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Disbelief warred with hope as her eyes suddenly turned moist.

"Alexei," she breathed softly. "Do you think...?" She didn't dare finish the sentence, scared that they were on the wrong track.

"I don't know if it's too early yet," he sighed slowly working his hands down her sides to grip her hips. He knelt down, pressed his face against her stomach and inhaled deeply, scenting her sweet lemongrass fragrance which always made his head swim. He drew another long breath, searching hopefully.

A second later his hands tightened on her hips and his head tilted up to look at his beautiful mate. His eyes blazed with joy, his expression beatific.

"Alexei?" Cedar's heart was thumping so hard in her chest she thought it was going to burst out of her. He looked so amazed, so happy. Could it really mean? Oh God how she hoped so!

"It's so faint I thought I had imagined it the first time," he whispered, tears shimmering in his eyes, "but it's definitely there, sweetheart. The sweet scent of caramel."

A choked sound escaped her, her hands moving to tentatively touch her stomach. "Caramel," she echoed breathlessly. "Is it..?"

He rose, wrapping her tightly in his arms, joy surging through him as he laughed happy tears as his stunning mate wept against his neck. "One of those beautiful little girls we talked about," he confirmed, knowing that they had created the first of many daughters that he had imagined for their future.

Cedar cried, happiness overcoming her as Alexei held her so closely. She was pregnant at last. Her family was coming together, a beautiful daughter soon to be with them, completing her happiness. "We're having a baby," she suddenly managed to get out, shock and delight in her voice. "Alexei, we're having a baby!"

"I know, sweetheart," he laughed loudly, picking her up and swinging her around in his excitement.

Cedar let out a tortured groan. "Wrong move!" she groaned as her stomach roiled again violently. Her mate had her back at the toilet, supporting her tenderly as she heaved once more. This being sick part was a complete pain in the ass but it would be worth it when they held their child in two months time.


Andrei was about ready to start busting heads when everyone finally decided to leave the bedroom and he finally got to have his family to himself. It had been chaotic from the moment his daughter had been born. There had been shouts through the closed door, Loretta had to be attended to and the baby had been taken to the side to be carefully checked over.

He had felt like a spare wheel, not knowing whether to hover over Loretta or go and protect his daughter. His dilemma was solved when Luke had expressed some concerns about Loretta haemorrhaging a little too much after the birth. Andrei had stayed with his mate to feed her a little of his blood to assist the healing process.

Once everything had been tidied up, he had a brief moment to gaze down at the sleeping babe in her crib. She looked just like her mother. Her face was blissfully serene as she slept, a shock of light brown hair dusting her tiny head. She was the most perfect little being he had ever laid eyes on. His precious Liliana.

Everyone had descended into the room at that point. He had given up his spot at the crib to let his Alphas greet the first member born into their pack. He had retreated to Loretta's side, placing an arm around her as she laughed and talked with her friends and her family.

Cedar and Alexei's announcement a little while later that they too were pregnant only increased the level of happiness within the room. The feeling of family, of belonging to all the gathered people suddenly hit Andrei like a sledgehammer.

It took him a little while to realise it but he suddenly understood that they were there not just for Loretta and Liliana, they were there for him too. Their happiness was an extension of his. He was considered part of their family.

He met Alexei's eyes and smiled at his twin.

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