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The battle of wills continues.

He wasn't that kind of a guy usually, but she was good-looking anyway. Bringing his attention back to her words, he realized that she'd asked him a question. What was it she'd said? Something about his schoolwork he thought. Well, he could handle that line of conversation without too much difficulty. "I'm majoring in psychology," he replied. "It's an extremely interesting field and there's lots of room for psychologists in the job market these days."

As they cleared the dishes from the table and prepared to wash them, he bumped into her accidentally, almost sending her to floor and would have if he hadn't caught her. He was surprised by a jolt of electricity that seemed to flash through him as he held her close for a second while she regained her balance. "Wow!" he thought silently, astonished by his feelings. "This may be more fun than I had expected."

Shaken but not disturbed, Sandra regained her composure and proceeded to wash the dishes and set them in the drainer to dry. "Had he felt that?" she wondered. "What was going on here?" She'd thought such reactions were long dead and gone. Well, that one had better go back to sleep quickly. It definitely was not appropriate here and now.

After the cleanup was accomplished, she poured them both another cup of coffee, turned off the now empty pot and invited Matthew to stroll around the gardens with her as she described what she intended to accomplish with his help. He willingly accompanied her, admiring the beautiful yard and grounds as they toured them together.

"This patio is really private, Aunt Sandy", Matt observed. They were sitting now in the chaise lounge chairs just outside the garden room, finishing their mugs of coffee and enjoying the morning air.

"Yes," she replied. "That's why we put the hot tub here, as well as wanting to have it close to the house for ease of use, especially in the winter. Of course, I'm not really sure why I've kept it now that Gray's gone. I never use it by myself."

"Perhaps we can use it together this summer," replied Matt. "It's a wonderful way to relax and cool off after working hard all day."

"Perhaps so," she replied. "Well, we'd better get cracking before the day gets too hot to be outside." With that they set the mugs aside and started on the schedule of chores she had outlined for them to accomplish that day.

"I hang hummingbird feeders here every summer," she told him as they returned via the back entry to the house, through the garden room with its spacious glass walls that looked out onto the rose garden just off the patio. "The same little birds come every year and they know exactly where to find them."

As the day grew warmer and midday approached, Sandy suggested that they clean up and drive into town for lunch. They returned to the house and each went to opposite ends as they showered and changed for the trip into civilization. They'd enjoyed a wonderful camaraderie as they'd discussed the work and Sandy was very glad once again that she'd invited Matt to visit her.

Refreshed, they hopped into her sedan and she drove them to a lovely cafe in town where they found cool salads to their liking and continued getting reacquainted.

"Do you remember when you were little, how you used to love to sit in my lap and have me read stories to you?" Sandy asked.

"Oh yes, I do," Matt reminisced. "My favorite one was 'Where the Wild Things Are." They laughed, recalling the feigned fright they had shared. "You were always my favorite relative, Aunt Sandy," Matt confided.

"We did have some really good times together, didn't we?" she asked.

"I'll bet we still can," Matt offered. Sandy smiled at him as they finished their meal and she paid the check.

"Let's stop at the nursery on the way home," she suggested and soon they had stocked the car with armloads of bedding plants.

Several days of hard work ensued in which flower beds were prepared and planted and the grass was mowed and the place generally whipped into shape for the start of the summer.

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