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Sasha was so exhausted that she barely noticed the ants letting go of her wrists. Though she tried to move, the experienced left her drained beyond reason, the only thing she could manage to do was lay back on the dirt floor and passed out....

She woke up with a cry. She felt like she had been stabbed in the gut, but as she continued to awaken, she could feel the pain growing even worse. She lifted her head and saw the biggest bug she had laid eyes on thus far (aside from the queen), and it had driven its stinger through her bellybutton. When she tried to move to push it off, she could only manage to whip her arms around due to the weight of the thing on her stomach, and the worm thing still attached to her.

Sasha quickly ran out of energy and fell back to the ground. As she inhaled sharply she could feel something being pumped into her from the giant ant. Though she had guessed what they had wanted to use her as before, she wouldn't admit it, but this all but proved it. She couldn't hold the tears back any longer and wailed into the darkness as her womb was slowly filled with whatever slurry the insects saw fit to impregnate her with.

When the process was over her stomach had swollen to make her look nearly seven months pregnant. After the bug finally rose up and left her, she slowly cried herself into a nightmare-filled sleep.

The cold, damp air and the stiffness of her legs dashed Sasha's hopes almost before she had any. With the out-of-reach flashlight still working, she could see what changes had been wrought to her body. During her fitful slumber the bulge in her abdomen had worked its way upwards towards her chest and split in two. She ran a hand over one of the two mounds below her rib cage and could feel just how taut her skin was. When she pressed down she felt an almost textured surface just under her skin, like she was packed full of marbles.

The cavern grew even colder when she realized what she was feeling. Whatever the ant had injected into her had gone into her ovaries and impregnated all of them. In her shocked state her rational mind clicked in suddenly. The bumps under her skin were far too small to be only her eggs, considering the amount of space they were taking up inside her. She did a little quick math in her head; puberty is hit around age 12, menopause is hit around age 50, that's 38 years, multiplied by 12 months in a year, that gives me roughly 400 eggs. As she gently stroked her swollen form she could feel well more than that.

What Sasha wasn't aware of was that the gel that the ant had squeezed into her had inflated every egg that they had touched, making them grow so large that they divided. The gel also allowed her ovaries to stretch under the pressure of the growth to an almost grotesque size. There were other alterations that her body had gone through, though Sasha would soon find that out.

After an eternity to willing herself into oblivion and failing, the ambient skittering of the ants muffled. The flashlight illuminated a passage that the ants made through their ranks. From the distance she could see the silhouette of a massive bug. She knew it had to be similar to the one that stabbed her before, but she had already resigned herself to whatever fate was in store for her. The ant closed the gap between the two of them and without any preamble, positioned itself so that the point of its abdomen pointed directly at Sasha's stomach. Sasha cringed as the tip descended towards her stomach, not wanting to feel the pain again; she turned her head just as the ant touched her.

Sasha was immensely surprised when she felt no pain. Even more odd was the fact that she could feel the bug penetrating her with its stinger. Something was different, the stinger felt different, and she was almost enjoying the event. The alien sensations slowly grew until she started sweating and panting. "Oh god." was all she could muster before she slipped into an orgasm.

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