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Love in front of the fire.

I remove my mouth and with my middle and ring finger inside you, pointing towards your g-spot, I start fingering you hard as my other hand lays on your tummy.

You start feeling shivers of pure pleasure as the energy explosion in your vagina fills your pubic area and then travels through your hold body as you shake in a strong, full-body, squirting orgasm, so strong that I have to old you down with my left hand.

I lay on top of you and kiss you, caressing your angelic face and looking into your beautiful blue eyes, then I press the head of my cock against your tight pussy and slowly push in as you gasp.

I start fucking you slowly as you look down at my cock penetrating you and I just can't take my eyes off of you.

I drive my cock into your swollen vagina till I kiss you again and get closer to you, then

I sit on the side of the bed and you sit on my cock facing me and as we kiss, you rock back and forth feeling my thick cock stretch your tiny little pussy with each thrust of our hips, synced together.

We are holding each other close, still in the same position as I bury my head into your neck kissing the tender soft skin that smells so sweet to me.

I stand up with you in my arms and start fucking you standing, your legs over my arms, my hands on your ass, with your arms wrapped around my neck, you hold on to me as I thrust my hips into you making you jump up and down on my cock.

You start coming again and I feel the walls of your pussy squeezing my cock hard and tight, it feels amazing and it just makes me want you more, so I kiss you and lay you down on the bed, turn you around, butt sticking up and ready to be taken.

I slap your ass squeezing it as I land my hand on it, with my other hand I press and rub the head of my cock up and down your holes, making you shiver in lust.

I finally choose the hole I want to fill and since you've been so good at expressing your appreciation

for my love, I touch your tiny ass-hole with my cock and gently press it in making you moan and shiver lightly, then push it in completely, balls deep making you drive your head into the mattress and silently moan while you bite and grip the bed sheets.

I pull back and then go in deep again and so I start ramming my hard engorged cock into your ass, you feel how tight it is and so do I, we are both exploding with pleasure.

I stop for a second, my cock still pulsating inside of you, and caress your back, kissing it, then grab your wrists in my hands and start fucking you again, gradually faster and harder, making you scream so loud you push your face into the bed again, your pussy dripping wet, completely soaked.

I take release your wrists gently and lean forward to slide my left hand below you, bringing you up, my arm on your chest and my hand squeezing your right breast, my other hand playing with your clit and fingering your pussy as I start fucking your tight ass-hole again and you moan and arch your back further.

I'm making you cum now but your orgasm doesn't stop because I'm still playing with you and enjoying the tender, sweet tasting flesh of your neck, but here it comes you scream even louder and for longer as your pussy gushes with another fast stream of your squirting juices.

You are still orgasmic and almost unable to move as you turn around and smile at me, still shaking and give me that loving look that penetrates my mind.

You kiss me passionately, taking my hand and not without some effort you take me to the bathroom and we start showering, still kissing and touching each other with great desire as I start playing with your nipples using my fingers and then sucking them ever so eagerly while you stroke my cock fast.

You raise my chin and look at me smiling, then you kneel and start blowing me hard,

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