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He meets his dream woman.

"So I got the tattoo from a young gal who also wanted to know what it meant. After I told her she went out and locked up her shop and told me to prove it. Humility insists that I just say that I did."

"You are so full of shit. At least the guy I fucked got hard, even if he was a bit smaller than you are. I don't see how those two women would think that about........OH.......MY....GOD......RON!" By then her eyes had dropped back down to my cock which was now rock hard pointing straight out about 10 inches from my body. Her eyes quickly moved between my cock and my face several times as she choked on what ever words she tried to say.

"Are you okay?"

Her eyes looked into mine for about five seconds before they dropped to my cock and grew to about twice their size. "Wh...what did...where...oh my god that's huge!" She didn't look at me as she softly asked, "Does.....does that know....when it gets like this?"

"Only if there's no way to take care of things," I said before realizing what that implied.

Her eyes shot to my face and back to my cock as she went on, "But you weren't like this before. What made know?"

"Gosh Tracy, when I see a nude super hot female this thing does what it wants to, no matter what I do to stop it."

"You think I'm hot?"

"Oh hell no, I KNOW you are hot! And this damned thing proves it."

"What are you going to do to make it go back down?"

"Um I'm not sure, but I'll be back in a while."

Tracy reached out and grasped my cock firmly with her right hand, her fingers not meeting around my shaft, as she said, "Oh I don't think you need to go anywhere. If the two of us work together I'm sure it will go down. Sometime." I nearly shit as she slowly went to her knees before me.

"Tracy, you don't need to....oh shit Tracy.....oh god that feels good!" I said as she got into position and then slurped about four inches of my shaft into her mouth. Her eyes moved up to meet mine and she looked at me with the most incredible combination of love and lust that I had ever seen.

Her eyes remained locked onto mine as she pushed forwards until my tip reached her throat's entrance and she began to gag. I tried to stop her but she just moved back a bit and then let her tongue work over my shaft every where it could reach. Somehow we worked together as her hands removed my shoes, socks and other clothes from my feet and legs.

As she twisted her face to each side to let her tongue reach every spot on my cock I gasped "Oh god that feels good!"

Her hands moved to my stomach and pushed as she guided me to sit on the couch behind me. "There, that will make this easier," she said just before she pushed down onto me as I again tried to enter her tight throat.

My eyes closed as she did that, then I felt her pull off of me and kiss my tip quickly. I felt movement and before my eyes opened felt her placing her pussy right over my rock hard shaft. "No Tracy!" I cried out just before she dropped down onto me about five inches.

"Holy shit that's big," she gasped as her pussy stopped about half way down. Her hips moved in a circular motion making each of us groan at the wonderful sensations of pleasure. After about six full circles Tracy started lifting up about two inches or so and then dropping back down onto me. I gave up trying to stop her and decided that if she really wanted to do this then I was going to make it good for her.

My hips began moving up in time with her downward thrusts and soon she was taking all but two or so inches of my cock into her super tight pussy. I had been watching her pussy work my shaft but finally my eyes moved up to her face. It was then I realized she too was watching our bodies move together. My finger lifted her chin and when she looked at me I said, "Oh god Tracy, I love you so much! Your pussy feels so good around me."

I would have said more but she locked lips with me allowing our tongues to duel frantically from mouth to mouth, another thing I never expected to do with her.

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