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Alice tensed, shivering for a second and her heartbeat went another beat. She had known where this was going, but it was still almost too much to handle.

"I can tell you're ready. You can just relax, and I'll show you what I'm made of."

Violet's tongue moved across the edge of Alice's ear, and she turned away, arousal making her feel her pulse in her scalp. She wanted this, but...

"I mean, I... I think I'd rather..." Violet raised an eyebrow, amused.

"We're pretty far in it to be shy, Aly. What do you want?" She shifted, moving her hands down her body as if to say that it was all up for the taking.

"I've never... Tried to give.. Oral." The last word came out in the barest whisper, Her face burning. Violet laughed, tousling Alice's hair.

"Man, you really are an innocent one, aren't you. Figure's you'd rather be on the giving end of things." She put a hand on Alice's shoulder, softly pushing her off and down. "Well, then, let's see what you got! Let's see if you can teach Aaron something." Aaron blinked, as if he'd been spacing out as he'd watched them writhe, then glared at Violet.

"Hey now, I'm not-"

"Hush, darling, I know you know what you're doing." Alice, having pushed the thought of the third part in the room aside, suddenly thought again about what she had seen just minutes ago. She shifted her eyes away from him, embarrassed as much for the image in her head as her own nudity, and found herself staring once again at Violet's pussy. Inches away, it glistened with even more moisture than before, translucent lubricant diluting the remains of Aaron's jism. She sat kneeling there for some time before Violet shivered, said:

"You're sure you wanna do this, or do you just wanna breathe on me?"

Alice flushed, then leaned in, gave Violet's protruding clit a tentative lick. A hint of salt was the first thing she noticed, mixed in with a soft bitterness, iron, maybe... Orange? Violet twitched with the contact, and a bead of liquid rolled down to the lowest part of her entrance. Alice saw the contraction, and pressed her tongue to the moisture, dragging upward in a long, slow lick. The same taste, unexplainable and more intense than before, met her. She smelt it too, unlike almost anything she knew. There was something else, too, thicker, that she knew must be Aaron's seed. She gave another lick, then another, and soon her lower jaw was working in a constant rhythm. Alice thought she might grow to like this taste.

It wasn't long before Violet was thrusting herself towards Alice, moaning quietly. Her fingers buries themselves in Alice's hair, pulling her in closer. Alice probed deeper with her tongue, feeling it slip against Violet's inner walls as she explored their sides. The taste was everything she could taste, and she sped up, spurred on by the feeling of her friend clenching around her tongue. There was a movement in the corners of her vision, on the bed, but she ignored it. Her mind felt hazy, and she wanted only to prolong the arousal that this made her feel.
"Hhh, ho man Aly, you sure you haven't -ah-, been practicing?" Violet's voice was higher now, and Alice could feel her legs shaking as she held them apart. Alice looked up, meeting Violets eyes, and brought the older woman's clit into her mouth fully, sucking softly on the protruding bud. Violet's clit was pretty large, and Alice delighted to roll it around with her tongue.

"Ahnng, fuck!"

Violet's legs clamped down on either side of her roommate's head, holding it in place as a torrent of femcum splattered all over Alice's face.

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