing near Daisy.

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