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A succubus takes him to the edge of oblivion.

" She finishes her nearly half full glass of wine in one large swallow as the anger swells inside of her.

He carefully gathers her hands into his. She looks to be on the verge of tears again. "Mom, first of all, you are not old. You still look fantastic and . . . I am here so you are not alone."

"I bet if you seen me in my stupid sexy underwear you would not say that. Yeah, nothing worse than an old woman trying to regain her lost sex appeal."

"Mom!! Stop it!! I bet I wouldn't think that at all."

They both stared at each other for a long moment . . . before he said it. He didn't mean to really, but it just sort of slipped out.

"Why don't you show me?"

"Take my robe off? No way! You will laugh."

He might have let it drop at that if it was not for the mischievous smile she let slip out. He knew his step-mom well and that little smile said his idea appealed to her . . . even if maybe she would not say so out loud.

He decides to pursue the matter. "I won't. Promise. C'mon Mom, don't be like that. You got me all curious and shit and now I wanna see."

Tim, maybe feeling brave from just finishing off his glass of red wine, reaches out and tries to undo the large knot of his mother's robe.

She laughs while trying to swat his hands away.

"God, you are such a tease, Mom," he says pushing her hands away and attacking the knot once again.

"Honey . . . stop." She tries to rebuff him once more, but he responds by playfully pushing her back onto the couch.

He reaches his hands out slowly toward her while whispering, "I could overpower you and take the robe off . . . if I want to. You know considering the three glasses of wine and you are drunk."

"Yeah, you probably could, but you are kidding of course?"

"Of course," he replies sheepishly as he settles back on the love seat.

"Well too bad because I was going to let you take off my robe and see."

"You were?"

"Yeah, I mean . . . I guess I am really curious as to what you might think."

"So show me and satisfy both our curiosities."

"Fine, since you asked . . . but let me . . .Maybe I need one more glass of wine to fortify my nerves." She stands up and weaves her way across the den to the small mini bar stuck in one corner opposite of the fireplace.

He watches wondering if she is just joking about showing him. She pours herself another full glass of the delicious red wine and takes a small sip from it before turning back to him.

Saying nothing she leans back against the bar and slowly, seductively even, begins to undo the large knot that holds her robe shut.

Tim swallows hard as his cock jerks inside his jeans. What his mother is wearing looks fantastic on her. Colorful and exciting indeed would be an apt way of describing the dark purple bra she is wearing.

The panties, adorned with rainbow colored side straps, are equally sexy and exciting. But what really has his fucking cock jerking to new heights of hardness is the way she is looking at him so . . . seductively.

Tim has never seen his step-mother looking so hot and sexy as she does right at this moment. A moment that is growing in intensity as she slowly smiles at him while he stares dumbly at her spellbound by her beauty.

They say nothing until she breaks the silence. "Join me at the bar for another glass of wine hon."

He moves across the den hoping the bulge in his jeans is not to obvious. As he draws nearer his eyes become helplessly trapped on her pretty purple bra. Her small tits are crowned with a pair of deliciously erect nipples that are on full display.

At the bar they sit sipping on their respective wines and enjoy a moment or two of silence. The sexual tension in the air between mother and son is thick with anticipation.

Jenny notices how her son's eyes keep flickering down to her chest. Normally, she would ignore such a thing, but being a bit tipsy and feeling playful she decides to tease him a bit.

"So .

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