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Amanda's marriage goes up in flames.

own behind me?"

I knew what he meant but the image which his question had presented made my cock twitch and I felt a dribble of liquid ooze out from its slit. Taking my hand out of my pocket and aware that I was sporting a thickening rod across one leg of my trousers, I knelt down behind him and peered over his back to try and see what he was doing. My face was level with his arse but I kept it a respectable distance away from it.

He looked back at me over his shoulder and said, "I thought you'd want to know how to do this - save you time if it happens again."

I nodded. "Very helpful, yes."

He added, "You're gonna have to lean forward a bit... this is quite fiddly."

I moved forwards a little, my face homing in on the splayed buttocks he was presenting to me.

He smiled at me and teased, "I'll try not to get my bum in your face!"

My cock lengthened again and I could feel the thickening shaft being squeezed by the leg of my trousers. I smiled back and, trying to appear casual, said, "Don't worry about it. I've been around the block a few times..."

I wasn't sure what I meant by that last statement, but he grinned as if it somehow made sense and turned back to the misbehaving printer.

He said, "Your problem's with the feeder mechanism... the delivery unit is misaligned."

I muttered something to suggest I might be vaguely interested in whatever it was he was talking about and directed my attention to his backside.

This had turned out to be something of an opportunity.

He kept prattling on, peppering what he was saying with a wide array printer-related vocabulary which I neither understood nor had any interest in, while I studied his arse. His buttocks seemed long and thin and oddly feminine but it may have been that he had his trousers hitched up a bit high. Where the black material had ridden up between his cheeks was no doubt chafing his briefs against his crack. There was a conspicuous pair of bulges between his legs where his nuts were pressing up against the material. They must be nicely plump, I mused, and from the way he'd managed to fertilise his girlfriend so quickly, the liquid they produced was clearly vigorously potent.

He turned back to me and said, "Get a bit closer. I promise I won't fart!"

I smiled. Yeah, I'd definitely draw the line there.

I moved further towards him, my chin now almost touching his backside as I pretended to strain to see what he was doing inside the printer. Merely being in this position, with my face so close to another man's arse, was making my cock harden to full size. It was confined by the position it was in inside my boxer shorts and the fat bulbous head of it felt like it was trying to tear through the material as it expanded.

I asked, "So can you get it to budge?"

He muttered about unclipping something first and told me to watch carefully. As he leaned forwards to do whatever it was he was doing, he moved his arse slightly towards me so that the crack between his buttocks where his trousers had ridden up was now level with my nose.

I gently pressed my nose between his bum cheeks, inhaling the smell of his splayed arse crack. Instead of the pungent whiff I'd been hoping for, all I got was the sanitary perfume of washing powder from the material of his trousers. It was a Monday - they would likely have been washed over the weekend and fresh on this morning.

Oh, bugger.

I moved my nose further down, towards the spot where his arsehole was likely to be, hoping for at least a suggestion of something more natural. My cock was throbbing in anticipation, painfully struggling to straighten in the cramped space it was in. My foreskin had retracted, exposing the pink sensitive head of it to the coarse material of my boxer shorts.

I pressed my nose into his crack, right where his hot little ring would be and -

Somebody coughed behind me.

I leapt up, banging my head noisily and rather painfully against the underside of my desk in my haste. Reeling, I lurched backwards and then, using my chair to help me, staggered to my feet.

In front of me was a guy I vaguely knew

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