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Chris facilitates female bonding.

. or at least making love in the company of another woman... was flooding her senses with a roar of expectation. Amazingly, she felt her mouth water and her pussy throb. Before Stacy had time to fully absorb what was happening and react to it, they had parked and Betty had already gotten out of the car. Otherwise, Stacy would likely have flung herself on top of the other woman in much the same manner as she had her husband so many times before.


Betty opened the door to the Pollards' house without knocking. The Pollards were a very successful couple and the house reflected this. Betty led the younger pair through a foyer and into the front living room. "Frank? We're here, babe." The little group moved into the room.

Stacy looked around. The room was quite large and open. Two walls were lined with multiple couches and over-stuffed chairs and a couple ottomans. The front wall was dominated by a large picture window, its heavy drapes firmly shut. The largest TV screen Stacy had ever seen outside of a store or a stadium hung from the final wall.

She also didn't overlook the thick and well padded carpet. "Nice place."

"Thanks. It was designed for entertaining." Frank replied as he walked into the room. He had changed his cloths.

Stacy was taken slightly aback although she knew she really shouldn't be. Frank was now wearing a dark-green satin robe that extended down to mid-thigh. It had not been tied shut and beneath it he wore matching silk boxers. His chest was bare, very broad and covered in a light coat of grizzled black hairs. The smile he directed at her was warm and understanding and not at all predatory... though there was a gleam in his eyes that hinted at something primal.

Despite his age, Frank Pollard was definitely someone Stacy could let herself feel attracted to. The butterflies that had repopulated her stomach as she entered the house changed the pattern of their dance from nervousness to eagerness.

However, right at that moment she was speechless.

She felt Betty slide up behind her and rest her hands on her shoulders. She also sensed her husband drift off to the side as if seeking a better vantage point.

Betty was considerably bigger than Stacy; the taller woman's nose just rising above the crown of her head. The woman grasped Stacy in what was no doubt meant to be a reassuring manner and addressed Frank. "Well Frank, eager as always I see." She gently guided Stacy closer to the tall, older man.

"I don't know about always but I do have high hopes for tonight." He replied, his eyes roaming over Stacy's body.

Very quietly, though both men could probably hear, Betty whispered in her ear. "We can slow down if you want." She let her hands begin to drift down the trembling younger woman's body. "But I don't think you want to." Then she licked Stacy's earlobe.

Both men watched as the older woman's hands explored Stacy's body. One hand slid down to her hip while the other crossed over her body to embrace her stomach. For a moment or two they stayed there, gently stroking Stacy through her dress.

Stacy's own hands were balled up at her sides, her entire posture stiff. But her face was flushed with excitement and here nostrils flared, signs Jared recognized as arousal.
The men remained silent and watching as Betty continued to feel up the younger woman. One hand began gather up the fabric of her dress, trying to make its way under the skirt. The other repeated its journey through the neckline to cup a breast. "Oh, you are such a pretty little thing. Jared was right, these tits are just perfect."

Her right hand gave up trying to find its way under the dress. She also withdrew her left and returned them both to Stacy's shoulders. The younger woman didn't have long to wonder what would happen next. Betty gently smiled in Frank's direction. "You just have to see these."

Betty pulled the dress's shoulders away from Stacy's body and slid them down her arms.

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