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It ensures that people are attracted to me. It makes me attractive. Whilst I can't be wholly selective about who is attracted to me. I can chose who I spend my time with. I chose to be with you. You talked to me, not my dress, my tits or my arse. You talked to me as a person. Now I don't know what you heard, or what you think you heard, but I'm not a tart. I don't fool around. Start talking, or start walking.'

'Other people seeing you make you feel good. Other people, sad bastards, looking at you make you feel good. You said you wanted me to stay, so that we could get to know each other. Yet you have secrets. Things you want to hide from me, because I can't see. Everyone else knows these things about you. The sad bastards know how you look. Me, the special guy, you don't want me to know or see that. I fell for the person, for Terri first. It doesn't stop me being a man. It doesn't stop me having the same desires and wants as any other man. You want our relationship to be exclusive, but in doing so you want to exclude me from the thing that makes you feel good. I only know you how others describe you. I can only guess, at how you look, how you dress. It's not a proper relationship. When we go out you dress for someone else, the other people who are in the room with us.

I'll be honest Terri, I'm jealous. I have no reason or call to be so. I'm envious for the things I do not know, that are otherwise common knowledge. I should not have come here tonight. As you said what I heard has left me moody. I'm angry, frustrated angry. It's not you. I'm sorry this evening has ended this way.'

Tony searched around with his hands and feet trying to find a way out of the seat. Like a fish thrown onto the shore, he threshed about trying to regain the independence and strength he had lost by being placed in the chair.

Terri placed her hand on his shoulder, pressing him back into his chair.

'There's only the two of us now. No one else to see or look. I never thought you could be jealous of something you didn't know. I suppose in our hearts we are all afraid or wary of the unknown. How can I help you see me? I want to include you, not exclude you. You are a special guy. I asked you here, because I want you in my life.'

Tony was breathing deeply, he was tired from fighting the anger. Weary from the self inflicted hurt. He had already seen her. Seen her in so many different ways. He was guilty and feeling ashamed yet his pride forced him on. He lifted her hand from his shoulder, and placed it in his own.

'Describe yourself to me. I've heard how other's think you look. Tell me in your own words.'

'Where do I start?'

'At your head. If you like. Your hair always feels good when it brushes my face. It smells of flowers. It is softer more soapy than your perfume.'

Tony felt Terri moving her body twisting as he heard her sniffing.

'You are right I never noticed. Do you still want your coffee? It must be getting cold.' Terri tried to place his hands about the handle of the cup. Tony stiffened then relaxed realising that she had suddenly become self conscious, wary of describing herself. He let her place his hands on the cup. Free of her grip she seemed more distant she was moving again.

'You are not going away are you?'

'No it's alright I'm here. I just feel silly. What do you want to no about my hair you don't already know? You know how it feels, how it smells. You know more about it than me.'

'What colour is it?'

'Chestnut. Well that's what it says on the bottle. My natural colour was an undistinguished mousey blonde. It's not quite shoulder length, it's styled to frame my face, highlight my green eyes. People say I have nice eyes.'

'Kind eyes I would imagine.' Tony attempted to reassure Terri, in her task.

'Thank you.

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