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Anal with a smalltown waitress.

At this point the three of us guys were all treated to a wonderful close up view of her amazing bubble butt.

She gave us a rather nice longer look at her little white bare bottom contrasted with her tan back and tan legs too as she folded up her shorts.

She turned back to face us all. It was so exciting to see her standing bottomless in front of these guys. We could all see she tanned in a tiny bikini bottom. When she stands right in front of you she is gorgeous.

The young guy Trevor was looking right at her pussy and says, "Wow Catherine, you sure have an excellent tan." We all realized the comment was out of place, but she handled it well and looked down with us and said, "Thank you Trevor, I think you can tell I could use a little larger suit."

It was weirdly exciting to have all this attention directed right at my bottomless wife as she stood there like our personal model right there in front of us.

She layed back down and Jeremy pulls out some stirrups and asks her to put her feet in them and then slide her bottom waaaay down to the end and let her knees drop way to the sides. I could not believe it.

I was fairly inexperienced in these things at that time and I had no idea doctors were seeing my wife so spread open. I realized she must have to do this at most of her OB-GYN appointments as she knew just what to do.

I could tell it wasn't her first time doing this. When she slides down she had to 'hump' her hips up and down and what a sexy sight that it!

Jeremy says, "I'll have to check you to see what size wand to use. And while I looked on he tried to slip two fingers into Catherine's sweet little pussy. But he could only get in one. He said she was very tight.

All the while Trevor is right over his shoulder staring openly at Catherine's fabulous vulva. I don't think that young guy blinked even once that day.

Jeremy feels around a while and pulls out his finger and puts on a medium sized wand for his machine that still appeared quite big.

Next he puts some KY jelly on the wand and tries to slip it up in her pussy. It was a tight fit and she bucked a bit, and it would not go.

He tried several times but finally said, "I'm sorry folks, Catherine just isn't letting the wand in today." Again he looked ready to quit for the day.

I said, "We really wanted to know the baby's gender. Is there any way to get it in?" He said, "Yes usually if I rub the woman's clitoris or even if she does, while I try to insert the wand, I have never seen it fail to go in as that usually brings the necessary lubrication naturally."

I said, "Honey, go ahead and rub it." She was too embarrassed and said, "No, Jeremy can if it's medically necessary to do it."

He said, "I will do it if you two are both sure you are O.K. with this. It can have some very sexually stimulating side effects. You need not be embarrassed if they occur, but I want you to be forewarned that sexual stimulation is most likely going to occur.

I said, "Do you want to continue?" She just nodded a yes with a little smile on her face and said, "I'd like to know if it's a boy or girl." So Jeremy tells Trevor to hold back Catherine's clitoral hood while he puts a little lubricant on his left hand and places it over Catherine's clitty.

Trevor slid up her hood with his thumb and finger while Jeremy starts to gently rub her clitoris in circles with his finger.

I could not believe my eyes!! My modest wife was not just allowing this, but she had her eyes closed and was already beginning to moan very quietly. It was obviously very pleasurable for her. He gently pressed on the wand and it got it in maybe an inch and stalled.

We all heard Catherine moaning and she was beginning to buck her hips and Jeremy said, "This is where it can get a little tense."

He continued with the wand and told Trevor to "take over". Trevor begins to rub circles around Catherine's clitty while really exposing it with his left hand.

He used a lot of what looked like baby oil.

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