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Final chapter--girls are rewarded for their service.


I chuckled. "We'd better stick with the twins thing. If we say 'aunt and nephew', there's no telling who might talk to who and it makes its way somehow through the campus to my parents. Siblings is far more anonymous."

"I know," she sighed. "It's the one sucky erotic part about being directly related to you, incest roleplay isn't roleplay at all, kind of takes the kink out of it."

"Maybe, but it's not roleplay for us, it's the real deal," I pointed out. "We're living what people who roleplay dream about."

She nodded. "True. Alright, let's blow their minds..."

We walked around until we found a young woman attendant and got her attention. "'scuse me," I began, smiling. "Looking for a naughty schoolgirl outfit for the lady here."

The girl looked at us for a moment, perhaps noticing our physical similarities before nodding and taking us to a place where they kept fetish costumes. She displayed a range but Alexa immediately asked her to point out the best quality one. It was quite wonderful to look at, with a red plaid skirt and a white shirt that was meant to be tied at the midriff. Stockings completed the ensemble and some mary-jane shoes were also available.

Alexa asked if she could try the outfit on and the girl showed her the dressing room not far away. She waited nearby the room while I busied myself examining some latex outfits. Then Alexa came out of the change room and my entire world stopped dead.

She walked forward slowly, smiling sexily, stepping one foot in front of the other and biting her lip. She had put her hair in pigtails. The blouse was tied but her breasts were almost bursting out of the top with her push-up bra. Her midriff was completely bare and the red plaid skirt barely fell past her hips and her ass. The white stockings and shoes looked incredible on her shapely legs.

"How do I look?" she asked breathily as she walked up to me, smirking.

I couldn't say anything. The attendant girl seemed to be stunned too.

"Mmm, you like, I take it?" she purred, leaning forward so her breasts gently bumped against my chest and gave me a wonderful view of her cleavage.

I finally regained my wits and grinned. "It's even better than the ones we had to wear to school."

She giggled. "Mom and dad would not approve."

"Well, it's not they're approval you need, is it? Your brother's is the only one that counts." I said softly but loud enough to be heard by our attendant. Her eyes got even wider, if that was possible, upon hearing us refer to one another as siblings.

"Mmmm, when we get home are you gonna strip it off me or make me wear it when you fuck me?" she cooed, her nose almost touching mine.

She then took out a little lollipop from the inside of the blouse, twisted off the wrapper and popped it in her mouth, a saucy smile on her face as she winked at me. As outrageously sexy as I found the action, I almost burst out laughing at it because of how ridiculous we were.

Alexa now turned to face the attendant, leaning back against me and I put my arm around her to hold her steady and balance us. The girl was still staring almost dumbly.

"Sweetheart, I am buying this outfit, no question, and a lot of other things," she purred, smiling sweetly. "But do you think it'd be okay if I snapped some pics in here? I want to remember this moment."

The girl swallowed. "Are... are you two... are you brother and sister? For real?"

Alexa looked up at me for a moment and then giggled before nodding at the girl. "What do you think, silly? We look alike, don't we? What do you want, a blood test?"

"Holy shit, that's hot..." the girl breathed. "Yeah, I... sure, please do. May I watch?"

"Ooh, an audience," Alexa cooed. "I like it. Maybe you can take some pictures for me, if you're not too busy?"

"I don't think it'll be a problem, we're not busy," she said readily. "I just... holy shit, you two are lovers?"

Alexa smirked again. "You need a demo or something?"

"Quit teasing her," I said, puller her tight to my body and spe

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